10 richest wrestlers in the world 2020

the wrestling industry is among the best

paying in the world wrestling industry

has seen the rise of popular across the

world making the wrestlers earn more and

more American wrestlers make millions of

dollars annually from salaries movie

appearances pay-per-view and endorsement

deals here is the list of top 10 richest

wrestlers in the world for 2018 like our

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Chris Jericho Chris Jericho has an

estimated net worth of 18 million

dollars in his WWE career he has won 30

championships and has been the pioneer

for the undisputed champion of WWF apart

from wrestling he pursued acting

pensee books about his remarkable career

and toward his heavy metal band Fozzy

was such a huge net worth Chris Jericho

is able to afford some luxurious homes

driving flashy cars and lives a

comfortable lifestyle number 9 Kurt

Angle professional wrestler Kurt Angle

has an estimated net worth of 20 million

dollars throughout his entire wrestling

career Kurt Angle has won the World

Championship six times

these include one WCW championship World

Heavyweight Championship and four WWE

F Championships his huge net worth has

enabled him to live in a luxurious villa

and drives a high-end cars number eight

Big Show American wrestler Big Show has

an estimated net worth of twenty million

dollars throughout his entire

professional wrestling career Big Show

has also won one WWE Intercontinental

Championship and one WWE United States

Championship outside the ring

Big Show is also a known actor he's

appearing on shows like Star Trek

Enterprise Royal Pains Burn Notice

knucklehead and the waterboy he owns

several properties that include a home

in Tampa and in Miami Florida number

seven Stephanie mcmayhem Stephanie

McMahon has an estimated net worth of 25

million dollars the former WWE Diva and

now the general manager of Entertainment

Company is the daughter of world-famous

wrestler and WWE owner Ben

McMahon before entering WWE she was a

model for WWE merchandises she is

married to WWE Superstar and the

executive vice-president of WWE Triple H

number 6 Triple H Triple H has an

estimated net worth of 30 million

dollars he is currently signed to the

World Wrestling Entertainment and has an

occasional wrestler and company

executive currently working as WWE's

chief operating officer an executive

vice president of town and live events

Triple H is considered as one of the

most influential and greatest wrestling

superstars in the history of WWE after

the other takers rain numbers 5 Scott

Hall Scott Hall has an estimated net

worth of 30 million dollars Hall has

also won two World Championships having

won the WWC

Universal heavyweight championship and

one uswa United World Heavyweight

Championship he is a founding member of

the New World Order his huge net worth

has enabled the wrestler to live a

luxurious homes and drive sleek machines

and lives a comfortable lifestyle number

four John Cena John Cena has an

estimated net worth of 40 million

dollars he has had a successful

wrestling career winning 19 WWE

Championships with two world titles all

these titles are an icing on the cake to

John Cena's net worth his annual salary

does not count the money Cena makes from

his other ventures including his film

and television appearances all the hard

work he puts in make him enjoy the finer

things in life

number three Steve Austin Stone Cold

Steve Austin has an estimated net worth

of forty five million dollars thanks to

his successful wrestling career having

won six WWF championships he also acted

in movies such as The Longest Yard

damage and The Expendables this too

contributed to his huge net worth

retirement has not stopped the wrestling

star from making big bucks he currently

hosts a reality competition show Steve

Austin's broken skull challenge on CMT

and also hosts his own podcast the Steve

Austin show number 2 Dwayne Johnson

Dwayne Johnson has an estimated net

worth of

200 million dollars throughout his

career he has won 17 championships which

include two WWF Intercontinental

Championships and 10 world heavyweight

championships he also won the Royal

Rumble in 2000 he has appeared in films

like The Rundown walking tall be cool

Gridiron Gang Get Smart

the gameplan raised to Witch Mountain

Tooth Fairy planet 51 doom faster the

other guys fast 5 fast 6 and the

Scorpion King number 1 men's McMahon

wrestling promoter mince McMahon's net

worth is estimated at 1.2 billion


his company World Wrestling

Entertainment is a multi-billion dollar

enterprise which has been the source of

Vince McMahon's net worth McMahon is

done for growing the professional

wrestling industry into what it is today

a multi-million dollar media spectacle

it isn't surprising that he has a wide

range of a luxurious belongings he lives

in a luxurious mansion drives some sleek

machines and eats life with his big

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