Jamaica with its rise in the number of

businesses have been leaving a great

impact in the world's economy the

efforts of some of who have made this

change of expanding the economy are

notable these billionaires are the most

influential people who have been

contributing and are still contributing

a lot towards the growing of Jamaica's

economy they can be counted amongst the

top ten richest Jamaicans

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updates with that said here are the top

ten richest Jamaicans for 2018 number 10

Sean Kingston Keyshawn Anderson who goes

by the stage name Sean Kingston in

Jamaican American singer-songwriter

rapper and a record producer his big

break was in the year 2007 first single

beautiful girls and his hit album Sean

Kingston he has been working as a record

producer and of accumulated riches so as

to be included amongst riches his net

worth is estimated at u.s. seven million


number nine Ziggy Marley the son of

legend Bob Marley and Rita Marley is a

Jamaican musician and the leader of the

band Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

he was born on October 17 1968 and has

been active since 1979 as one of the

renowned a singer-songwriter

philanthropist and a producer years won

three Grammy Awards for his

contributions in reggae music and is

also known to be the one behind the

title song of the famous children's

cartoon series

artha he has founded unlimited resources

given enlightenment

urghhh his net worth is estimated to be

around 10 million u.s. dollars number 8

Sean Paul Sean Paul Ryan and Rica's also

known by the stage name Sean Paul was

born on the 9th of January in 1973 he is

one of the most well known Jamaican

rapper singer-songwriter and record


he has been active since 1994 and of the

Grammy Award for the Best reggae album

to his name the album which helped him

to win the title was his best-selling

album rock he has contributed to a

unfelt of associated acts with some of

the renown personalities of the music

industry his net worth is an estimated

u.s. 11 million dollars and I do this

thing with a mouth Wow number 7 Jimmy

Cliff born April 1st 1948 real name

James Chambers he is a well known

Jamaican musician singer and artist he

has also been awarded with Order of

Merit which is one of Jamaica's is

laurels to be awarded by the government

for contributions in the arts and

sciences making him the only living

musician with the title he is still one

of the richest Jamaicans with the US

dollars 18 million to his

name number 6 shaggy

Arvin Richard burrow is a Jamaican

American singer-songwriter and DJ is

first it was the single or Carolina the

dance are remake of ASCAP it's sung by

the folks brothers marked the dawn of

his singing career he has also been

awarded with the order of distinction

for his outstanding military services

his net worth is valued at around us 24

million dollars talk to me about how

this came about

the not so odd couple it's it's it's an

album we're doing together it's number

five Joseph John Issa in the list of top

10 richest Jamaicans for 2018 the next

to be included is Joseph John Issa he is

chairman and founder of the cool group

of companies the cool group at present

comprises 50 companies initially as an

owner of a petrol station now the cool

brand has extended itself to become a

household name he also founded the

educate the children fund in 1987 which

was officially launched by Jamaica's

then opting I commissioner in London as

reported his net worth as of 2018 is us

27 million dollars


number four Usain Bolt Usain the Saint

Leo Bolt was born on the 21st of August

1986 and is a retired Jamaican sprinter

and world record holder and 100 meters

200 meters and four by 100 meters relay

is Raina's Olympic Games champion in all

of these events spans three Olympics

duties achievements on dominance in the

spring competition he is widely

considered to be the greatest printer of

all time his net worth as of 2018 is

estimated at the u.s. 60 million dollars

number three Paula care Jarrod attorney

philanthropist and a Jamaican leader

polar care Jarrett needs from a wealthy

family and is linked to the prominent

hair chart family through our husband

she is at present involved in the

promotion of Montego Bay and has

recently launched a project to establish

a university built about twelve hundred

ohms and a technology park with an area

of 48 acres which will help with

employment by opening about 3,000 jobs

our estimated net worth as of 2018 is us

1 billion dollars number two Michael Lee


Michael Lee chin is the chairman and

founder of Portland holding zinc an

investment company which went on to own

many other companies in different

sectors such as media tourism El Kheir

telecommunications and financial

services he is currently the chairman of

the National Commercial Bank of Jamaica

some of the companies that he owns are

the columbus communications National

Commercial Bank of Jamaica Radio Jamaica

Vega Beach San via and the trade and

auto his net worth as of 2018 is a

whopping 2.6 billion u.s. dollars making

him the second richest Jamaican alive

children next generation when you're

making decisions you have to control

your motions which is a function of free

work and we have to make sure as first

generations with generation we're

treated to make sure that we are

conscious about transferring the access

that we have to the next generation

number one Joseph and Madeline also

known as Joe is a business mogul who is

the primer stake holder and the chairman

of the British carbon insurance company

the icd Group Limited and the group of

companies owned by it other than that

heõs directorship to a number of

companies he serves as the honorary

chairman of the st. Patrick's Foundation

due to his knowledge and skills in

business he also became the member of

the Advisory Board of the Jamaican

government under financial matters he

was named as the richest and most

influential Jamaican personality of 2017

his net worth is 3.6 billion u.s.

dollars the top 10 richest Jamaicans

listed here includes both businessmen

and artists though many of them have

been left out it goes without saying

that all of them are jointly contributed

towards the Jamaican economy if you

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