Red ninja turtle

well look at ninja neck

what well have you gone and done you

turned yourself into a ninja huh

sure am I see you there your shell on

your back a ruin even oh wow check it

out get it stuck yeah to do that one

handedly you know all right

don't ninja you look like a ninja turtle

well movie they got ninja turtle you

know what that means

reg what's that other thing in your hand

sure hmm pure ninja backup mr. ninja so

I could see you with your troll your

stick mmm

you are such a good ninja that says it

yep you're the red ninja Wow perfect let

me have I just drive also they look

there ya go

oh no wait wait you keep moving their

eyes keep it right there all right yeah

all going there ya go perfect jeez

you're so handsome

alright go out and fight ready to go

fight the crime yeah go save the world

yeah let's do it