Historical Series: The Popes - Saint Linus



today we'll be taking a look at the

successor of st. Peter

the second Bishop of Rome st. lineThe

there isn't a lot of information

concerning him and some of it might not

be factual nonetheless

let's look at what is commonly known

about him Linnaeus was born in Volterra

in Tuscany around the Year 1880 his

father Erik Elena's was a Briton

gladiator his mother was Claudia there

is confusion as to if st. Claudia and

his mother is the same person another

tradition reports nothing is known about

his mother and that Quaglia was his

sister they could have been children of

a tribal and auntie's King a celtic

tribe in present-day Britain he

converted to Christianity and was

ordained priests by the Apostle Peter

himself in 44 AD he succeeded the latter

and became Pope in 67 ad his thought

that he went to Jerusalem and 4880

and was given the reins of the church at

that time


lenez is specifically mentioned in the

New Testament in the second epistle to

Timothy it is written that he was with

Paul the Apostle in Rome around the time

of Paul's death somewhere between 64 and

67 ad Venice lived during the reign of

Emperor Nero


it is said that during his reign Peter

and Paul died as martyrs tradition

reports that saintliness had such a

great faith in sanctity that he was able

to chase demons and resurrect the dead

he decreed the no woman would enter a

church without a veil he added the

liturgical vestment the pallium which is

still used today

Luna's died around 76 AD some sources

say that he died a martyr but that fact

is not unanimously accepted legends say

that after his death he was buried

beside Saint Peter in the Vatican his

feast day is September 23rd stay tuned

for more contents thanks for watching