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rappers are one of the highest pay

people in the entertainment industry and

they're flashy lifestyles are testament

to this while most of these rappers blow

their hard-earned cash by making it rain

on strippers others funnel their money

through lucrative investments to make

even more cheddar this top-10 countdown

investigates how much money they've

accumulated as well as how exactly

they've made their massive fortunes now

let's get started with our top ten

countdown of the richest rappers in the



the number one top ten list website in

the world number ten Drake

Aubrey Drake Graham is the 10th richest

rapper in the world he's also the

youngest ten turned on our countdown of

the top ten richest rappers the Canadian

entertainer has a net worth of 150

million dollars

considering that Drake's net worth more

than doubled over the financial period

of 2018 to 2019 he's on his way to

become one of the top 5 richest rappers

in the next few years so how exactly did

Drake make his fortune

apart from earning his money from

lucrative tour deals and album sales

Drake's a savvy businessman and he has

made sound investments in the real

estate sector as well as establishing

his own whiskey brand called Virginia

black his ovo record label still brings

in a lot of hard cash and his clothing

line operates all year round if Drake

keeps stacking money like this he might

just become the next billionaire rapper


number nine Pharrell Williams Pharrell

Williams is the ninth richest rapper in

the world and has a net worth of 150

million dollars

Pharrell has been a pioneer in the hip

hop industry for quite some time now he

has produced some of the biggest hits in

the pop and hip hop industry not only is

he a rapper singer-songwriter and record

producer he's a film producer to

Pharrell Williams is a seasoned

entrepreneur and his income is derived

from several different industries

he owns a media venture and record label

called my mother this multimedia

collective encompasses art fashion

entertainment music and all of his other

endeavors including his billionaire boys

club number 8 little Wayne Dewayne

Michael Carter jr. known professionally

as little Wayne is the eighth richest

rapper in the world little Wayne has a

net worth of 150 million dollars the

same as Drake's

but Drake is piling up the money at a

much faster rate than the Louisiana

rapper his well-documented beef with

Birdman had many assuming he was broke

but that could have been further from

the truth

Wayne makes money from a series of

lucrative live shows he also has full

control of The Young Money brand the

label which nicki minaj and Drake are

signed to Wayne gets a percentage from

all the artists signed under him let's

not forget about his skate punk clothing

line that became a hit with teenage

skateboarders everyone assumed Birdman

is one of the top 10 richest rappers but

he doesn't even make the cut

in fact nicki minaj's net worth is

bigger than his

she has a net worth of 85 million

dollars while Birdman only has a net

worth of 80 million dollars number seven

Ice Cube the seventh richest rapper in

the world is O'Shea Jackson popularly

known as Ice Cube the Compton rapper is

one savvy businessman the bulk of his

160 million dollar net worth comes from

his movie ventures he produced and

starred in the xxx series he also

featured in boys in the hood barbershop

ride along with Kevin Hart 21 and 22

Jump Street and several other films his

producing and acting skills managed to

net him a cool fortune he also

co-produced the NWA biopic Straight

Outta Compton Ice Cube still releases

some tracks every now and then but his

main focus is the movie business and it

seems to be working for him number six

Eminem Marshall Mathers known

professionally as Eminem is the sixth

richest rapper in the world Eminem has

multiple platinum records and he was

responsible for bringing 50 cent into

the fold but musical success alone

didn't earn him a net worth of 210

million dollars Eminem has proven

himself to be a smart investor his

investments in stock X and the online

music encyclopedia genius are yielding

some good returns that push in his net

worth even more

Eminem really has a large and loyal fan


even on streaming platforms he's pulling

in massive numbers that earn him cozy

sums of money he's definitely going to

be one of the top 10 richest rappers for

the foreseeable future


number 5 Kanye West you wouldn't have

thought that Kanye West would be one of

the top 10 richest rappers in the world

he's always ranting about being broke

and that he's in serious death in 2016

he declared himself to be fifty three

million dollars in debt and begged Mark

Zuckerberg to give him 1 billion dollars

he also asked former CEO of Google Eric

Schmidt for millions of dollars in order

to continue working on his genius

creations Kanye West's net worth of 240

million dollars might not reflect what's

in his bank account his fortune is

almost solely based on the valuation of

his easy shoe brand which is now

collaborating with Adidas it shocked

many to find out that Kanye is the fifth

richest rapper in the world they must

have forgotten about his numerous

sold-out tours and that he also owns the

good music record label he gets a

percentage from Pusha T 2 Chainz Big

Sean Teyana Taylor and all the other

artists signed to good music


number four Master P master P has always

been one of the top ten richest rappers

he started hustling way back in the

1990s he's known as Percy Robert Miller

in the boardroom and he's the fourth

richest rapper in the world Master P has

a net worth of 250 million dollars

he started his No Limit record label

back in the 1990s and its roster of

artists are primarily managed by his son

Romeo master P is a very intelligent man

and has thoroughly diversified his

income streams he has a solid portfolio

of real estate properties film and TV

show features sex toy businesses and

fast-food outlets

despite his hectic schedule the CEO of P

Miller Enterprises still finds time to

write books and manage gucci mane


number three did he Sean Diddy Combs had

always led the pack of the top ten

richest rappers that was before dr. Dre

and the jiggaman overtook him did he has

a net worth of 740 million dollars and

he's on track on becoming a billionaire

in the next year or so if he continues

to make money at this rate in the

meantime he has to remain content with

being the third richest rapper in the

world did he has multiple income streams

his bad-boy music label Sean John

clothing line and cable network revolt

all bringing the money but it's his

50:50 profit deal with Ciroc that's his

main revenue source number two dr. Dre

Andre Young aka dr. Dre is the second

richest rapper in the world dr. Dre is

considered to be one of the best hip-hop

producers of all time he's responsible

for bringing 50 cent and Eminem into the

limelight dr. Dre's net worth of eight

hundred million dollars is primarily

derived from the sale of his beeps

headphone line to Apple in 2014 Apple

bought his headphone line for three

billion dollars at that time Dre had an

estimated 25% ownership of the beats

company he co-founded this left the

superstar producer with a little over

five hundred million dollars from the

deal and he has been one of the top

three richest rappers ever since since

the sale of Beats dr. Dre has been

investing heavily in the real estate and

stock markets

he has been reported to have bought a

healthy amount of Apple stocks worth an

obscene amount of money many industry

insiders are speculating that his Apple

stock could make him the next

billionaire rapper very soon


number one jay-z jay-z officially became

the richest rapper in the world when

Forbes crowned him as the first

billionaire rapper in 2019 JC's fortune

is derived from his investments in title

rock nation and liquor company Armand de

Brignac also known as ace of spades

which sells one of the most expensive

champagne in the world he owns to say a

cognac brand and has stakes in some

clothing lines too he also owns a string

of nightclubs called 4040 take Beyonce's

net worth into account and the power

couple stand at over one point four

billion dollars strong sadly our

countdown of the top ten richest rappers

has come to an end

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