The Real Stories Behind The Godfather (THE GODFATHER VS REAL LIFE)


based on the infamous novel by mario


francis ford coppola's cinematic

masterpiece the godfather chronicles the

fictional corleone family

and its rise to becoming one of the most

powerful mafia families in america

starring marlon brando as the aging don

vito coleoni and al pacino is his son

michael the godfather was acclaimed by

both critics and audiences alike

and spawned a pair of sequels the

godfather 2 1974

and the godfather 3 1990. the godfather

franchise is heavily influenced by many

real-life mobsters and events

here are some of the craziest true

stories behind the films

real-life mobsters and entertainers

served as inspiration for the characters

portrayed by marlon brando the character

of veto was actually a combination of a

few mobsters

mainly the real-life mobster joe

profossi vito had an olive oil business

to serve as a front for his illegal


and kept his circles small and intimate

like carlo gambino

vito had a reputation for being a modest

under the radar figure

however the godfather character is most

similar to real-life mobster frank

costello who was strategic

reasonable and known as the prime

minister of the mob because of his wise


like costello vito used his diplomatic

skills and connections to influential


politicians and the police to keep his

power in place

and also discouraged his underlings from

getting involved in the narcotics


i believe this drug is going to destroy

us and he used to come

i mean it's not like gambling uh liquor

even women

the similarities between the character

of johnny fontaine played by al martino

and singer frank sinatra were so

conspicuous that sinatra was purportedly

irked by it

in the film fontaine reaches out to veto

to help him get out of a contract he was

unhappy with

likewise in real life sinatra was able

to wiggle out of his contract with the

help of his mop connections

desperate to rescue his fading career

fontaine decides to go into acting and

gets cast in a big movie

a move that sinatra made when he starred

in from here to eternity which

subsequently reinvigorated his


interestingly coppola briefly mulled

over the idea of casting sinatra's veto

i'm gonna make him an awfully camera



hello fellas everybody's here freddy

portrayed by alex rocco

green was a huge crash personality who

helped bring life to the las vegas

scene in real life monster books he

sequel to just that

as a hitman for the east coast

organization murder incorporated

siegel moved out west and helped build

datus operating the luxury casino the


siegel had no qualms about showing off

and circulating in the celebrity crowd

and green expressed the same

characteristics both of jewish descent

siegel and green also met similar fates

when a fuselate of bullets was shot

through their bodies

notably each man received a bullet in

their eye sockets

however siegel was killed for stealing

money from the mob will green's

disrespect for the corleone's hastened

his end

carlyle family wants to buy you out the

corleone family wants to bite me out

no i buy you out you don't buy me up

you're unlucky

mobster joseph nano didn't want his son

bill to get into the family business

encouraging bill to live on the straight

and narrow joseph got his son to go to

law school

just like vito had his son michael too

despite his father's wishes

mecha like bill found his way into the

mob life however

that's where the common threat ends in

real life bill's personality was more

like michael's older brother frito

he was ostentatious attention-seeking

lived off of his family's wealth and

never received the respect he so badly

wanted from his father's men

i know it was you fredo you broke my



you broke my heart

in the godfather the corleones

discovered one of their own was

conspiring against michael's sense of


at first the suspicion is directed to a

more brazen mobster but the family soon

finds out it is the quite stalwart self


played by 8th dakota who was behind the

attempted assassination of michael adamo

summit real-life gangster casper to

gregorio was the inspiration behind

tessius character

when joseph bonano tried to transfer his

power over to his son

decoragorio felt wronged and began a

divisive campaign against the mob leader

which the newspaper stubbed the banana


as tessio did in the film to gregorio

tried to pull a meeting together between

the two factions

with the intention of assassinating the

bananas unlike the gregorio's chelsea

and lust for power

though tessier wanted michael removed

because he just didn't think the latter

was the best man for the job

will digregorio failed to kill his

rivals and died in obscurity

tessio was taken for right and executed

for his betrayal

help mike of his only business i always

liked him

he understands that excuse me sir

michael's restaurant shooting was

inspired by an encounter between lucky

luciano and joe masseria

in one of the most memorable scenes in

the godfather michael makes

a pivotal shift from being innocent to

turning into a full-fledged gangster

inviting two of his father's enemies to

a restaurant to settle their issues

meckle takes off to the bathroom where

he locates a gun planted for him

he returns to dinner and proceeds to

shoot both mentally

the film's restaurant shooting was

inspired by one of the most notorious

public executions in mob history

in 1931 veined mobster lucky luciano who

was spent on usurping power from his

mentor and boss to sepicho masseria

asked him out to lunch at a restaurant

in coney island feliciano took off to

the men's room

mysterio met his untimely end when he

was gunned down by a group of hitmen

the senate hearings in godfather 2 which

forced michael to testify about the

mafia were similar to the real-life

congressional hearings that occurred in

the 1950s and 1960s

that brought mobsters costello and veto

genovese before the public

most notably mobster joe valachi offered

testimony but not as a devoted mobster

but rather as a government witness he

was the first mafia member to appear in

a public setting and acknowledge

the organization's existence which

ultimately initiated its downfall

i'm gonna make him an offer he can