Homeland Security secretary leaves the Trump administration

we have breaking news from the White

House tonight Homeland Security

Secretary Kerstin Nielsen is out of a

job the president confirming in a tweet

that she is leaving the administration a

personnel move that comes two days after

Nielsen appeared right there with

President Trump at the border in

California let's get right to Tara

Palmieri at the White House tonight

tonight president Trump's embattled

homeland security secretary

Kirsten nielsen is out an administration

shake-up coming as the president

ratchets up his rhetoric on immigration

the asylum program is a scam our country

is full

Nielsen's departure on the heels of

another change the president would

through the nomination of Ron video for

the director of Immigration and Customs

Enforcement Ron's a good guy I know him

well it's done a good job but we may

just go a different way a little bit

tougher Nielsen TAS is defending the

administration stances on immigration

coming under fire for its controversial

family separation policy I'd like to

thank secretary Nielsen for being here

just Friday Nielsen traveling with the

president to the California Mexico

border the president touring a two-mile

strip of 30 foot steel flats a

long-planned replacement of 14 foot

fencing it's a great wall and it looks I

think it looks fantastic

that trip coming just one week after he

threatened to close the southern border

completely amid a surge of migrant

crossings and Tara Palmieri joins us now

live from the White House Tara the

President and Nilsen were meeting there

tonight and though the president has

undercut her in the past it seems by

this point he was now fed up that's

right Tom President Trump has said that

he wanted a tougher immigration policy

at the border and my White House

officials tell me that he was becoming

increasingly frustrated with Nielsen and

blamed her for the surge in border

crossings now at a time when the

president says that there is a crisis at

the border we have acting secretaries in

three of the departments involved in

border patrol

that's interior defense and the

Department of Homeland Security Tom and

Tara the president also announcing via

Twitter that the Commissioner of US

Customs and Border Protection Kevin

McHale Enon will now take over in the

temporary basis that's right tom

President Trump has named Matt Kalinin

into a acting role meaning that it is

not permit is temporary until he names a

replacement who will need to be

confirmed by the Senate MacLennan is a

longtime border patrol officer Tom

Terrell Palmeri tonight we've got major

news out of the White House Tara thank


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