10 Richest YouTubers of 2020 (Logan Paul, MrBeast, PewDiePie, David Dobrik)

YouTube has totally changed the face of entertainment worldwide and created some huge stars along

the way.

It seems so simple right, just record yourself doing something cool, post it online, and

next thing you know you're in YouTube Rewind, right?

Well, there's actually a lot more hard work that goes into being a YouTuber, but the rewards

can be incredible.

Some of the richest new celebrities from the past decade have come from YouTube; but just

how much do the biggest youtubers make?

Today I've put together a list of some of the highest earning YouTubers around right


Keep in mind that these numbers are based on Ad Revenue alone, as most big youtubers

sell merch, do brand deals and way more.

That being said, let's get it on!

KSI KSI is one of the biggest YouTubers to come

out of England, with a respectable 20 plus million subscribers.

He made a name for himself through FIFA videos and rap music, having actually worked with

some big names in UK hip-hop.

Along the way he picked up vlogging, and even had a boxing match with American YouTuber

Logan Paul, earning an estimated $11 million.

With money like that, it's no wonder KSI casually bought a gold iPhone X while walking around

a mall in Dubai, coming in at a cool 40 thousand dollars.

But that's chump change compared to some of the massive purchases this UK YouTuber has


In March of 2019, KSI unveiled his 500-thousand-dollar custom made chain modelled after the Dragon

Ball Super character Beerus.

The chain contains over 2,000 stones and took 550 hours of craftsmanship to make by one

of the best jewelers in London.

According to Social Blade, between his two channels, KSI likely makes between 1.2 and

$3.2 million annually.

Sure is a long way to come from recording yourself playing FIFA.

LOGAN PAUL Probably one of the most controversial Youtubers

in the world, or ex- controversial as he now claims, Logan Paul turned his success on the

now defunct app Vine into a YouTube empire before the age of 22.

Between starring in movies, hosting a YouTuber Olympics, having the number one podcast in

the world and the largest non-professional boxing match in history, Logan has proven

himself to be an incredibly resourceful businessman, and his hard work has more than paid off.

The American YouTuber lives in a gorgeous 6.6 million-dollar mansion in Encino, California,

with 7 bedrooms, a full gym, and a huge podcasting studio inside.

Logan also put $225 thousand into converting a regular old yellow school bus into his signature

cool bus.

While he obviously has a ton of money coming in from brand deals, touring, and his hugely

popular Maverick merch, Logan Paul's channel likely brings in between 666 thousand and

$1.8 million a year.

Not bad for a kid from Ohio.

JAKE PAUL From Disney channel to YouTube multi-millionaire,

the younger brother of Logan Paul, Jake Paul,

made a name for himself and was able to break out from his older brother's shadow.

Jake's channel grew from nothing to 5 million subscribers in a matter of 6 months, a feat

which, at the time, had never been done before, as he likes to remind people in his infamous

song "It's Everyday Bro".

The hugely popular documentary series made by Shane Dawson on the young, American YouTuber

shows that he's branched out from YouTube into getting paid the big bucks to do speaking

engagements at massive business conventions around the world.

Combine that with his hugely popular music career and wildly successful merch lines,

and Jake Paul is definitely pulling in the big bucks.

Jake has a liking for buying nice cars, such as his 132-thousand-dollar Tesla Model X and

350 thousand-dollar Lamborghini Hurracan being the crown jewels on his prized collection.

While most of his money comes in through his merch line, his 19 plus million subscriber

YouTube channel grosses between 1.3 and $3.4 million a year.

Who's the big brother now?

JackSepticEye Imagine going from being a sub 1k YouTube

channel, to one of the 3 most well-known gaming channels on the planet.

Well, thanks largely in part to an incredibly short shoutout from PewDiePie, that's exactly

what JackSepticEye was able to do.

The Irish YouTuber has amassed a massive audience of nearly 23 million subscribers and counting,

frequently collaborating with the other big gamers of the famous trio, Markiplier and


The generous Irishman doesn't like to spend his money to flex, and prefers to use his

influence to raise money for various charities, raising millions of dollars over the years

for causes like mental health awareness, providing clean water to 3rd world countries, and famously

raising $225 thousand dollars for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention during a

single 8 hour charity livestream.

His YouTube channel earns an estimated 3 to $8 million a year from ads alone.

That's money that's being put towards a whole lot of good in this world.

DanTDM The second Brit to make our list, DanTDM has

become a pillar of YouTube since starting his channel way back in 2012.

Against all odds, the English gamer has managed to captivate audiences for years, consistently

pulling in millions of views with every new upload and garnering an audience of over 21


Back in 2014 Business Insider did a piece on Dan and estimated that he earns between

213,000 and $21,300,000 annually; that's a pretty big range for a guess.

However today our most accurate data shows that the British gamer brings in between 3.4

and $9.1 million dollars annually from his YouTube channel alone.

If you take into account his merch lines and brand deals, it looks like Business Insider

wasn't too far off.

DAVID DOBRIK Have you ever wanted to be friends with the

characters from your favorite tv shows?

Well, David Dobrik made that dream a reality, becoming best friends with Josh Peck from

Drake and Josh.

Of course, that's no surprise, considering how charismatic and likeable the Slovakian

Vlogger is, and his respectable 13.8 million subscriber channel proves it.

Dobrik lives in a $2.5 million mansion in Los Angeles, which he says is "not too big,

not too small, not too modern and not too old", perfectly balanced as all things should


Except for that price tag of course.

David doesn't just use his millions to spoil himself though, and famously prefers to spend

it to make his friends happy... and of course then record their reactions and post them

on YouTube in order to make it back.

So far, he's bought 15 of his friends' brand-new cars (with the help of some sponsors), as

well as highly sought-after Hamilton tickets, which, honestly might be worth more than some

of those cars.

His channel brings in between 4.8 and $13 million dollars a year.

All in all, Dobrik is living proof that dreams definitely do come true.

DUDE PERFECT Ok, so this one isn't so much a YouTuber as

it is a team of youtubers, but trust me, they've definitely earned a spot on this list.

Famous for their insane trick shots and crazy sporting feats, it's no wonder that the group

of old college roommates from Texas were able to win over the hearts and minds of the entire

world when they first broke out on the YouTube scene.

With a current subscriber base of over 45 million, Dude Perfect is one of the largest

YouTube channels on the planet.

The team has also ventured outside YouTube and have their own show, eponymously named

"The Dude Perfect Show", on Nickelodeon and CMT which has been running since 2016.

The group purchased a massive 35,000 square foot warehouse in Frisco, Texas, something

you could never find in the YouTuber mecca that is LA, back in 2016 and are able to use

the space to create some of their craziest tricks yet.

I guess everything really is bigger in Texas.

They have a massive merch empire, spanning clothing and all kinds of sporting equipment,

but from their huge channel alone, the group rakes in between 5 and $13.2 million dollars

a year.

Even split 5 ways, that's a lot of money.

NINJA While not making a name for himself on YouTube,

the famous streamer Ninja definitely makes a huge impact on the platform.

Originally starting as a gaming streamer on Twitch, his YouTube channel is home to the

highlights of his gaming career and life and holds an impressive 22.8 million subscribers.

Arguably the most famous celebrity to come from the internet, Ninja was the first e-sports

contender to ever be featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

He's done brand deals with massive companies like Epic Games, Samsung, Uber, Adidas and

Microsoft, with each deal netting him millions of dollars.

In stream donations alone, Ninja earns over $250 thousand a month, and maintains live

audiences of hundreds of thousands at a time, and the highlight reel that is his YouTube

channel brings in a passive half a million to $1.3 million a year.

In 2019, Ninja made a deal with Microsoft to leave Twitch and start streaming exclusively

on their debut streaming platform Mixer, earning him somewhere in the ballpark of 100 million


Just imagine how many V-Bucks you could buy with that.

MR BEAST Currently one of the most famous names on

YouTube, Mr Beast exploded onto the YouTube scene by giving away thousands of dollars

to random streamers and spending huge amounts of money to set insane world records, such

as Uber-ing all the way across the country.

Originally uploading for years to almost no views, the North Carolina born YouTuber struck

it big in 2017 when some smart investments in cryptocurrency made him an overnight millionaire.

Instead of spending the money on himself, however, Mr Beast found more joy in giving

it all away, and within 9 months had given away well over a million dollars.

He frequently goes around the country, surprising people with random donations of thousands

of dollars, or challenging them to 24-hour challenges to win tens of thousands, and that's

on the lower end.

In 2019, he opened up a free car dealership and gave away 15 cars to unsuspecting shoppers,

opened up a store where he sold items like TVs and gaming systems for the low-low price

of FREE, played every carnival game at the largest Six Flags in America until he had

won every single prize, only to give them all right back, and gave his younger brother

24-hours to spend 100 thousand dollars, and that's just scratching the surface.

Mr Beast earns most of his money, or rather the money he gives away, from merch sales

and brand deals, as well as the revenue he makes from views on his videos.

He regularly pulls in 10s of millions of views per video and has so far amassed an audience

of over 24 million subscribers.

Because of these huge numbers, his channel alone earns around 6.2 to $17 million a year.

That's a whole lot of "last person to leave" challenges right there.

Maybe Chandler will finally win some.

PewDiePie Oh, did you think we forgot the king of YouTube?

Felix Kjellberg, also known as PewDiePie, has held the spot of most subscribed to YouTuber

for more than half a decade.

That's right.

Most subscribed YouTuber, I don't count corporations.

In one amazing week in August 2019, PewDiePie became the first person to pass 100 million

subscribers, married his longtime girlfriend Marzia, and beat the Ender Dragon in Minecraft,

a game which he single handedly brought back into the limelight after years of being seen

as a niche kids game.

Along the way, the money and fame really haven't changed Felix much, as he lives in a humble

house in Brighton, England, and drives an average car, but staying a down to earth and

relatable guy has been the key to his success for so many years.

He does treat himself and Marzia to frequent vacations to places like Japan and Thailand,

where he spent his amazing honeymoon, and he's found an interest in designer clothes.

Add to that, his incredibly popular and constantly changing line of merch, and it's no wonder

that this Swedish YouTuber called an estimate of his net worth of $40 million dollars "a

little low" in his 2019 video where he googled himself.

Each of Felix's videos pulls in millions of views, and he's frequently at the top of the

trending page, although, not so much in America for some reason.

The PewDiePie YouTube channel rakes in a whopping 10.5 to $28 million a year.

Felix has definitely earned it.