Top 5 RICHEST Roblox Players!

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richest roblox players to ever exist who

they are and how they got to be so rich

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get on with this video have you ever

heard the saying you have to start

somewhere it's a pretty good saying that

can basically be applied to anything in

your life whether it be getting good

grades in school finally beating a level

of a game growing your subscriber count

on YouTube or even getting rich in

roblox I know it's crazy to imagine but

all of the super rich roblox players

with hundreds of thousands and even

millions of roebucks

all had zero roebucks at one point too

because they like us have to start

somewhere and it's taken them time and

dedication to finally get to where

they're at now and they my friends are

who we'll be talking about in today's

video the top 5 richest roblox players

to ever exist and we'll also talk about

how they did it and any tips and tricks

that these people may have had then

maybe we can learn a thing or two and

become rich ourselves one day anyways

without further ado let's dive right in

number five it wouldn't be a video

discussing rich players on roblox if we

didn't talk about link 199 the current

richest player on roblox to date at

least he was the last time I checked

though on his most recent upload it

seems as though he's holding a contest

to give all of his wealth away link maan

is stupid rich in roblox and he's

basically got that way by using roblox's

trading system he also highly recommends

purchasing roblox premium as with it

that's the only way you can access said

trading system be able to sell things

like shirts and create groups which are

all things that he personally has used

to grow his roebucks amount

and his rap which we'll talk more about

later on in this video in link Mons tips

and tricks video he basically goes more

in depth with how to use the trading

system as you guessed it that's how he's

gotten the majority of his wealth on

roblox he does also give us a super

helpful tip which is to use RBX rocks

slash limited's to gauge how much a

limited is worth and if it is in high


obviously when doing the whole trading

system thing you want to make sure that

any Limited's you're investing in are in

high demand same as for whatever trades

you're about to make the website

basically shows you the true Worth and

price of limited items because it takes

into consideration how often other

players are purchasing them metal here's

the deal

number four the next spot on this list

goes to the one and only NYX turvy mixer

has been back and forth on activity on

roblox since he started his mr. top 5

channel but before he made a switch he

was able to get pretty wealthy in the

game in this video here clear back from

2017 he had well over 250,000 roebucks

and he made a step by step video on how

he was able to get so much and surprise

surprise one of his methods was through

trading like I mentioned before

seriously guys if you're wanting to get

rich that's honestly my best suggestion

for you is to master the trading system

nixar also suggests investing a little

bit of real life money in order to get

more roebucks - he says by starting out

by purchasing a thousand grow bucks can

really help you get a head start on your

trading journey if you're able to

purchase a limited item that's worth

around a thousand roebucks itself and

with the trading system you do have to

invest in roblox premium which currently


you a monthly allowance too so you could

always save up that to reach your 1000

robux have you guys ever wanted to

become a rich on roblox and be able to

purchase any item you want and get

250,000 roebucks well guys today in this

video I'm going to be going over 5 ways

to get rich number 3 our next player up

goes by the name of shark blocks on

YouTube and shark trickshots on roblox

he actually uploaded a video that shows

you how to make robux

without even having roblox premium which

personally I had no idea was even

possible but apparently it is

essentially in order to do this all

you'll want to do is head to the gear

tab in the roblox catalog and choose any

gear you'd like and add it to your Oh

blocks game then if any of the people

who play your game buy that gear through

it you'll get a small portion of that

roebucks directly into your account and

even if it is just a small percentage if

you have a decent player base and a lot

of people buy it then it'll definitely

add up over time shark also makes a

super good point in this video by saying

that if you know any of your roblox

friends that are planning to buy gear in

the future you can always add whatever

gear they want to your game and have

them purchase it through you it'll be

the exact same price as it would be on

the gear page but you'll get a small

commission from it too and what friend

wouldn't want to help you out and

vice-versa then in the future if you

have gear you want to purchase then you

could purchase it through them if they'd

be willing to add it to their game you

obviously won't get super rich off of

this right away but I think it is a good

little trick or packer whatever you want

to call it like I said I never thought

about it before and I definitely think

it'll be useful in the future this video

I will be showing you guys the best way

to get $10 robox cards for free so you

can buy a builder's club or row bucks so

this is completely for free and it's

very easily and simple to do number 4

next up on

list today we have Rousso plays in a

video where he goes more in depth on how

he got his current 300,000 robux but how

he's also had millions before I know I

just said it's likely the rest of these

people have heavily relied on the

trading system to get their wealth and I

have no doubts that Roussel has perhaps

dabbled in it at some point too but even

if he hasn't he never really needed to

since he's built a solid foundation to

get him robux now without even trying

what's his secret

his roblox games with the help of some

developers I assume Russo was able to

design and create a few roblox games of

his own when you create games you

obviously don't get roebucks just from

people playing it but if you set

something up with game passes that

people can also purchase in-game that's

automatic roebucks that is sent to you

you can also charge people a certain

amount of roebucks to play your game

right off the bat like blocksberg which

charges 25 they don't really recommend

doing that though unless you have a

really really solid game with some good

promotion that way people will actually

want to pay the fee to play it also even

just with game passes you can still make

a decent amount and the best part is

once you finish the game besides maybe

some updates in the future that's

automatic roebucks that's being sent to

your account don't get me wrong it is a

ton of work to create a successful

roblox game but that's the price you

have to pay if you're wanting to gain a

vast amount of roebucks to because you

want to know how I got all this roebucks

you can see right there I have 370 1000

and I've had millions before before I

get into this guys I'm really not doing

this video to brag or anything like that

at all number 5 and our last and final

player we'll be talking about goes by

the name of Lonnie and when he uploaded

his tips video he had well over 200,000


but not only that when figuring a

player's worth or

how rich they really are in the game you

want to take a look at the rap like

roblox items our accounts have wrapped -

which stands for recent average price

your own personal rap basically adds up

the prices of all of your limited's

to show how much your inventory is worth

personally I only have one collectable

item and so you haven't personally tried

to do the whole trading or collecting

thing but you can see that because I own

that one collectable being the cake

topper hat my rap is at 460 that's

nothing compared to people's rap though

as even Lonnie's here is well over 4

million with him owning over two hundred

and eighty-one collectibles in roblox

which is crazy insane but my guess is

you're wondering how he got there and

how you can do it - I know I'm in that

boat now Lani attributes most of his

roebucks gain to being good at the

trading system which like I've said if

you're wanting to get rich in roblox

it's definitely something you should

take some time to master there are

plenty of tutorials on how to do it

right on YouTube and I've even discussed

it a bit myself I obviously don't have a

whole lot to show for it so take it from

people like Lani here even if you start

out with just one or two limited items

you can work the system to slowly make a

profit for each trade that you do

eventually garnering you a lot of

roebucks as you guys can see void stars

drop so much I've lost five ranks on how

much my value is worth it that's just

it's hurts brother look that used to be

two hundred and twenty five K and that

my friends is going to wrap it up for

today's video I hope you all enjoyed it

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