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if you appreciate good design I'm sure

you will appreciate this list these

designers have produced jobs in a

variety of different sectors and are not

only some of the richest in the world

but also the most talented the list of

designers and figures mentioned has been

compiled from various sources on the web

such as celebrate' net worth comm check

out our list of the 10 richest designers

in the world number 10

Christian candy net worth 1.1 billion

dollar our first billionaire is

Christian candy Christian is a high-end

British property developer and interior

designer who is the second half of the

london-based design team candy and candy

he is probably known for his involvement

in the development of London's 1 Hyde

Park luxury condominium which is one of

the world's most expensive residential

buildings the candy brothers worked from

repairing apartments in London to

designing some of the world's most

luxurious properties

number nine Valentino Guerra vani net

worth 1.5 billion dollar he is best

known as an Italian designer and founder

of Valentino spa he began his career as

his aunt's apprentice and local designer

he moved to Paris to study and then left

to open a fashion house in Rome his

first successful tastes arrived at his

first show at Palazzo Pitti

where he received multiple requests from

foreign buyers and positive comments

from the press Valentino has built an

impressive fortune in a successful 45

year career number eight Stefano Gabbana

net worth 1.7 billion dollar the number

eight on our list of wealthiest

designers is half Dolce & Gabbana

Stefano is an Italian stylist born in

Milan Italy when he started working for

a seminar in 1980 he met his future

business partner Domenico Dolce the

couple opened their first fashion

company in 1982 which specialises in

women's clothing since then the company

has enjoyed immense success has won

numerous awards and is recognized



number seven Domenico Dolce net worth

1.7 billion dollar the second half of

the Dolce and Gabanna deadline is

Domenico Dolce Domenico is an Italian

stylist born in Sicily he began his

professional life working with his

father a professional tailor after

moving to Milan he met Stefano Gabbana

and formed Dolce & Gabbana shortly

thereafter their first big jump came in

1984 when they were invited to

participate in Milan Fashion Week since

then they are getting stronger and

stronger and have designed clothes for

various celebrities including Madonna

and Whitney Houston number six patricia

Bertelli net worth five point two

billion dollar Patricia Bertelli is CEO

of Pradas pas and made his fortune by

founding a small Factory in Arezzo

producing belts bags and leather goods

he won a contract for the production of

leather goods for product and then

became the mastermind behind the Prada

label together with his wife he turned

the company into a global fashion giant

making impressive sales of 2.4 billion

dollars number 5

Tim Sweeney net worth eight billion

dollar among the top five countdowns is

the game developer and American CEO Tim

Sweeney Tim started developing a

shareware company called epic while

still in college after college he began

to develop and launch a series of games

finally breaking with the successful

game ZZT he published epic games and

developed a series of first-person

shooter games called unreal among other

games he also developed Gears of War

which he sold to Microsoft for an

unknown figure number for Ralph Lauren

net worth eight point two billion dollar

and fourth place on our list is Ralph

Lauren an American designer whose net

worth is eight point two billion dollar

by showing that colleges and for


Ralph dropped out of economics to start

selling men's clothing subsequently

he started designing his line of men's

clothing and accessories today Ralph

owns 35 stores in the United States and

is considered one of the most famous and

successful fashion designers in history

number three

Giorgio Armani net worth nine point six

billion dollar Giorgio Armani is third

on our list of the richest designers in

the world with a net worth of nearly 10

billion dollar he is best known for his

clean clothes which have appeared in

films like Miami Vice

after the lawsuits came a large number

of other trading companies in the late

1990s armani had over 2000 stores

worldwide and an annual turnover of

around dollar two billion number two

Miuccia Prada net worth eleven point 1

billion dollar Patricia Ober Telly's

wife number six on our list

michio product is an Italian designer

and entrepreneur with an impressive net

worth of 11 point 1 billion dollar Michi

a product oook over the family business

in the production of luxury goods in

1978 which was previously owned by the

Prada brothers she started making

waterproof backpacks until she met her

husband Patricia from there they started

acquiring other companies and turning

the business into a fashion powerhouse

number one satoshi nakamoto net worth

nineteen billion dollar almost doubling

the net worth of the second richest

designer in the world the Japanese

American computer software developer

Satoshi Nakamoto is the richest designer

in the world shrouded in mystery Satoshi

Nakamoto is allegedly the elusive

creator of the popular cryptocurrency

Bitcoin he lost two jobs and his home

due to financial woes so this is

believed to have led him to create a

digital currency now nobody knows for

sure but maca moto managed to rack up a

fortune of 19 billion dollar very

quickly however it is a bittersweet

situation for him as he has not been

able to cash out his Bitcoin for fear of

revealing his true identity