What It's Like To Be LA's Top Real Estate Agent

Aaron Kerman knows how to close a deal

he sold over six billion dollars worth

of real estate during his career making

him the number one real estate agent in

Los Angeles he even sold a single

property for 65 million dollars to see

what it takes to be the top realtor in

the City of Angels I spent a day with

err meeting clients and looking at

listings in some of the wealthiest

pockets of LA I am at Aaron's the first

thing you need to know about Aaron is

that he is unabashedly selfish when it

comes to his morning routine Aaron can't

start the day until he has the Starbucks

in his hand he meditates for five

minutes by his outdoor pool and then

takes a quick dip when choosing his

outfit for the day he goes for comfort

over style my competition dressed to the


at 9:45 his morning routine still is not

complete we hop in his Bentley and head

to the gym where he'll squeeze in a

20-minute workout with one of his two

personal trainers our day officially

starts at 11:00 a.m. with our first

meeting but aaron has been taking phone

calls all morning from home and the car

hello we meet with a property developer

who wants to hire Aaron to sell a

fifteen million dollar home he and his

brother built they'll have a few more

walkthroughs before he decides to take

on the property our next two meetings

are with clients whose homes are nearly

ready to put on the market one to be

listed for about 20 million dollars and

the other one for about 33 million Aaron

does a walkthrough of both to assess the

staging and offer feedback love love

love love love I don't I don't like this


I hate the chandelier we've got to get

this down everything's disgusting an

important part of his job is helping the

seller pick a fair price for the

property Aaron can make suggestions but

the end of the day it's the sellers

decision this particular home will be

listed for just under 20 million dollars

which Aaron approves of

what happens is if a seller price is too

high it sits on the market and we then

have to go to them and ask them for a

reduction in today's market we don't

want that we want to sell the house for

what it's worth and get him on his way

hello the offer came in a million higher

than we were between meetings were in

the car which acts as Aaron's second

office my car time is my work time we

are on the phone all the time it's the

only time we can actually really catch

up on phone calls we're running behind

all day but it doesn't faze Aaron are

you stressed no but I do need to make

some calls I need because we're late our

last two meetings are in Bel Air where

big money LA is Aaron's biggest property

sales have come here we spend just 20

minutes at the first Bel Air property

it's still under construction and the

seller has a lot of work to do but the

infinity pool is an in bad shape

Aaron's final appointment of the day is

with a potential buyer he's a

billionaire interested in a 65 million

dollar mansion Aaron is meeting with a

billionaire right now now I can see it


I felt bad leaving you in the car for

that long fine I got to drive Bentley

it's a 28 thousand square foot nine bed

17 bath masterpiece with a wraparound

reflecting pool and home cinema it even

has a hair salon and Wellness Spa

interacting with the super-rich is part

of his day to day some of the wealthiest

clients happen to be his most frugal

ones funny enough sometimes billionaires

watch more money than other like they

walked every dollar we make it back to

his office in Beverly Hills by 4:30 he

eats a late lunch steps into a meeting

and checks in with his team who helped

run his whole life I wouldn't survive

day in and day out if I didn't have

somebody doing my emails my calendar my

marketing my advertising my technology

Aaron hits home around 7:00 p.m. which

is earlier than expected he was supposed

to go to a listing party but it got

cancelled because of a wildfire in the

area there is no typical day in real

estate when we think we have a schedule

it changes 24/7 it's just at the level

that we do people need you when they

need you they want you when they want

you and they want to see what they want

to see a big misconception is that all

real estate agents earn a ton of money

it's a super competitive industry and

most agents make less than $50,000 a

year a top producer will make between

200 and 500 thousand a year and then you

have the very very very top which is a

select few that make more than a million

and then there's one level up which is

big mega brokers and there's not that

many in the world but there are a few

I'm pretty lucky to consider myself one

of those