Top 15 RICHEST People In History

every year we see lists of the richest

people in the world usually businessmen

who own shares in large companies that

they found it but have you ever wondered

what an all-time list of the richest

people might look like if you were to

include all the Emperor's and pioneers

and conquerors together with the

investors and Technology geeks of today

is it as indeed challenging to compare

wealth across eras and geographies but

it's a test that has been attempted by

leading historians and economists and

adjusted for inflation in today's

episode of top trending we bring to you

this list of the top 15 richest people

in history at number 15 on our list is

Henry Ford the captain of the American

car industry and the business magnate

who has made mass production of

automobiles possible the Ford Motor

Company founded by him made cars that

were for the first time affordable to

the middle class

converting them into the practical mode

of conveyance and revolutionising

transportation and as the owner of the

company Henry Ford became one of the

richest and most famous people in the

world when he died his net worth was

over two hundred billion dollars in

today's terms and most of this was left

at the Ford Foundation


a story of rags to riches Cornelius

Vanderbilt made his fortune in the

railroad and shipping business in 19th

century America he used to work with his

father who operated a cargo boat between

Staten Island and Manhattan and New York

in the 1820s he started his own

steamship business operating in New York

and in the 1850s he entered the railroad

business he was known for his shrewd and

aggressive business style at the peak of

his wealth he would have been worth two

hundred two billion dollars in today's

money unlike later business magnates he

did not set up a foundation or give much

to charity other than a million-dollar

seed money to establish the Vanderbilt

University in Nashville Tennessee the

family no longer controls any businesses

and the fortune amassed by Cornelius

Vanderbilt is no longer in the family

Libyan revolutionary and political

leader of more than 42 years Muammar

Gaddafi is rumored to have been worth

200 billion dollars at the time of his

violent overthrow and death in 2011

which is over two hundred twelve billion

dollars in today's terms during his

decades-long reign he had as good as

private control over Libya's rich oil

fields and their earnings this wealth

was secretive way in several bank

accounts real estate and other

investments around the world at the

beginning of the Libyan conflict the US

government found thirty seven billion

dollars in the United States thirty

billion dollars was found in assets

across UK Germany France and Italy even

today it is believed that much of the

cash stashed away by him remains unfound

and number twelve on our list is William

the Conqueror the first Norman King of

England ruling from 1066 after defeating

King Harald in the Battle of Hastings

son of the Duke of Normandy Robert the

first and a mistress named her leva he

was also known as William the bastard

he succeeded his father as the Duke of

Normandy and it is said he was promised

the throne of England by King Edward

when Edward declared Harald the King on

his deathbed william declared war the

plunder from the conquest and land grabs

makes William the Conqueror's wealth

estimated at 228 billion dollars in

today's terms

a German merchant mining entrepreneur

and banker from the 16th century Jakob

Fugger amassed huge wealth and power

during his lifetime amounting to 277

billion dollars at the peak of his

fortune the foundation of the wealth was

laid through the textile trade with

Italy but grew manifold with the start

of banking operations with the royal

family of Austria and the administrative

apparatus of the Holy See at one point

he had a monopolistic hold on the copper

trade in Europe with his enormous wealth

Jakob Fugger influenced much of European

history by funding the marriages that

saw the Austrian House of Habsburg gain

control of Spain Bohemia and Hungary and

ensuring the election of Charles the

fifth as the next Holy Roman Emperor on

his death his business and wealth passed

on to his nephew Anton Fuger at number

10 on our list of the richest people in

the world is his exalted highness de

Wahb sameiras manali consider key by

effandi Asaf Java 7

the last Nizam of Hyderabad a princely

state in India that became a part of the

Republic of India in 1948 in 1937 he

featured on the cover of Time magazine

as the richest man in the world his

wealth was masked on mining royalties in

land revenue

dara bod was the only supplier of

diamonds globally in the 18th century

his net worth was estimated at 2 billion

dollars in the early 1940s 2 percent of

the US economy at that time in today's

terms that's about 230 billion dollars

the Jacob diamond a 124 carat diamond

worth more than 40 million dollars was

part of the Nizam's jewelry collection

and used by him as a paperweight

mir osman ali khan was considered a

miser for the way he dressed but almost

all the major public buildings and

institutions in hyderabad were built

during his reign the Osmania University

the General Hospital the High Court the

observatory to name a few

after his era bods accession to India

most of his wealth was taken over by the

Indian government including the Nizam

jewelry collection but even after that

he was still widely considered South

Asia's richest man until his death in

1967 he is said to have fathered 149

children in what remains of his wealth

is now being litigated by an increasing

number of claimants

at number 9 on our list is the last Czar

of Russia Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov

who was worth 300 billion dollars in

today's terms he ruled from 1894 till he

abdicated the throne in 1917 the Romanov

family had ruled Russia for over 300

years and had amassed a lot of wealth

and property in that time only to be

increased by Tsar Nicholas ii the

family's jewelry collection was

estimated to be worth 160 million rubles

Bazar owned multi-millions in the noble

bank and the railroads millions were

transferred to German banks after a

failed revolution the Empress had

collected over 600 diamonds the family

owned villas and palaces in several

European countries and many more

properties in Russia all this wealth was

seized in the Bolshevik Revolution and

the Tsar along with his wife children

and loyal members of staff were murdered

in 1918


industrialist and philanthropist Andrew

Carnegie was born in Scotland the son of

a hand loom weaver at the age of 13 he

moved to America and worked a series of

telegraph and railroad jobs while still

working he started investing in oil

infrastructure and steel eventually

setting up the Carnegie steel company

vertical integration of raw material

supplies and reduction in costs of steel

production using the Bessemer process

made his business wildly successful

he sold his steel business which

eventually became US Steel Corporation

so as to retire for a whopping 480

million dollars in 1901 at his peak

wealth he was worth 337 billion dollars

in today's money after his retirement he

focused on philanthropy giving away 90

percent of his wealth to different

causes primarily education world peace

libraries and scientific research widely

regarded as the wealthiest Americans of

all time and the richest person in

modern history john d rockefeller had a

peak net worth of about three hundred

sixty seven billion dollars in today's

money he made his money in oil refining

in the Standard Oil trust that he

founded controlled 90% of the supply of

oil in the United States he

revolutionized the American oil industry

through his strategies of integration

transportation and marketing and his

company became so big than in 1911 the

Supreme Court ruled that it was in

violation of antitrust laws and split it

into 34 different companies Rockefeller

received proportionate shares in these

new companies in over the next 10 years

this proved immensely profitable as

their net worth rose fivefold he used

his unprecedented wealth to pioneer the

modern system of philanthropy creating

foundations that even today have a major

impact on medicine education and

scientific research

with an estimated net worth of 415

billion dollars Monta Musa the first

emperor of Mali and King of Timbuktu is

at number 6 on this list he controlled

the Mali Empire and the Ghana Empire and

conquered much of West Africa during his

reign in the 14th century one of his

titles was Lord of the mines and he

owned more than half the world's supply

of gold at a time that there was a

hugely increasing demand for the

commodity and he also controlled key

trade routes between the West African

coast and the Mediterranean he built

schools mosques and even a major

university all of which became his

legacy many years after he died and some

of which are still standing now he's

also known for a fabulous pilgrimage he

once made to Mecca in a caravan

stretching as far as the eye could see

with an entourage of tens of thousands

of people donating and spending so much

money when they stopped in Cairo that it

caused instant inflation and it took

years for the local economy to recover

from the shock

and number five on our list of the

richest people in history is the

biblical legend King Solomon who ruled

Israel for forty years from 370 to 331

BC he is known to have been extremely

wise and fabulously wealthy with the

empire reaching its heights of splendor

during his reign he is said to have

received a yearly tribute of 666 gold

talents which is approximately 86,000

pounds of gold every year this in

addition to his income from taxation and

trade makes his net worth over 2.2

trillion dollars he used his wealth to

create many building projects including

the first temple in Jerusalem which is

known as one of the seven wonders of the

ancient world


the heir of Julius Caesar Augustus

Caesar was the master of political and

military intrigue and in 27 BC appointed

himself the first emperor of the Roman

Empire this gave him sole control over

Imperial Rome and a personal fortune

equivalent to one-fifth of the entire

economy which made his net worth an

estimated four point six three trillion

dollars he is said to have personally

owned the entire country of Egypt he

established a system that created and

maintained the peace of the Romans for

over 200 years but in his final years he

struggled to find peace troubled by the

death of his beloved grandsons we had

hoped to appoint his heirs as well as

military defeats and a troubled economy


number three on this list of the richest

people in history is emperor Akbar the

first the ruler of the Mughal Empire

between 1556 and 1605 he was a great

military general and during his reign of

the Mughals expanded their empire to

include almost the entire Indian

subcontinent this made him the

controller of almost 25 percent of the

world's GDP

a staggering 21 trillion dollars in

today's terms Akbar was also an

administrative genius and he was able to

exercise power and influence over this

vast empire because he created a

centralized system of administration

that ensured military political cultural

and economic dominance he lived a lavish

lifestyle establishing for himself in

his family three courts in Delhi Agra

and fatehpur sikri he was also a great

patron of the Arts creating a massive

library as well as funding music

paintings and architecture he even tried

creating his own religion that was a

blend of Islam and Hinduism

at number 2 on our list of the richest

people in history is a Chinese emperor

of the 11th century ad Emperor Shen song

of song yet an estimated net worth of

over 30 trillion dollars ruling over an

estimated 30 percent of the world's GDP

during the peaceful prosperity and

primary abundance eras a new economic

and social program was instituted

including low rate loans to peasants

corrected land surveys to ensure that

tax collections were increased and a

program of purchasing manufactured

specialties in one region and selling

them in another all these contributed

greatly to increasing government

revenues but at the same time the regime

of Emperor Shen song is also credited

with implementing policies to help poor

peasants as well as the unemployed which

is seen as being a forerunner to the

modern welfare state the fearsome

emperor and founder of the Mughal Empire

is at the top of our list of the 15

richest people in history with a net

worth amounting to hundreds of trillions

of dollars between 1206 and 1227 he led

his armies on a brutal assault of all of

his neighboring kingdoms winning all of

his battles in all he conquered over 12

million square miles of territory

controlling most of Central Asia and


he usually slaughtered on a large scale

the local inhabitants of the kingdoms

that he conquered and took over all

their wealth and possessions which

combined with the value of the land

makes him by far the richest person in

history that's our list of the top 15

richest people in history do you agree

disagree are there any other people you

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