RICHEST Actresses In The World!

from an actress who doubles as a pop

star to a lady whose archery skills

proved life-saving on the big screen

these are the world's richest actresses

number 11 Drew Barrymore

this famous lady was born in 1975 and

got an early start in Hollywood her

professional acting career began when

she was just 11 after she was cast in a

dog food commercial because of her early

stardom she faced some difficulties in

her personal life during her tween years

Barrymore party like an adult and was

often under the influence of substances

and alcohol so at only 13 she was placed

in a rehabilitation center

but this actresses childhood struggles

didn't hold her back in the long run

Drew Barrymore is one of the most

sought-after women in the industry and

has played in iconic films like never

been kissed and Charlie's Angels

she has also produced several popular

movies and television shows including

he's just not that into you and Santa

Clarita Diet all of Barrymore's hard

work has paid off as well in her net

worth is estimated at 125 million

dollars number 10 Jennifer Lawrence this

country girl turned superstar is worth

an impressive 130 million dollars

nowadays and her unexpected rise to

stardom transformed her into one of the

most iconic actresses of our time

Jennifer Lawrence was spotted by a

talent scout at the age of 14 while she

and her family were on vacation in New

York City after a whirlwind introduction

into the acting industry Lawrence begins

scoring guest parts on various

television shows at 16 years old her

breakthrough came with the starring role

in Winter's Bone which earned her

immense recognition from critics like

Peter Travers Lawrence was then cast as

mystique in x-men first class before

getting the part of Katniss Everdeen in

The Hunger Games arguably her most

widely known film although she's young

Lawrence has already taken home an Oscar

for her work in silver linings playbook

in which she starred alongside Bradley

Cooper number 9 Scarlett Johansson this

stunning actress was born in Manhattan

in November 1984 and started acting at

around 12 years old in movies like Manny

and Lowe home alone 3 and the horse


Scarlett transitioned to more mature

roles in the early 2000s in

homes including girl with a Pearl

Earring and lost in translation in 2010

she got the part of Black Widow in Iron

Man 2 eventually resulting in her

arguably most popular role to date

Johansson continued as the seductive

superhero in other Marvel movies from

2012's The Avengers to 2019 Avengers

endgame in addition to acting this star

has dabbled in music even forming her

own band in 2015

called the singles she is also outspoken

with political opinions and participates

in various charitable causes Plus

Johansson has appeared in numerous

campaigns for brands like Louis Vuitton

Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana this

ladies star power raw talent and good

looks make her 140 million dollar net

worth unsurprising number 8 Demi Moore

at 56 years old this leading lady is

still turning heads and her acting

career is far from slowing down from her

relationships with Ashton Kutcher and

Bruce Willis to her supposed diva

reputation in her philanthropic efforts

Demi Moore has been in the headlines for

just about everything but there's no

denying her talent as an actress and she

has an astounding 150 million dollar net

worth to prove it her breakthrough came

in the film st. Elmo's fire and turned

to more serious roles soon after in

movies like about last night and ghost

in 1995 Moore was making more money than

any other actress in Hollywood some of

her more recent work was in forsaken

blind rough night in the television

series Empire Demi Moore is also an

author since her memoir inside out was

published in September 2019 number 7

Miley Cyrus

most people know Miley Cyrus as a singer

primarily but she's been acting for a

long time as well she gained most of her

popularity from the Disney show Hannah

Montana when she was just 11 years old

in addition to playing parts in various

music videos Cyrus has been in movies

like the last song So Undercover and lol

she had to work hard at changing her

childhood image to become the wild young

star she is today

Miley Cyrus is now an iconic part of the

music industry and Hollywood known for

her short platinum hair outspokenness

and her crazy risky outfits

Cyrus has even become a role model for

people everywhere who are afraid to be

themselves despite much of her personal

life being spread throughout

tabloids Syrus hasn't let that deter her

from being one of a kind so far her

successful career has earned her a net

worth of about 160 million dollars

number six Angelina Jolie at around the

same net worth as Miley Cyrus Angelina

Jolie is one of Hollywood's most

successful actresses and a true

international icon she began acting

seriously in her mid-teens appearing in

music videos like stand by my woman by

Lenny Kravitz and rock n roll dreams

come through by meatloaf Jolie went on

to star in some films like without

evidence and hackers the latter of which

evolved into a cult classic following

its video release

Angelina's breakthrough came with her

role as the title star in the 1998 HBO

film gia throughout her career she has

starred in other well-known films like

mr. and mrs. Smith and salt and holds an

Oscar for her work in Girl Interrupted

one of her more recent roles is Disney's

famous villain Maleficent Jolie has also

been recognized for her eccentric ways

since she was young perhaps her most

talked about relationships so far was

with Brad Pitt their whirlwind romance

following mr. and mrs. Smith led to a

12-year relationship everyone thought

would stand the test of time but they

called it quits in 2016 and continued to

figure things out between them and their

six children

number 5 Julia Roberts Julia Roberts is

another Oscar winner who's made a lot of

money throughout the years starting in

the 1980s Roberts began building an

acting career with movies like

satisfaction and mystic Itza as well as

Steel Magnolias in the television series

Miami Vice she reached a worldwide fame

after starring alongside Richard Gere in

Pretty Woman overcoming her fellow

auditioners some of whom were big names

like Molly Ringwald Michelle Pfeiffer

and Meg Ryan in 2000 Roberts got the

role of the title character in Erin

Brokovich which recreated the activists

real life on the silver screen and won

Roberts an Academy Award but Julia's

talent doesn't stop with acting she also

runs a production company called red

home films which she named after

reversing her husband's last name motor

her numerous projects have left her

sitting pretty on a net worth of two

million dollars but her life isn't only

focused on her professional career in

addition to managing a company and

acting Roberts practices Hinduism and

dedicates much of her time to

philanthropic organizations like UNICEF

number four Sandra Bullock as the

daughter of a German opera singer and

army employee / voice coach it's no

surprise that Sandra Bullock made it big

in Hollywood in the late 1980s to early

1990s she took acting classes taught by

Sanford Meisner a famous instructor in

actor and worked her way into small

roles in independent films Bullock then

began earning parts in movies like love

potion number 9 fire on the Amazon and

the thing called love in 1993 she

received much more recognition in the

film demolition man before her big

breakthrough in speed which also starred

Keanu Reeves by 2000 Bullock had

established a solid career in took the

part of an undercover FBI agent in Miss

Congeniality which grossed about 212

million dollars internationally she

continued acting in features like crash

the lake house and premonition before

starring alongside Ryan Reynolds in

2009's the proposal that same year

Bullock played in the blindside which

won her an Oscar for Best Performance by

an actress in a leading role her more

recent work includes the Netflix

original bird box and oceans 8 but

Sandra's 200 million dollar net worth

isn't from acting alone as a producer

she has worked on the George Lopez

television series all about Steve and

several other movies she's also starred

in Bullock even owns the fordist films

production company as well as an upscale

bakery and restaurant called Waltons

fancy and staple which is located in

Austin Texas

number three Julia Louie Dreyfus another

actress enjoying a net worth of two

hundred million dollars is famous for

her work as a comedian Julia Louie

Dreyfus was born to French billionaire

gérard louis-dreyfus an American writer

slash special needs tutor Judith Lefevre

Julia began working toward her comedy

career in the Chicago improv group

called the second city for time there

eventually earned her a spot in the cast

of Saturday Night Live when she was 21

years old when the 1990s rolled around

she became famous for playing Elaine

Benes on the television series Seinfeld

she even won the Primetime Emmy for

Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1996

for her work

the show the series ended in 1998 and

Julia's success seemed to dwindle before

she was cast as Christine Campbell

in the new adventures of old Christine

in 2005 she quickly regained her fame in

one another Emmy in 2006 that series

wrapped up in 2010 and Julia was cast as

vice-president of the United States and

the HBO show veep a year later she helps

produce the series as well and veep is

still going strong after seven years

number two Jennifer Aniston speaking of

famous television stars Jennifer Aniston

made it big on the NBC series Friends

before the widely loved sitcom however

this actress was working on off-broadway

productions of like dancing on checkers

grave and for dear life in the late

1980s she was featured on the Howard

Stern Show promoting Nutrisystem and was

cast in her first regular role in the TV

show Molloy

soon after Aniston also got roles in the

movies camp cucamonga and leprechaun in

the early 90s the latter of which would

eventually be called her worst role by

Entertainment Weekly her breakthrough

with friends came in 1994 when she was

cast as Rachel Green ten years later the

series ended but Aniston success

continued with films including Bruce

Almighty the break-up Marley & Me and

cake nowadays Aniston's net worth is an

incredible 240 million dollars number

one Jessica Alba number one on our list

of the world's richest actresses is

Jessica Alba a beautiful and talented

star that rose to international

recognition through her part as max-q

evaru in the Fox series dark angel in

the mid-2000s Alba was cast in one of

her most popular roles Sue Storm in

Fantastic Four she has also been in

several romantic comedies including good

luck Chuck the Love Guru and Little

Fockers plus she's well known for Sin

City machete El Camino Christmas and her

most recent work on the television

series LA's finest all of her efforts

have earned Alba an outstanding net

worth of 350 million dollars which one

of these actresses is your favorite let

us know in the comments below and as

always thanks for watching