Top 10 Richest Lawyers In The World (Ranked)

top 10 richest lawyers in the world

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lawyers have a bit of a bad reputation

these days

cutthroat money-grabbing ruthless well

these are the richest lawyers in the

world and some of them have undoubtedly

made some tough decisions to get their

number 10

anna quinn kosis net worth eight million

dollars anakin cosa seemingly does it

all not only is she a partner in her law

firm she's a celebrity chef cookbook

author and appeared in The Real

Housewives of Miami - formerly a real

estate lawyer King kosis then turned her

attention to bringing Cuban food to the


she created a range of diet foods called

skinny latina just don't google it and

appears regularly on the Food Network

has published three cookbooks and was

voted Miami's hottest chef in 2011

number 9 Michelle Obama net worth eleven

point eight million dollars the now

former First Lady of the United States

is also an accomplished lawyer receiving

her Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School

in 1988 Obama has been open about the

fact that she injured a lot of

self-doubt when she first began studying

law I'm used to a campus environment and

coming from a modest financial

background she earned her qualifications

though and went on to work with a

harvard legal aid Bureau representing

low-income people in housing disputes

Michelle met Barak a fellow lawyer when

she was assigned to mentor him arguably

she still does

number eight Vernon Jordan net worth

twelve million dollars Vernon Jordan was

raised in a racially segregated Society

in Georgia in the 1950s and so it formed

his passion for civil rights and led him

on the path to becoming one of the

richest lawyers in the world

Jordan struggled to get good jobs when

he was young often discounted because of

his race but eventually secured a law

degree from the Howard University School

of Law in nineteen

see he joined the office of civil rights

activists working on cases of racial

discrimination and after working

tirelessly became a political adviser to

Bill Clinton during his term as

president number seven

Joel Siegel net worth 40 million dollars

Joe Siegel is a sport agent and sports

contract adviser who because the

president of worldwide football

management Inc in 1997 acknowledged to

be one of the most powerful sports

agents in the USA Segal has been an

advisor within the NFL since 2001

representing draft picks and

representing high profile athletes

including Levi Brown DeAngelo Hall and

Reggie Bush he represents five players

and has negotiated contracts worth a

total of 250 million dollars number six

John Branca net worth 50 million dollars

a notable lawyer in the entertainment


John Branca has represented the Rolling

Stones Carlos Santana Aerosmith

Fleetwood Mac and Michael Jackson bring

his involvement in the entertainment

industry extends from iconic

rock-and-roll acts to the sale of back

catalogues formation of major record

labels and music industry investments he

is currently the co executor of Michael

Jackson's estate and has been heavily

involved in the icons career he

negotiated the release of Thriller

ensuring the video had enough budget he

also helped Jackson purchased the rights

to songs and drew up his will one of the

richest lawyers in the world he's also

one of the most well trusted number five


Gary net worth a hundred million dollars

Willie Gary has fought some major

corporations in his time and has often

been called the giant killer for his

ability to defend the rights of his

clients throughout his career Gary has

reportedly won cases were thirty billion

in total and is one of Evan E's hundred

most influential black Americans

Gary opened the first african-american

law firm in Florida a firm which now has

a hundred staff he is also heavily

involved in charity work and founded his


datian gary has a private Boeing 737

named wings of justice the second number

for Judith Sheindlin net worth 150

million dollars famous TV judge judge

judy is genuinely a real lawyer Judith

Sheindlin passed the New York Bar Exam

and became a corporate lawyer in the

cosmetic sector immediately after Shane

Lim was also a prosecutor on a variety

of family law cases including domestic

violence and abuse cases famous for her

sharp tongue and brusque approach shame

Lynn was approached to head up a

courtroom reality show Judge Judy began

in 1996 and is still showing 20 years

later continuing to be extremely popular

with viewers many courtroom reality

shows have been commissioned but all are

imitations shame Lim received a star on

the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006

number 3 bill Newcombe net worth 850

million dollars

Microsoft's formal legal representative

bill Newcombe completed his law degree

from Stanford in 1967 Newcomb was bill

gates legal adviser in 1978 when

Microsoft had 12 staff

he continued to represent Microsoft

legally for 25 years and built up

Microsoft's legal team to 600 people

Newcombe has defended Microsoft's

intellectual property in numerous cases

often involving cases against Apple and

retired in 2002 since his work with

Microsoft Newcombe invested in the San

Francisco Giants and became their CEO in

2012 number 2

William lyric net worth 900 million

dollars since disbarred

William lyric was formerly an attorney

who commonly represented fraud cases

throughout his career

Larrick has recovered 45 billion for

victims of fraud lyrics most famous case

was against Enron and became the largest

amount ever recovered in a class-action

lawsuit in American history 7 point 12

billion dollars

Larrick has sued Dick Cheney former vice

president as well as Halliburton he was

even listed as one of the best lawyers

in America however this all came

crashing down into

2007 when lyric was investigated for

obstruction of justice and lying under

oath he served some time in prison and

lost his license to practice law good

thing he cashed him before that number

one Joe gemayel net worth 1.5 billion

dollars no longer with us

Joe Jamil was the king of torts and

number one on this richest lawyers list

for a good reason a graduate of the

University of Texas School of Law he

represented a good friend in a case

against oil giant Texaco in 1985 and one

making 335 million dollars known for

being an aggressive and forthright


he has been referred to as rude uncivil

and vulgar and even unprofessional but

with an almost perfect record of wins I

know there are some lawyers in the LX

community so we wanted to ask what made

you pick this career and not something

else let us know in the comments because

you stuck with us up to this point

here's a bonus fact for you both Barack

Obama and Bill Clinton are technically

lawyers but have traded up to become

career politicians something to consider

when Obama came in office his net worth

was around 1.3 million today he's worth

around 7 million now how much do you

think Bill Clinton is worth 10 20 50

nope Bill Clinton has a net worth of 90

million dollars so if you're a lawyer

you might want to consider a career in

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