Elections Explained: What does the secretary of state do?

the main job of any secretary of state

is to administer the state's election

every two years it's a big job with a

lot of different pieces including

maintaining the state's voter

registration system training election

officials in all 87 counties accepting

filings for state and federal offices

and providing information on how to vote

to all of its residents if an election

is too close to call the Secretary of

State must also oversee a recount for

one of the lesser known responsibilities

of the Secretary of State is to review

and approve filings for all businesses

and organizations operating in the state

that means things like articles of

incorporation for a business or

registering your nonprofit with a state

the Secretary of State must also

preserve documents filed at the state

process applications for notary of the

public and administer the safe at home

program which allows residents to keep

their address confidential if they fear

for their personal safety