The Scranton Strangler Timeline

oh the office my favorite comedy of all

time the single biggest reason I keep

paying Netflix last video I'd tried

doing a comprehensive breakdown of all

the series plot holes it was met with

mixed reception bears beats

Battlestar Galactica this time it's my

breakdown of who I think was the

Scranton strangler the Scranton

strangler feels like a long time member

of the show but he was never actually

brought up until midway through season 6

and the episode where Jim and Pam had

their baby let's go through every

mention of the Scranton strangler and

build a timeline please I wish she'd

come after me both Scranton strangler is

in the house you will get caught they

caught this gray and strangled Scranton

strangler we set out to capture the

Scranton strangler and I'm not so sure

he's guilty and Scranton strangler 666

when I was on the Jarius Grand Strand

Scranton strangler about the Scranton

strangler I talked to the strangler the

proud neck of justice isn't that the

expression the Scranton strangler is

mentioned 14 times throughout the series

first mentioned in season six and book

ended with his capture one season later

in between those events

Dwight makes a few obsessive comments

about him later that season Toby is

called to be on the jury at his trial

and later convicts him Dwight makes a

few more strangler mentions and then

season 9 begins the strangler saga with

Toby so overwhelmed with guilt he

confronts the strangler it's worth

mentioning that the first time we hear

of the strangler it's via a newspaper

article which reads Scranton strangler

strikes again this means the strangler

had already existed in the community and

in season five Meredith says that one of

her neighbors was murdered it's

circumstantial evidence but maybe the

strangler started in season five and now

it's time for our first suspect the man

involved in five of the 14 strangler

mentions Dwight K Schrute

Dwight is an experienced killer of

animals last Sunday I had to put down

over 150 pets all by myself

he is martial arts trained a little

obsessed with the strangler but for all

intents and purposes he seems like a

law-abiding citizen kind of like an

overeager HOA president can you imagine

if I was deranged Robert California is

intense powerful and supremely creepy he

even has experienced a strangulation and

enjoys it feel like I'm being strangled

like I met some erotic asphyxiation sex

club over on i-84 the red-room say or

Dominic's in fact his own employees

think he's a murderer there's no way he

hasn't strangled at least one stripper

and then there's this but you're gonna

be surprised by how ugly it gets you

don't even know my real name I'm the

wizard game absolutely terrifying

he's mysterious manipulative and is

sex-crazed enough to check all the boxes

the only problem is he showed up after

the strangler was arrested let's talk

about Gabe the strangler was not

mentioned until right after he arrived

in town you don't want to get on my bad

side I've seen some horrible things also

he loves the disturbia it's the perfect

blend of love and horror on the downside

I don't have the lung capacity to blow a


however the frailty of Gabe may actually

be a strangler characteristic check out

this interview from Kali Burstein aka

Toby aka one of the writers on the show

is the one thing the strangler did was

he strangled people who didn't kill them

he left them once they've been strangled

and fast is that true yes yeah I'm sure

we ever got around to saying

but that was always our thing expand

Strangler did strangle you to death so

perhaps if he doesn't have the lung

strength to blow a whistle he doesn't

have the hand strength to strangle also

it turns out that the Showtime serial

killer Dexter uses Sabre printers

where's Dexter from the same place

gaybies from Florida the only reason for

Dexter to use this fictional printer

company would be to link itself to a

character from the office and now for

the man who's involved in half of all

Strangler incidents the Internet's

number-one suspect toby flenderson the

Toby theory has a strongest fan base and

has been gaining momentum as of late

this is primarily due to the fact that

Toby was the only one not there the day

the strangler was captured and because

the Stranglers car was apparently at

dunder-mifflin at some point in time you

know if toby had been in the car he

would have got caught but the theory is

he was out framing a man for the crime

and toby does have some experience

thinking about framing sounds a lot like

the premise of my latest chad flenderman

novel a murder for framing tell me

nobody cares about your sex-crazed black

detective toby was also absent from the

hospital the day that Jim and Pam had

their baby

and Toby being in love with Pam what I

found that day particularly difficult

toby publicly expressed misgivings and

even personal guilt over the strangler

verdict believing that an innocent man

had been imprisoned coupled with a few

disconcerting things he said you are the

silent killer go back to the annex

you'll see Clark get out of here

he suffered a debilitating neck injury

which is why perhaps who wants to

inflict that same pain on others and

curiously in the webisode black male

Creed has some information on Tobi so

damning he's the only one who refuses to

stand up to him in the end

Tobi ended up getting strangled which

should have put a bow on the issue but

the theory is that took me admitted that

he's actual strangler and george howard

skub so enraged ironically he strangled

him Creed Bratton has the longest rap

sheet by far he steals pancakes takes a

company photo like it's a mugshot steals

poker chips takes credit for someone

else's wedding gift sell office

equipment it's a personal game doles out

fake money stole from a Chinese

restaurant involved in a number of cults

but make more money as a leader export

on prescription drugs steals toys at a

Christmas gift Drive tries to feed a

baby paper clips steals a bag of blood I

stopped caring a long time ago runs a

fake ID business immediately thinks he's

in trouble when cops show up has no

problem with flashing if that's flashing

they lock me up gets co-worker fired and

steals from money admits he's been evil

what have you been really really bad

more evil than strictly wrong

shows up to work with blood all over

I've done a lot more for a lot

created an alias chanted debt to William

Charles Neider faked his own death and

stole drugs and this amazing coffee of

snorted great heroin though ones when

Michael says he's been a murdered people

killed and ruins no reason to judge them

faked his death for tax reasons and his

collecting benefits I wrote but out of

all the Creed isms this is the most

damning of all let's put these two

things together

nobody's just from creed bratton gets

away with it the last person to do this

disappeared his name greed breath oh we

have I was in prison that's where I got

the name Creed let's rewind that he was

in prison and that's where he got the

name Creed it's where I got the name

Creed so according to this someone

crossed Creed and Creed made that person

disappear his name

confirmed Creed was in prison killed a

man and took his name let's do this so

that's the case for each of the five

prime suspects

Toby has the most evidence and has the

closest connection to the strangler

Robert California is the one who acts

most like a strangler

Creed is definitely some sort of

criminal and Dwight has a physical tool

to do it but I always felt like the show

is leading up to gay being the guy the

weirdo outsider with a fetish for the

occult maybe Greg Daniels thought that

ending would be too dark it's not very

funny or maybe he did exactly what he

said he'd do unmasked the Scranton

strangler george howard skub as producer

david roger said there are no questions

left unanswered but that's not as fun