Meet the RICHEST Kid in America... (13 YEARS OLD)

I don't feel like I belong here I'm

sorry go where are we if item eight like

one shot my first try like we're just

going to switch houses yeah hi my name

is faze rug welcome back to a brand new

video I hope you're all having a great

why are you talking like that I don't

know I'm just trying to make a youtube

video yo what's going on guys faze rug

here and today I'm bringing you guys a

brand new video and we have a very

special vlog for you guys today because

so I ran into one of my biggest fans out

in public and he told me that he lives

in one of the biggest houses in

California and he actually invited me

over to his house him and his father are

really really cool so they invited me

over and I asked if I could blog the

experience because I was really

interested in this they told me that

they have a lazy river in their back

wait wait wait wait a lazy river legit a

lazy river you know what that is right

it's like you go in and you become

unproductive yeah just be unproductive

and you just sit in a floaties and it

takes you around okay throw a lazy river

in their backyard he said there swimming

pools 3,000 square feet like keep in

mind this house right here is about six

thousand square feet so half of our

house is their swimming pool and he said

they have a bunch of other cool features

and he wants it to be a surprise for the

vlog so we are about to go meet up with

the kid right now we actually do have a

special guest I don't know I keep saying

this kid his name is dawn he's a really

cool kid but I said kid again ha Donald

is a huge huge fan of Tanner Boggs and

you already know Tanner Fox is my homie

so I hit him up behind Donald's back and

we're going behind people's back row

come on what are you doing it's bad

don't people's backs unless it's for a

good reason

which like Tanner Fox like today he told

me that he's a huge fan of Tanner so I

hit up my boy I'm like yo come through

come surprise his kid so Tanner is

actually on his way now and we're

already gonna head to the house get a

tour and without Donald knowing Tanner's

gonna pull up and we're gonna see his

reaction we're gonna go check it out

right now I hope you guys do enjoy smash

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number so let's get right into it

are you ready like now you put me in an

awkward situation

good so program we're about to leave

we're gonna be there in like ten minutes

lives pretty close and I'm just excited

to like go chill the lazy river for

being honest but we're waiting for

Anthony and of course he's lagging you

guys already know Sherman yo yo you hear

me Anthony

louder Anthony powder Anthony louder yo

real quick before we get to this guy's

house I just wanna let you guys know

please do not be rude in the comment

section like he watches my videos he's a

big fan and like I don't want to see any

comments saying that the kid is entitled

cuz he just like was born into a

fortunate family like it's not his

choice so I just want you guys don't be

nice in the comment section and finally

this paint pops up

what are you doing there supposedly is

one of the wealthiest kids in California

how crazy is that

like Bosley and we are here holy crap

dude no way look at this house Oh

freaking nice is this five houses why

into one look at this look wait is it

one house bro this is like we look at

the entrance wait where do I go yes like

villa they have like five garages here

well look at this driveway is this the

entrance whoa roll Casa tiene what does

that mean dude means phase Rogen Spanish

hopefully my car is worthy enough to

stay on this driveway look at the


imagine hello come in the house is



what's up man what's up


look at that oh my god okay there's

another one this is crazy

all right gosh wow this is insane

flexp and that probably cost as much as

the average house

Wow so how much square feet is this

actually my house is 6000 square feet

Wow that's more than four times our time

that's insane it's got 12 bedrooms 14

bedrooms and 17 bathrooms I've been

saying you guys ever need a roommate the

Queen's office oh this is Queen

forgetting all this stuff


I love secret rooms what there's no way

I'll actually take this room I'll take

the same people thanks I can fit the

gaming setup in here it's a long trip in

case of mom again role I've been to a

lot of secret rooms like and how doesn't

suffice is by far the coolest thing whoa

the Minecraft enchantment room right

here hey what's this little guy bruiser

he's a little french bulldog

bruiser what's up look at the camera

introduce yourself okay we got in the


oh they're watching high videos three

TVs in the living room or is that like a

mirror thing it's an actual 3d Beauty

TV's bro can you tell them to like

subscribe to this guy yeah go subscribe

to Kay's Raj are you 13 years old

yeah that's my Instagram at Donald Dewar

link in description Gosha oh you got the

link in the description let's go go show

some love just right great one more room

Oh wine room oh my gosh I can't even

imagine whoa

I love the design okay what you're

walking on

that's Jerusalem real Jerusalem tile the

path of Christ why they redid everything

and they took this out and about ten

people on earth got some of this tile

what I don't feel like I should be

stepping on this

whoa the guy that this house dude he

built it stayed in it for about two

weeks and move to Vegas to be again one

of 70,000 what no no there's a movie

theater yeah dude you're mine another

favor of video let's go I'm at a loss of

words right now this isn't Santa oh my

god look at the gazebo here you can even

call that a gazebo that's like a mini

house right there what is going on right

now this is nuts you know I look at my

Disneyland right this is the craziest

view I've ever witnessed in my life look

at the fly what is going on right now

boo it's the little things like it's the

little things like the $30,000 chamber

sounds like a GTR sounds like what yeah

the porch

dude what youtuber owns a porch Santa

boxes Kentucky him I don't think it is

sounds like he's coming towards you

Goudas coming towards your house oh who

is that bro that might be tinderbox

that's crazy have you ever met no really

nice to meet you good to see you bro

yeah this rug vlog this is row this

house is actually in saying we only got

through like the are you doing it yeah


I'm Tanner dawn nice to meet you

pleasure to meet you

yeah yeah we have a GTR - oh no way I'm

gonna see ya for sure

do I want some - lets go

both supposedly we've only seen a third

of the house this video is probably

already like 45 minutes


does that butterfly doors know you can

roll the windows that I can roll down

all the windows from my side no does it

say how fast you're going to I don't

know how to use that part okay so like

you like the car right yeah okay like

you're saying though what about what

about that well I bet I can make a shot

first try it if I make a shot like first

try wait till you see it yeah this is

the most fun you can have with your

clothes on

are you miss Janice 13 years old


I made a deal with your son if I make

like one shot on my first try like we're

just gonna switch houses there you go

yeah all right here we go

laughs people God so did we get through

the downstairs of the house oh wow

you ready bro I don't know if I'm ready


like cause even possible that's for sure

the loudest car I've ever heard yo-chan

is gonna show us some tricks right now

Oh u-turn perfect form

whoa let's finish this freaking house

tour baby this could look like the front

of the house on the side he's a tank

above his head


yeah well you should do what a snailor

some cool marble on the floor to shower

wait this is a closet oh yeah so that's

where your room is over there yeah on

the other side of this wall you get like

lost in the house like heard like lose

people the entire room was made from a

single tree no nuts no bolts - no screws

all glued to the ceiling me not one tree

this whole place there this old room

everything one tree oh my

oh yeah yeah upstairs what elevator

house or this house yeah okay what are

you in the Hollywood Tower of Terror

Keena cue the elevator I'm scared dude

I'm so scared to see I can't imagine the

master oh my god oh my gosh I imagine

this is like a fancy this part is

expensive pretty much I probably

shouldn't have wore shoes here Wow oh

this is the gym wait wait are you okay

are you guys getting scared

oh is this pre-work all right let's see

some laps let's go these are actually

bad yeah let's go let's go we start or

is this a like


I'm sorry that's hurt see your headband

for one they've got Mary's so they'll

waive the Rob Zombie thing which you

wore that sure another ping-pong table

in case you're gone

you're on the other side of the house

and you don't want to walk to the other

ping pong table okay I think we're gonna

conclude the video there I hope you all

did enjoy I want to give a huge shout

out to Donald and Donald for letting us

gone let dawn ladd Donald and dawn ladd

for letting us come through like this is

a beautiful home congratulations on

everything this is amazing

dawn ladd Congrats on everything I think

we're gonna go back home and then like

grab swimming trunks and actually come

swim yeah this is what I'm gonna go home

and cry yeah that's first on the agenda

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and how is the surprise love Tanner by

the way awesome you had no idea I

messaged him earlier I'm like hey did

you like ten or Fox

he's like yeah I love him Bryan what's

happening yo we are back at donald ala

for about to go swimming but look at


this is like the best day of my life

alright my turn let's go hey guys what's

good we are here at Donald you live in

life for what let's go baby

oh we are in the pool right now just

look at the view like get a low angle of

the house and the pool this is probably

gonna be the thumbnail right here dinner

how crazy bro this is insane oh look at

the view this is crazy like Tanner's

head this is literally like a backyard

waterpark in itself like you don't need

to bring inflatables like they got the

waterslide the fell in the big pool look

at the house this is legit a resort yo

Donald I'm having a really good time

yeah thank you for everything yeah

thank you man this is crazy yo guys

shout out to dawn ladd and donald his

father big gun big gun of me alright

guys we are gonna end the video there

shoutout to dawn ladd or donald for

letting us come to his house like we got

this surprise Donald with Tanner he's a

huge fan of center Foggs

we got a nice crazy tour movie theater

elevator like Razi's backyard I've ever

seen yo you are blessed

Congrats on everything subscribe if

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other than that it's been run Donnell

and we're out