Top 10 Richest Women in the World 2020

top ten richest women in the world

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at the top 10 richest women in the world

the cadenza folks ranking of the world's

billionaires there are a total of 239

women in the list this year coming from

different points of the wood and various

industries such as mining real estate

finance from a City Hall and others the

first thing that might come across our

minds looking at the list of the richest

women in the world below is that the

affords were practically handed over to

them the richest women will be on this

list today if it weren't for your

leadership and guts there were two

hundred and forty four women listed on

the world's billionaires as of 10 April

2019 up front 242 billionaires in match

2018 as of 2020 there are about 2200

billionaires in the world the top 10

richest women in the world have a

combined net worth of about 325 billion

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videos some of these women were

fortunate to have inherited a world from

either their parents or spouses either

ways most of them have worked hard to

maintain such wealth so without any

further delay here are the top 10

richest women in the world number 10

Abigail Johnson net worth 16 point 1

billion dollars Abigail pure porn

Johnson born December 19 1961 is an

American billionaire businesswoman the

third generation errors the fidelity

investments a privately held virtual

phone giant founded by her grandfather

Edward C Johnson - and the first woman

to take over its reins

Abigail Johnson has proven herself to be

one of the most powerful women - and

since becoming the CEO of fidelity

investment in 2014 and it's two person

in 2016

Johnson has quickly shaken things up at

the 72 year old firm staring away from

its traditional open and mutual funds

and introducing millennial friendly zero

free index funds

farm invoice cryptocurrency by launching

a platform for ether and Bitcoin trading

in 2018 she is also known to be

dedicated to creating a welcoming work

environment for women of her company by

promoting fair hiring practices and

raising awareness on sexual harassment

she is married to Christopher John

McCune and together they have two

children number nine sharlinda Carvalho

Heineken net worth sixteen point three

billion dollars Cheryl and Carvalho

Heineken born 30 June 1954 is a Dutch

English billionaire businesswoman and

the owner of a 25% controlling interest

in the world's second largest brewer

Heineken International she is the

richest person in the Netherlands with a

net worth of sixteen point three billion

dollars as of October 2019

she landed Carvalho wasn't always room

to take over Heineken one of the world's

largest Brewers the family business was

founded by her great-grandfather

gerrae Adrian Heineken 150 years ago and

eventually passed to her father longtime

CEO Freddy Heineken the heiress was a

stay-at-home wife to her investment

banker husband and five children but all

that changed when she inherited 23

percent controlling stake in Heineken

when her father passed away in 2002 as

an only child

Carvalho Heineken was then forced by

circumstances to step up to the role

which she had taken in stride since her

ownership she's shaken up declining

stock at the brewery hiring CEO John

Francois van boxmeer and enable

acquisitions to boost Heinekens position

in the market Carvalho Heineken has

shared that she views her leadership as

more of a guardianship and is grooming

her children to take over the family

business as Heinekens international

executive director she is currently the

neitherlands wealthiest intrapreneur the

position she has been undefeated in for

several years

number eight susan platen net worth

twenty point three billion dollars the

56 year old German born businesswoman

and mother of three currently owns more

than 19 percent of the world's largest

maker of logic automobiles BMW which

also owns the Mini Cooper mark

and the rolls-royce brand Susan however

is only the second biggest shareholder

next to her brother Stephen Kent who

owns more than 23 percent of the company

Susan success as an entrepreneur is not

reliant on her family's main business

over the years her focus has been on the

Altana AG a pharmaceutical company

founded by her grandfather which she has

forgotten world-class beaches to this

day she remains as the chairman and sole

owner of Altona AG which reportedly ends

2.5 million dollars a year in sales

she was once married to John Clayton

although they are now divorced and they

have three children together number 7

Laurene Powell Jobs net worth twenty

three point three billion dollars

Laurene Powell Jobs born November 9 1963

is an American businesswoman executive

and the founder of Emerson collective

the social impact organization that

among other investment and philanthropic

activities advocates for policies

concerning education and immigration

reform social justice Environmental


she is also co-founder and president of

the board of college track which repairs

this advantage high school students for

college for jobs who site in Palo Alto

California with her three children she's

the widow and heir of Steve Jobs

co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc

she manages the low end power jobs trust

Lorene has always been in the shadow of

her late husband Steve Jobs and would

rather keep it that way

until he lost his battle against cancer

in 2011 his unexpected death at the age

of 56 left Lauren with a high profile

fortune tied to her name a fortune share

to take care of in the midst of grieving

the loss of her husband becoming a Soper

into their children and dealing with a

spotlight she would rather stay away

from her

unknown to Mamie Lauren has carved her

own work as a philanthropist the biggest

of her projects is the immersive

collective and organization based in

Silicon Valley California which focus is

advocating for social change the

organization's father in 2004 and

operated quietly to Loki that even one

of our 10 highest in 2010 was not aware

of who was the image and who owns

fast forward to today allowance never

what may still be mainly defined by the

money from her late husband's company

but she's also making a name of her own

through philanthropy number six young VN

net worth twenty five billion dollars

young Korean born 1981 is a Chinese

within their businesswoman she is a

property developer and a majority

shareholder of country garden holdings

estate Leslie transferred to her by her

father young Greek Queen in 2007 she is

the richest woman in Asia young has

remained as the richest woman in China

for six years in a row as the vice

chairman of the real estate developing

business country garden holdings the

figures are not all surprising

especially knowing that she owns 57% of

the company's shares Yang's rise to the

top of the reaches started in 2007 when

her father young week when transferred

70% stake to her name and made are not

only one of the company's major

shareholders but also China's wealthiest

individual at the young age of 25 the

Chinese areas for Qing however does not

only revolve around the family's real

estate business yang is also the owner

of bright scholar education holdings the

company responsible for operating the

biggest international kids from schools

in China

number five jacqueline mars net worth

thirty billion dollars jacqueline mars

born October 10 1939 is an American

heiress and investor she's a daughter of

Audrey Ruth Mayer and Forrest Morris the

granddaughter of Frank C Mars founders

of American candy company Mars


Jaclyn Moss literally lives the sweet

life as an heiress to the world's

biggest confectioner Mars Inc currently

she owns approximately one-third of the

company which is the same as what her

brother owns other than Benin urged the

world's famous candy corporation Mars is

also an active philanthropist and owner

of some of the top events in horses in

the United States number four

Mackenzie Bezos net worth thirty eight

billion dollars Mackenzie Scott Bezos

born April 7 1970 is an American

novelist and philanthropist

she is the ex-wife of Amazon founder

Jeff Bezos to whom she was married from


until the divorce in 2019 in 2014 she

founded the anti-bullying organization

bystander Revolution where she serves as

an executive director previously married

to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos for 25

years Mackenzie deserves net worth was

significantly increased last year after

Jeff transferred 25 percent of expectant

Amazon to her as part of the divorce

settlement suspects which amounted to 4

percent of the company was valued at

thirty six billion dollars at that time

she reportedly unloaded three hundred

and fifty million dollars worth of her

shares in January she also signed The

Giving Pledge in Maine last year

promising to donate at least half of her

well heavily involved for the operations

of Amazon in the early days Mackenzie

pulled back from her role in 1997 when

Amazon went public to focus on fiction

writing she has published two novels

destined of Luther Albright 2005 and

traps 2013 number three

Julia Fletcher coach net worth for the

four billion dollars Julia Fletcher

coach became one of the world's richest

women in 2019 when she inherited her

late husband baby coaches take in coach

industries along with her three children

David jr. married Julia and John Mark

coach owns a 42 percent stake in the

American multinational corporation which

ventures into a sport for men's natural

gas petroleum and more through its

subsidiaries she is the president of the

David H coach foundation which has

contributed more than 200 million

dollars toward science medical research

education and more conscious self is

also passionate about the Arts

previously serving on the board of

directors for the School of American

Ballet and cheering events for the

American Ballet Theatre as well as the

Met Gala in 1998 number two

Alice Walton net worth fits to 1.3

billion dollars Alice Lewis Walton 1

October 7 1949

is an American era to the fortune of

Walmart Inc she the youngest child and

only daughter of Walmart founder Sam

Walton may not be as focused on the

family's business like her brothers

Robyn Jim but it doesn't mean she

doesn't earn a dime or feelings familiar

to her credit alice is a co-manager of

Wharton enterprises

which is one of the families holding

companies responsible for 50% of

Walmart's largest retailer

I was just passion 11 lies in art the

testament to this is her personal

collection which was reported to be

worth hundreds of millions of dollars in


I'm of American art that she opened in

2011 in her hometown of bento View

Arkansas number one France was

Betancourt net worth fifteen nine point

1 billion dollars France was Betancourt

mayor's as a French billionaire heiress

and an author of Bible commentaries and

works on jewish-christian relations she

is the only daughter and heiress of

liliane bettencourt and her family owns

the company L'Oreal she married

jean-pierre mayor's the grandson of a

Robin murdered at Auschwitz and they

decided to raise the children Jean

Victor and Nicola as Jewish before she

was declared as the owner of the one

hundred and seven point five billion

dollars taken the real after mother's

death in 2017 Francois was already

playing a big role in overseeing the

family's fortune at the head of the

investment company as well as the

president of Bettencourt Schueller

Foundation filling in her mother's shoes

however is not an easy task but although

the late Liliane Bettencourt was the

richest women in the world until the day

she died France was manages to hold her

own as she secures the first part in the

yes list of the world's wealthiest women

aside from being the heiress to the

cosmetics Dan's fortune from sources

also an accomplished author of Greek

mythology works and literature that

focus on jewish-christian relations

they're regarded as flowers those were

the top 10 richest women in the world

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