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and now the moment we've all been waiting for the crowning of the Queen

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before Russell Wilson would lead the Seahawks to a Super Bowl victory and

would sign a four-year 140 million dollar contract extension with the

Seahawks making him the highest-paid player in the NFL for Russell would

marry Ciara and get a couple of disses from her ex future future I bailed on a

pre-grammy party might be because Ciara and Russell Wilson warfront rep before

Russell would found a multi-million dollar app that would get bought out by

Nike like he really needs to money though I mean before he would have more

than 3.9 million followers on Instagram and another 5.4 million followers on

Twitter at the time of this recording research in this video I kind of felt

like Russell Wilson he's the type of dude you love to hate I mean he's got

more bucks in the bank than anyone could imagine and he's got a supermodel for a

wife also there are those rumors about Ciara but I'm sure that's just tabloid

gossip you know I mean for sure no Russell Wilson he said it himself some

people are born athletically gifted but it all depends on what you do with it

now during his formative years he could have gone into any sport he desired he

was the high school quarterback he was a baseball player and he spent some time

with the basketball court

I guess it was well he was good at the other two he went pro what's going on

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Russell Carrington Wilson was born on November 29th 1988 at Chris Hospital in

Cincinnati Ohio - father Harrison Benjamin Wilson the

third and mother Tammy Wilson now Russell's family they have a storied

history his great-great-grandfather was a slave to a Confederate colonel and he

was freed after the American Civil War his paternal grandpa was the President

and Norfolk State University well if paternal grandmother was on the

faculty at Jackson State University and his maternal grandmother was a noted

painter his father was a lawyer for Procter and Gamble and a former to sport

college athlete now Harrison he played football and baseball at Dartmouth

before attending Virginia law school at Dartmouth he was the top receiver on a

team that included three future NFL players now after law school Harrison he

wanted to pursue his NFL dreams he would work out on the school lawn with trash

bags wrapped under two sweatshirts and would have his friends throw bricks to

him too soft in his hands like actual bricks

yeah that's dedication back in the day man

if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball Pharisee gotta try it himself

with the San Diego Chargers after law school and he made it to the last round

of tots but he was able to catch a touchdown pass in a pre-season game

against the 49ers now Harrison he kept the ball and he wrote his name and the

date on it now ironically his two sons well they would use that ball to

practice with their father later on I guess they didn't really care because

you know as a preseason game so his mother she was a nursing consultant and

Russell he has an older brother Harrison the fourth who is one of the closest

people to him in his life and one of his biggest supporters around the age of

four Russell he was throw footballs to his older brother

who wanted to be a receiver now when Russell was just over a year old his

father relocated the family permanently to Richmond Virginia but Russell still

claims Cincinnati as his birthplace and he has strong ties

now Russell he really developed his skills by practicing on the lawn of the

collegiate school in Richmond with his dad and his brother I remember my dad

used to pitch to me when I was four or five years old I'd hit the ball over the

fence and and my grandfather you always tell me oh man he's gonna you're gonna

be a great ballplayer one day son later on the family would add a daughter named

Anna who played basketball at Stanford University and she's gone out to become

a star athlete in the making herself growing up Harrison the four said their

only goal was to get sports scholarships and pay back their parents for sending

them to such a great school k12 no he stayed it there really was no other

option it wasn't like maybe I'll do something different or maybe I won't try

to play two sports that was just what we were going to do Wilson attended

Collegiate School which was a prep school in Richmond and as the junior he

threw for over 3,000 yards and had 40 passing touchdowns along with 600

rushing yards and an additional 15 rushing touchdown

known as senior year high school Wilson threw for over 3,000 yards and rushed

for more than 1,000 now he's named all-conference an all-state player of

the year and he was featured in Sports Illustrated for state championship

winning performance not only that but mr. Wilson was also his high school

president hmm high school president I wasn't viewed out know though he was

recruited by most ACC schools many people were worried about his 511 frame

Virginia they even won Russell to move positions to a defensive back which his

high school coach was absolutely disgusted but it wasn't disgusted the

ladies because he was the stud even back then

there Wilson ended up redshirting freshman at North Carolina State where

he was one of four quarterbacks who are competing for a starting job in 2008

Russel retired in the weight room and on the practice field and he beat out all

the other quarterbacks to win the starting job not only did he start but

he led the conference with 31 touchdown passes and he became the first freshman

to be named a first-team all-acc quarterback but sadly was around this

time that his father he suffered a stroke

now Russell's father he suffered from diabetes and he struggled with health

for much of his life now his father was no longer able to attend games but his

Uncle Ben he would go and then detail to his dad what happens late for play now

he was unable to attend Russell's first game against South Carolina but his

father was able to see him play in a victory against Wake Forest they were

slowly graduated in three and a half years with the degree in communications

which allowed him to transfer to another school and play without a delay but

Russel was a two-sport athlete like his father and he was playing baseball all

throughout this time just one day after Russell was drafted in the fourth round

of the 2010 MLB Draft by the Colorado Rockies will his father he sadly passed

away now the quote Russell remembers most from his father is there's a king

in every Crouch that was written on a slip of paper that his dad had passed

him in a car one day on the way to Russell's grandparents house he also

mentions that his father instilled into him to play every game with the same

level of importance because oh you never know who's watching whether it's a scout

or a coach or a kid in the stand who wants to be just like you now Russell's

brother he recalled that he would live out that advice during every game in

fact he said he watched Russell go harder than anyone he'd ever see before

in warm-ups for a game I never seen somebody worked so hard in warmups

I played baseball and I took a lot of pride in my fielding ability I was an

outfielder I couldn't believe how hard he was going Russell transferred to

Wisconsin for his last year of college football before each game at Wisconsin

Russell this is a habit of writing three things

on tape that he would put on his wrist now the first would be a football

message for his upcoming game for example play each play the second is one

of his favorite scripture passages and the third is simply the word dad now we

also had things in perspective when he was asked about the pressure he felt

before stepping onto the field for his first game he stated this isn't pressure

this is great this is fun this is a blessing in my life what my mom had to

go through in terms of taking care of my dad and always being there for him

having to help him out while taking care of my sister that's tough that's

pressure in a 2014 interview Russell Wilson will

he said this it's imperative the quarterback has to be the leader of the

team he has to make smart decisions and when the game is on the line with two

minutes left the quarterback has to make a lot of big-time plays that's what I

want to bring to the table Seattle Seahawks elect Russell Wilson

quarterback Wisconsin in the 2012 draft Russell Wilson he was selected 75th

overall in the third round but he would go on to beat out Matt Flynn for the

starting job at training camp and it would become a Super Bowl champ like the

next year and he's the youngest quarterback to ever do so so there's

another reason why he's just such a guy Craig I'm kidding I'm kidding

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