Official Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 – The Replacer Did It


expecting someone else well I'm afraid

he's absent right now so you get me

there a pleasure it is my job to fill in

for you while you enjoy some

well-deserved call of duty time

unfortunately there's only one of me

and with all of you spending so much of

your precious time in black ops for I

must admit things have gotten a little

out of hand the government shut down

stock market plummeted 800 ministrations

served fast-food yeah you lost the back

door right kind of question is that

half a million dollars fell out of an

armored truck in New Jersey did and next

we have John who are you

he's not here I miss a replacer you're

replacing I would like to say to you all

all right that I'm done no host for one

of Hollywood's biggest award shows these

are growth hormones he just had one drop

for every gallon of water clear yeah


holy cow look at the size of this cow

that has everyone talking to the boss

okay she's saying that you food is

almost as bad as you weather that's why

you're all so miserable well now she's

mostly making fun of it British accent

why you have to be so boring and


No Deal insights are No Deal brexit

seems imminent but don't you worry I

know what I'm doing

and now that black ops four is releasing

operation grant HEIs chock-full of new

maps weapons

characters vehicles is so much more you

just keep getting in all the call of

duty time you deserve let me take care

of the rest

I am sure everything will be back to

normal soon what is this