The US House of Representatives. How Does it Work?

Often referred to as the house, the house of representatives in addition to the senate

are the two parts that form the us congress.

Article One of the United States Constitution referred to the duties and powers possessed

by members of the house and integrate the US democracy framework.

Let’s see what being a member of the house entails and how the house interacts with other

parts of the government.

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The United States House of representatives is the lower chamber of the United States

Congress where a member is often referred to as congressman or congresswoman.

The house speaker Paul Ryan is third in line behind the President and Vice President (which

is a republican) and serves along with 435 voting members and 6 non-voting members that

would serve a term of 2 years only in comparison with the 6 years term in the senate.

Like the senate, the republicans now have the majority in the house with 239 republican

members in comparison with 193 democratic members.

As of 2017, the number of women serving in the house reached a record of 104 members

which is 19.4% of total number of members.

The number of congresswoman is significantly improving when analyzing the trends considering

that the first woman joined the house before 100 years in 1917.

Each state has the right to elect one or more representative depending on the size of the


We can see that California being the most populated U.S. state has elected 53 Representatives

while on the other hand Vermont, Alaska & Delaware are less populated states and gets to elect

only 1 representative in the house.

The average age of house members is currently 57 years old which is young when compared

with the average of the senators’ age which is 61 years old.

This average is directly influenced by the house’s minimum age requirement which is

only 25 years old when compared to the senate that requires that senators are at least 30

years old.

Now let’s talk about the powers possessed by these representatives.

The house can pass a federal legislation otherwise known as a bill to the senate that could approve

it and pass it the president for reflection and consideration.

Initiating bills related to revenue such as tax bills are specifically one of the advantages

of being part of the house.

The representatives of each state are given one vote to choose the US president in case

not one candidate received a majority of electors.

William Claiborne was the youngest representative in the history of the house as he was elected

in the age of 22 years only in 1797.

So, what does it pay to be a Member of the House?

It was reported that a US representative can be paid around 174,000 $ a year which is higher

than the reported senator annual salary.

This would make a representative make approximate twice as much as a person with a doctorate


Not bad for a 25-year-old don’t you think?

So now you can see how being a congressman or a congresswoman is a prestigious job with

quite a good salary.

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