The Rhino is UNMASKED on the Masked Singer Who is it


and frog have crushed it all season but

only three of you are going to the

finals the votes are in


heartbreaking elimination just one week

shy of the finale the singer with the

least amount of votes he

the Rhino


officialy event

please meet your season 3 finalists


that golden Mastro be keep it going for

I know shows in love

outstanding job rhino you came so close

to that go to mass trophy man I'm so

sorry you fell short panel you gotta

give us your final guesses first of all

I just want to say you've been very

genuine from the very beginning you're a

fan favored because of your story

because of your journey because of your

newfound love and new life that you that

you have right now so thank you very

much when I started this journey I

thought maybe about from your size tim


but then you traced your hand in one of

the clue packages and there's a country

singer named Trace Adkins also in the

new clue packages there was something

about board in the room so I started

thinking board room cuz he was on the

apprentice one season maybe that was the

connection so that me to go with Trace

Adkins alright yeah I think you're way

off you know we've had quite a journey

Rhino from tebow to Hasselhoff book

thanks to Jenny from sliders and

pitchers to the world clue it is World

Series pitcher but most importantly

guest star of jug berry

yeah diddy what's he thinking oh this is

a hard one at first I was thinking

because it a size maybe a quarterback

but then I saw three-quarters equaling

seventy five number 75 who what is one

of the greatest pictures one the sy

Young Award I can't believe I'm agreeing

with ten but I think it's Barry Zito

that's a good guess but to me because of

all the music clues and grand ole opry

is thinking okay maybe he's a country

singer so I was thinking Sam hunt but

then last week the Navy clue I was like

this has to be Jason Aldean because he

just had a baby

the baby girl's name Navy and then this

week with the clues the number nine his

last album was number nine so I'm going

with Jason Aldean all right Jay what you

got you know what may not have thought

long and hard about this so the only

white tall country boy I know Blake

Shelton hey is anybody else seen wants

to find a backstage I'm just wondering

you know

take you to that next level

I think it's Blake Shelton all right

some great guesses up there let's see if

any of them all right okay rhino show us

who you really are

let's say it all together take



he's coming down here the price is right


well that was ridiculous the most

monumental thing that happened in your

life just recently that you spoke about

I got to ask you that first we had a

baby three days ago


now what about being the Rhino did you

love the most

no I just had such a great time and this

the show has stretched me in so many


well the world loves you thank you so

much for being so open and so courageous

yeah you opened your heart I felt it we

all felt it and we feel so lucky to have

you on the show very thank you so much

you guys you guys are awesome now the

question that I'd been dying to know

especially since Kings ridiculousness

were you in jag Ken you went out on a

limb and I don't know how you pulled it

off but you were dead on I played I

played a pitcher for the Navy in jag and

Ken started talking about episode 9

season on I said somebody needs to see

their therapist they have too much of an

obsession with Jack


three singers will battle it out in our

finals where the Frog denied manger or

the turtle win the highly coveted golden

Mastro key and join us next week for

what promises to be the tightest race in

mass history and don't go anywhere Matt

singer after the Masters up next but now

here to perform on mass once and for all

the artist formerly known as the Rhino

bear easy