What's next for outgoing U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Kirstin nielsen looks nothing like a

woman scorned speaking outside her home

this morning I just want to thank the

president again for the tremendous

opportunity to serve this country but

multiple reports say Nielsen was forced

out that President Trump wanted someone


despite Nielson being the face of

hardline immigration moves including the

separation of thousands of children from

their parents in 2018 if she wasn't

extreme enough it gives me real pause to

think about who the president will be

looking for to succeed her the change in

command comes amidst a growing problem

more than 100,000 people were detained

at the border in March the highest

monthly total since 2008 our country is

full can't take you anymore sorry can't

happen so turn around that's the way it

is and though it's good for riling up

the base the president's tough talk

including his recent threat to close the

border completely has done little to

stem the flow

he's definitely creating a lot of

anxiety this analyst says Trump may

actually be fueling the rising numbers

immigrants and particularly families are

hearing this administration's rhetoric

they see their record of start and stop

harsh policies along the southern border

and they think hey the time is now if if

families aren't being separated right

now if the borders still open we better

get there as quickly as possible before

the next hammer can come down but once

those people arrive they encounter only

uncertainty as they wait sometimes years

for their asylum claims to be processed

Nielsen is not the only official parting

ways with the administration the head of

the Secret Service is also leaving and

several US media outlets are reporting

that more officials could be on their

way out as part of a larger overhaul of

the country's top immigration and

homeland security leadership Ellen

Morrow CBC News Washington and all Trump

has lost 15 members of his cabinet since

he's been in power according to the

Brookings Institution the turnover rate

for senior staffers from the executive

office 66%