Ex-Greece School Superintendent Investigated: R News

police confirmed with our news it's

criminal investigation into waltzes

actions is ongoing with Monroe County's

economic crimes unit school board

president Julia van orman says the board

asked for this action after a forensic

audit last year showed details of

Waltons excessive spending during the

2001 capital improvement project van

orman says the district is still paying

out waltzes health benefits an agreement

signed in his contract parents we spoke

with have mixed feelings about this

investigation I suspected something that

they have to do there it's a due

diligence kind of thing there's reasons

to believe that money was misspent but

whether there was criminal or you know

it the intent to miss spend the money or

if it was a mistake or an accident or in

confidence or too many different things

going on at the same time I know though

it's part of a contract that was signed

many years ago and contract is a

contract so it almost seems like it

shouldn't have been signed way back then

but that's history can't change it so we

have to deal with with it going forward

it's probably worth pursuing to see

what's what the options are again this

is the second criminal investigation

into waltzes actions the state attorney

general and district attorney's offices

found no criminal fault the first time

around after the comptroller's audit in

april of last year so far no charges

have been made against waltz reporting

in greece bonyen Lee our news