Top 5 WEALTHIEST Woman In The World (Richest Woman In The World 2019)

When we think of the richest people in the world,

many times, we may think of a man in a suit.

Power, in many ways, has been shaped to look like an image of masculinity.

But some of the richest people in the world are women.

They have their proverbial empire and are their own kings.

This is Dreamy Money’s list of five of the richest and arguably most powerful women in

the world.

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5. Yang Huiyan Net Worth: $22.3 Billion Getting her degree at Ohio State University, Yang

Huiyan is the reported fifth richest woman in the world.

She chairs Bright Scholar Education Holdings which a Chinese education company.

In 2007, the company went onto the New York Stock Exchange.

She ranks as the twenty-fourth richest person overall in mainland China.

She also holds the record for being the youngest female billionaire.

On top of this, she’s also the richest woman in Asia!

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Susanne Klatten Net Worth: $24.4 Billion Known also as the richest woman in Germany, Susanne

Klatten inherited her mother’s riches after she passed away.

She is considered a German heiress by many.

Her parents were Herbert and Johanna Quandt.

Her mother passed in 2015.

Her remaining family is her brother Stefan Quandt.


Jacqueline Mars Net Worth: $28.2 Billion Known as both an investor and American heiress,

Jacqueline Mars is currently in her early seventies and is the daughter of Forrest Mars,

Sr. and Audrey Meyer.

Collectively, with her grandfather Frank Mars, they founded the candy company Mars, Incorporated.

You are more familiar with them then you may know!

Does Hershey’s, Orbit gum, or Altoid mints ring a bell?!

Knowing that it's hard to not know why her family is rich!

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Maria Franca Fissolo Net Worth: $32.3 Billion As an Italian billionaire, Maria Franca Fissolo

is a widow of Michele Ferrero.

The two had two children and were married back in 1962.

Currently residing in Monaco, Fissolo is the owner of the company Ferrero SpA.

You may know the companies most popular food, Nutella!

Coming out in 1965, the spread made of palm oil, hazelnut, and cocoa solids has become

a regular part of many people’s lives.


Alice Walton Net Worth: $45.6 Billion Inheriting the fortune from her father Sam Walton, you

may not be familiar with her name (or her father’s) but you are definitely familiar

with her inheritance.

Her father owned Wal-Mart, one of the most successful companies and stores in the world!

Love it or hate it, Wal-Mart has become a shopping staple in the modern world.

Walton herself is a two-time divorcee who loves art.

She reportedly bought her first art piece when she was ten years of age.

The purchase was a replication of Picasso's "Blue Nude."

Painting with watercolors was how she and her mother bonded while they were on camping

trips together.

She was the reason why her family got involved in the development of Crystal Bridges Museum

of American Art located in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Since it’s establishment in late 2011, the location has continued to be a central spot

for American Art and its artists.

That Concludes Our Dreamy Money List....

Each of these women shows us that the title of the richest person, and therefore the most

powerful person in the world, isn't just a masculine image.

They've all left a strong influence in the world in their own respective ways.

They've added complexity to the title "billionaire."

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