hey guys

football is a sport within which there

are billions of euros involved per year

hundreds of thousands of spectators

watch it worldwide and more than 265

million people play it regularly

according to afrifa survey it's

considered one of the most popular

sports in the world

thanks to all these facts the star

players of the main teams in the world

amazing men's fortunes and enjoy

extravagant lifestyles

we can only dream of i'm sophia madoff

and these are the 10 richest football

players in the world

at present


on number 10 we got ethan hazard pete

started playing at 4 years old by 2012

at 21 years old he signed a contract

with a premier league football club tell


which paid 40 million euros for him his

estimated salary on chelsea

where he played seven seasons until 2019

was 10 million 197

000 euros per year we should also take

into account his current and past

sponsorship incomes

that include top brands like nike tops

lotus bakeries ea sports and cena sports

which have earned him approximately 7

million euros per year

currently hazard places an attacking

midfielder for real madrid and captains

the belgium national team earning a

salary way higher

than what he was paid at chelsea 20.5

million euros per year and his total


is estimated 99 million euros


number nine andres he is one of the

oldest players in the rank he made his

first team debut in the first division

of barcelona fc

in 2002 where he played for 16 seasons

until 2018.

he started earning 150 000 euros per


during his first two seasons at the

second division b of the club

at 19 years old in the 20th 304th season

and having already defeated in first

division his annual salary was a million

euros since 2008 he started earning 7

million and since then

his salary has grown up to the 25

million he currently makes since his

last transfer on 2018 to visit kobe in


iniesta has invested in a wine cellar

and lost two wine ranges

fincalcaril and corazon loco between his

earnings from football the winery and

his sponsorships in his more than 15

years of career he is a master fortune

of 106 million euros


number eight is the welsh carrick tale

hazard's partner real madrid

is also part of this frank but he

positions as number eight

on 2013 when he made his debut at real

madrid he was earning 12 million euros

versus the seven million heard at


by 2016 he had already signed a contract

until 2022

for 15 to 17 million euros per year but

since winning two champion leagues and

one la liga and since ronaldo sexist

from real madrid

he was able to renew his contract on


for 20 million euros per year he's been

sponsored by top brands like adidas

sony nissan bt sports ea sports

and food locker which have earned him

between 8 and 10 million euros annually

since 2013

and have led him to a massive current

fortune at

125 million euros

place number seven goes to wayne rooney

this english football player known for

being the record goal scorer for

manchester united

started his career at 10 years old by


six years after his debut at united

rooney was already earning 6 million

euros a year

ever since and until 2017 when he

retired from the club his salary

increased up to 14.6 million euros a


in 2018 after playing a year at everton

his first club

he left for the mls in the united states

but his salary was considerably reduced

to 4 million euros

outside the field at his best his

earnings were 5.3 million euros a year

thanks to agreements with nike cacola

samsung and harpercollins

currently due to his more than 15-year

career he must have the total fortune of

145 million euros

on number six we got the brazilians

named mark jr

he made his debut at santos in brazil in

2009 at 17 years old and remained in the

club until 2013 when he signed with

barcelona for a hundred million euros

on his initial contract at barcelona his

father and agent

agreed on a 40 million euros clause to

be paid on five years

so his initial salary of seven million

euros plus awards was actually a lot


by 2016 named marga to renegotiate his


gaining a 25 million euros agreement but

he only earned this impressive salary

for a year

and improved it on 2017 with his

transfer to psg his current club where

this football

player earns 28.2 million euros a year

to this we should add his sponsorships

and advertising campaigns for brands

like nike

panasonic claro waran antarctica


volkswagen red bull and many many others

thanks to which he amazes a total of 164

million euros

on number five we got zlatan ibrahimovic

the swedish 38 year old football player

has played at 9 different clubs since


and started playing at 6 years old his

salary has varied a lot over the years

he started earning 4.9 million euros a

year at juventus

then 9 million at inter milan 9 million

at barcelona

between 14 and 16 million at psg 18.6

million at manchester united

and then it started to reduce when he

went to the mls in the usa

where he earned 6.4 million euros


he currently earns 3.5 million euros at


and taking into account sponsorship

agreements with friends like nivea

xbox volvo and dressmen and the selling

of his book times latin

among others he amasses a fortune of 168

million euros

number four is the argentinian leonel


usually considered to be the best player

in the world and one of the best of all


he's the only football player to ever

win the ballon d'or

six times since his beginnings in

barcelona fc in 2004 until present

he's been the best played player of the

club according to a forbes publication

on the best paid athletes on 2020 given

the coronavirus pandemic

messi will see a reduction on his salary

of 20 million euros meaning he learned

64 million euros from awards and salary

which combined with his advertising


which are still 28.4 million euros sum

up to a total of

92.4 million euros this year this 33

year old argentinian

amasses a current fortune of 355 million


which he's invested mainly on real


starting the top three we got cristiano

ronaldo aka

cr7 as messi he's considered one of the

best football players of all times

bernaldo started earning 9.5 million

euros a year

at his beginnings in real madrid in 2009

and kept the salary until 2014

when it was updated 17 million a year

since then it's increased up to the 93.3

euros annual adherence at present at


of which 14 million are from advertising

and 53.3 from his salary according to


he currently has a lifetime endorsement

deal with nike

as well as agreements with other brands

like ea sports

armani doug hoyer toyota among many


he invests his earnings in different

businesses like his clothing brand cr7

his own museum his nightclub 7 his own

hotel chain

restaurants gyms among others amassing a

total fortune

of 400 million euros

the second place goes to matthew flamini

even though he lacks messier cristiano

ronaldo skills flamini is a quite

talented businessman

in 2008 while playing at arsenal in

england he co-founded tf biochemicals

together with pasquale granata a

biochemical company that produces

livolinic acid

a molecule that derives from degradation

of cellulose and could be used as an

earth substitute in the future

this company that promises to be the

future of fuels in an eco-friendly way

is the only one in the world able to

produce industrial amounts of this asset

which explains its current worth of 26.6

million euros

making flamini amazing more than 10

million dollars fortune


and on top of this rank is vaik volca

you might wonder how can this 22 year

old boy

be at the top of the rank thing is this

midfielder that plays at leicester city

in england

is son of the prince of brunei and

nephew of its album

bike belongs to a family that enjoys

quite an eccentric lifestyle his uncle's

palace is larger than the vatican

and one of the largest palaces in the

world valued at 1.4 billion dollars it

contains 2.1 million square feet of

floor space

constituted by 1 700 rooms

257 bathrooms a banquet hall that can

accommodate up to 5

000 guests and an impressive garage for

the world's largest collection of cars

with more than 4 000

among which are 452 ferraris 574


209 bmws 21 lamborghinis

179 jaguars 512

rolls-royce and a lot more according to

forbes this young man will inherit

an 18 billion euros fortune making him

the richest football player

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