Top 10 Richest Rockstars Of All Time

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top 10 richest rock stars that ever

lived we take a look at some incredible

individuals that stole the hearts of

millions by their musical talent and

insatiable stage presence some living

some dead these people were the brains

behind some of the most popular songs of

all time in a world where pop culture

will always divided opinions amongst

children and parents bands like The

Rolling Stones Pink Floyd and the

Beatles have endeared the ages and

continued to be enjoyed by young and old

alike there's something uniquely special

about the best rock music that makes it

timeless perhaps it's that spirit of

rebellion that pervades the

circumstances of society or maybe it's

just down to simple beats and catchy

rhythms whatever it is rock and rollers

have been cashing in through royalties

record sales and live performances ever

since the 1950s but out of all the

baddest Punk's out there these ten have

profited the most so let's get more

acquainted with these top 10 richest

rock stars of all time if you're new

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number 10 Johnny Cash net worth 300

million dollars

Johnny Cash died at the age of 71 back

in 2003 leaving his son with an

incredible legacy to uphold the

Nashville hero was estimated to be worth

around 100 million dollars at the time

of his passing due to continued

posthumous growth in his popularity that

number has tripled in the last 15 years

the 2005 movie walk the line was largely

responsible for turning the next

generation onto one of the greatest

songwriters of all time his low

resounding voice is utterly unique and

completely unmistakable his son John

Carter Cash says that his father became

extremely business minded in his later

years he wanted to make sure his family

would continue to profit from his

illustrious career

the poignant music video for one of his

most famous songs the cover of the Nine

Inch Nails song hurt was released at the

time of his death and showed an old man

weeping with painful pride due to the

hardships that tortured his soul through

life to this day it's remarked by many

as one of the saddest music videos of

all time John Carter Cash says his

father knew exactly how to make his

image stretch into eternity amongst

history's greats and it's no accident

the rock stars net worth has tripled

since his death

number 9 Dave Matthews 300 million

dollars Dave Matthews is the youngest

rocker on this list and one of the only

ones whose fame was not born in the 50s

or 60s Dave was born in 1967 in South

Africa just as bands like the Beatles

and The Rolling Stones were starting to

pick up speed this makes the extremity

of his success even more impressive

operating as a professional musician

since 1991 he's managed to amass a

fortune that the likes of Offspring

Green Day and Nirvana never could to

this day he still sells out stadiums of

adoring fans around the world other than

his wealth of talent and fame he's

managed to build up such an impressive

net worth because he owns his own record

label and also produces for other

talented artists this diversification

has become essential in the modern music

industry where a musical talent and a

large fan base alone are not enough to

make one super rich he's also won two

Grammy Awards with years of new music

still in him we wonder if he'll continue

to climb up this list in the years to

come number 8 Keith Richards 340 million

dollars Keith Richards is the lead

guitarist for the Rolling Stones

despite his various drug abuses over the

decades he's still alive and playing

concerts with one of the greatest rock

bands in history including serving a

prison sentence in 1968 for allowing

cannabis to be smoked on his property in


he said he'd been off the hard drugs

like heroin for a long time but admits

he still drinks and smokes cannabis or

hashish on occasion his musical talent

though could never be called into doubt

responsible for writing some of the

Rolling Stones greatest hits

he's been hailed as a master of riffs

for a man with such a great relationship

with guitars it comes as very little


he now has amassed more than 3000

different ones in his collection his

huge fortune is the result of royalties

as well as a continuing ability to play

at some of the most watched music events

in the world even though he's nearly 75

mind you he looks 95 Richards is

definitely a true warrior of the rock

and roll era who just won't quit

number 7 Ringo Starr 350 million dollars

Ringo Starr took over from Pete best as

the drummer of the Beatles in 1963

that's easily the best decision of his

life many have often said that he is the

least musically talented of all the

Beatles but he certainly knew how to

keep a beat his songwriting was a little

more suspect but he did write the number

one classic octopus garden ok so it

doesn't have the lyrical depths and

emotional involvement of songs like

yesterday or let it be but it's still an

upbeat melody and a catchy tune that

everyone loved in many ways his

light-hearted approach was said to be a

very important factor in keeping the

Beatles together when they found

themselves in times of trouble and for

all of his hard work he's managed to

amass a huge fortune he also has a

philanthropic side in 2015 he auctioned

off some of his prized possessions

including some instruments that had been

given to him by George Harrison Paul

McCartney and John Lennon the auction

raised 9 million dollars a portion of

which he donated to the Lotus Foundation

number 6 Mick Jagger 360 million dollars

sir Mick Jagger is the frontman of The

Rolling Stones

he's been dubbed as the most observed

human in the flesh of all time five

decades after his initial success and

rise to fame he still plays sellout

concerts in front of crowds of anywhere

up to 100,000 people on a fairly regular

basis it's believed that no other human

has been seen in person by so many

different sets of eyes ever and probably

never will again that alone does not add

up to a net worth of 360 million dollars

but the price of all of those tickets

plus the continued royalties he earns

for the Rolling Stones hits makes him

exceedingly rich in 2003 he was knighted

by the Queen of England for his numerous

contributions to popular culture he also

founded the Mick Jagger Centre in the

south of England so that young people

could have more of a chance to learn

music at school so a lexer as we've

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check it out number 5 Elton John four

hundred and eighty million dollars Sir

Elton John is most famous for his

prolific songwriting flamboyant live

performances and mesmerizing talent as a

pianist he has sold over 250 million

records over the last four decades won

an Academy Award six Grammys and a

Golden Globe between January 1996 and

September 1997 he managed to spend

around seventy million dollars in an era

of pure frivolity part of that

incredible sum was attributed to a bill

of four hundred and fifty thousand

dollars worth of flowers which he put on

his credit card when he asked why he

spent so much on flowers he simply said

he likes flowers and here's an

interesting fact his husband is named

David Furnish the marriage took place in

2005 and was one of the first

high-profile same-sex marriages in the

UK for all of these reasons Sir Elton

remains and I

conic figure renowned for extravagance

as well as scandal number four Jimmy

Buffett five hundred and fifty million

dollars Jimmy Buffett is most famously

known for his Island escapist music

Margaritaville is the quintessential

classic of this genre and made one dream

of a tropical life in paradise with no

worries or concerns the fame that he

gained from his music was the launchpad

for his wealth rather than the reason

for it he now owns a number of

restaurant chains that started with the

Margaritaville restaurant in Key West

Florida back in 1985 he also partly owns

two minor league baseball teams a

brewery and a casino amongst many other

business ventures his latest plan is the

biggest investment to date as he embarks

on a mission to build a 1 billion dollar

retirement village called Latitude

Margaritaville in Daytona Beach Florida

phase one of the project is set to be

completed by the end of this year with

420 homes being built and most have

already been sold if the plan is

successful they'll be around six

thousand nine hundred homes in total

with prices ranging from two hundred to

three hundred and fifty thousand dollars

number three vano six hundred million

dollars Bono is the lead singer of u2

his real name is Paul David Hewson and

he was born in Dublin Ireland back in

nineteen sixty his wealth is another

example of a famous musician who

invested his money wisely to make it

grow he's on the board of directors for

the private equity firm elevation

partners who owns a 1.5 percent stake as

well as a stake in Forbes media

estimated to be worth around two hundred

and fifty million dollars he also partly

owns the Clarence hotel in Dublin which

he transformed from a 70 room two-star

Hotel into a 49 room five-star hotel

although he gained some of his riches

from rock and roll it's his investments

in business that set him aside

from the other punks that belt out

ballads in front of a screaming live

audience it's also worth mentioning that

bono is a philanthropist who's often

being seen as the standard for raising

aid money to help vulnerable children on

the impoverished continent of Africa

number 2 John Lennon eight hundred

million dollars

John Lennon was tragically murdered by

Mark David Chapman on the 8th of

December 1980 his estate was largely

passed on to Yoko Ono and his first son

Sean Lennon at the time of his death it

was worth an estimated 100 million

dollars but as the Beatles continue to

be popularized and expand into the

digital age of music that number has

increased Eightfold there's no denying

that John Lennon's solo career also

produced some songs that rivaled the

hits of the Beatles for their musical

genius imagine is an archetypal example

of an anti-war Testament that rings true

amongst peace activists from every

generation having died a long time ago

his music still manages to prove a

view--the culture and inspire people of

all ages a truly great songwriter and

musician number 1 Paul McCartney 1.2

billion dollars Sir Paul McCartney is

the only rock and roller to have broken

into the billionaire's Club his huge

influence on the direction and

popularity of The Beatles cannot be

underrated furthermore ever since their

breakup in 1970 he's continued to make

hit songs that grow his personal fan

base and expand his gargantuan wealth

the Beatles song yesterday was written

by Paul McCartney and has been sang by

more than 2200 different musicians

making it the most covered song of all

time he's won 18 Grammys and written 32

songs which have reached number one in

the UK and the u.s. in 1997 he was

knighted for his exceptional

contribution to the world of music in

2018 he continues to perform in front of

huge crowds and released his 17th solo

album titled Egypt station

the man certainly doesn't need the money

but he simply loves to make music and

people love to hear him do it he's the

richest rock star of all time and one

that will be hard to beat in the future

handle Xers that's a wrap on the top 10

richest rock stars of all time now we

have a question for you why do you think

so many rock stars die young let us know

in the comments and of course as a thank

you for sticking with us all the way to

the end here's your bonus Jimi Hendrix

died at the age of 27 having only

recorded in studios for less than three

years despite such a miniscule

professional career his estate is still

worth one hundred and seventy five

million dollars today his psychedelic

songs are utterly out-of-this-world and

entirely unique for this reason kids

from every generation continue to pick

up his tunes and rock on one thing's for

sure Hendrix is a true legend of rock

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