Vote '18: What Does a U.S. Representative Do?


what does a US Representative do the US

Congress is made up of two parts or

chambers the Senate and the House of

Representatives this means that there

are two types of congressman Senators

and Representatives the number of

representatives from each state is

determined by its population the people

that live in a state the more

representatives that state sends to

Congress the total number of

Representatives in Congress is always

435 representatives are elected every

two years members of the House of

Representatives spend most of their time

in Washington DC they receive briefings

attend meetings and hearings speak with

their constituents and vote on federal

bills one of the most important things

representatives do is serve on

committees the House has several

committees which specialize in areas

such as agriculture budget Homeland

Security Foreign Affairs and many more

each representative must serve on two

committees in which they become subject

matter experts these committees closely

examine bills before they are voted on

by the rest of Congress to become

federal law representatives return home

on the weekend and during district work

periods to spend time in their district

and listen to you their constituents

they are in Congress to represent your

views and the interests of the district

they represent