Top 5 Richest People in The United States

the wealthy men of America living lives

of luxury eating caviar on their yachts

with supermodels and driving

Lamborghinis to exotic destinations or

are they what does someone do with that

much money and how does someone even

come into a fortune that's in the

billions of dollars today we're going to

take a look at the five wealthiest men

in America to see how they've gotten to

where they are and where exactly they

plan on going Larry Ellison sixty five

billion dollars Larry Ellison is one

person who knows exactly what to do with

his sixty five billion dollar fortune a

two-time college dropout that didn't

stop him from founding Oracle

Corporation a computer technology

company formed in Silicon Valley in 1977

he found himself sitting on a goldmine

and the company quickly skyrocketed to

success so what has Larry spent all his

money on the exact type of stuff you

would expect a billionaire to as a yacht

racer he owns the 12th largest yacht in

the world which cost a whopping two

hundred million dollars to build when

he's not racing overly expensive yachts

he's flying the military jets he owns

for fun he also enjoys collecting

properties around the world but more

specifically Malibu where he's managed

to buy 12 properties worth more than 180

million dollars

Mark Zuckerberg sixty nine point nine

billion dollars with a fortune of sixty

nine point nine billion dollars Mark

Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire

on our list at 35 years old now if you

don't recognize him from the lizard

person memes that arose after he

testified before Congress you certainly

recognize his company Facebook

Zuckerberg became the youngest ever

self-made billionaire in the world at

the age of 23 made famous through

several movies about the creation of

Facebook Zuckerberg has had a rocky

relationship in regards to how the

public perceives him with dozens of

lawsuits filed against him over the

years and many questioning the privacy

of their information on Facebook it

certainly hasn't been easy for him to be


everyone in a positive light Zuckerberg

plans on donating 99% of his fortune to

charity in the meantime what is he doing

with all his money

well buying a lot of houses Zuckerberg

owns 10 properties across the u.s. from

a townhome in San Francisco to a

beachfront plantation in Hawaii in the

past few years he bought the four

neighboring houses to his main house in

Palo Alto in a bid just to ensure his

own privacy Warren Buffett eighty

billion dollars the oldest billionaire

on our list Warren Buffett has a net

worth of 80 billion dollars one of the

most recognizable billionaires in the

world and one of the most successful

investors of all time Warren started his

career investing at the ripe old age of

eleven which might make you feel a

little inadequate thinking about what

you were doing in your preteens his

humble beginnings started by putting

gumball machines in barber shops a

business that he eventually sold a

hustler from the very beginning Warren

went on to be a millionaire by the age

of 30 and a billionaire at the age of 56

but what exactly do you do with all that

wealth if you're Warren Buffett you

invest some wisely and you give the rest

away teaming up with the next

billionaire on our list Warren signed

The Giving Pledge in agreement to give

all his wealth to charity

Bill Gates 106 billion dollars a fairly

obvious name to appear on our list the

second richest man in America is Bill

Gates with a whopping 106 billion dollar

net worth at an early age bill loved

computers and software and he began

writing his first program in eighth

grade on a school computer after high

school he went on to attend Harvard but

quickly dropped out after he and a

friend Paul Allen decided to start their

own company in 1975 Microsoft was

founded and the rest is history while

working at Microsoft Bill earned a

reputation for being distant and often

hostile with his employees going so far

as to even berate them in the middle of

presentations and board meetings in 2006

bill stepped away from his role at

Microsoft to focus almost in

highly on Philanthropy the Bill and

Melinda Gates Foundation the largest

privately owned foundation in the world

aims to reduce poverty and enhance

education and health worldwide even more

surprising bill and his wife have agreed

to leave each of their children 10


inheritances and give the rest of their

money to charity which means they'll be

giving approximately ninety nine point

six percent of their fortune away to

help improve the world now he may have

been a bit cruel to his employees but

you can't say he isn't making up for it

elsewhere Jeff Bezos one hundred and

fourteen billion dollars a name that

comes as no surprise the richest person

in America is Jeff Bezos with a massive

fortune of one hundred and fourteen

billion dollars Jeff originally worked

on Wall Street before he drove

cross-country with his wife to form

Amazon but how did Amazon rise to be the

powerhouse it is today

Jeff's main mantra at Amazon in the

early days was get big fast it seems

simple enough right

fortunately for the company this mantra

certainly worked

however the practices behind it have on

Jeff quite a reputation with many saying

he aggressively pushed Amazon forward at

the expense of the welfare of others and

the community in addition to his unusual

although revolutionary business

practices Jeff was noted for driving a

1996 Honda Accord even once he amassed

this fortune and speaks quite a bit to

the frugal nature of this savvy

businessman but as a billionaire being

frugal comes with some insane purchases

most notably Jeff spent eighty million

dollars on three adjacent properties in

New York City on top of that he's got a

ranch in Texas and a stunning home in

Seattle while he might have been

roughing it in a beat-up car for a few

years he certainly isn't anymore well

that about wraps up our list for the

five most wealthy men in America let me

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