Tito Sotto elected as Senate President

I move that we proceed with the

reorganization of the Senate leadership

any objection hearing none the

reorganization of the Senate leadership

is now in order mr. president in

accordance with section 10 of rule 8 of

the rules of the Senate I move that we

recognize Senate President Pimentel to

make a manifestation and emotion any

objection hearing non-solid president we

will tell is recognized Thank You mr.

president majority leader my dear

colleagues all of you who know me know

that I am a man of few words so all I

want to say is thank you to all of my

colleagues in this August chamber for

giving me the singular opportunity to

preside over the affairs of our beloved

institution in the last 22 months thank

you to to the entire Senate family for

your support it is already a bonus for

me that you my beloved colleagues

entrusted that exalted position to me

after all what is important for any

person especially one in public service

is to do his or her best to advance the

development of his or her country and

people and not to hang on to the

position the individual occupies come

hell or high water the rostrum up there

gives the occupant a unique vantage

point when there was an impasse on the

floor who did I see solve it my nominee

for the next Senate President when there

was a difficult procedural issue on the

floor who did we consult my nominee when

we needed to know Senate President who

did we turn to my nominee

when you had issues about recent

political developments who did you

approach my nominee in short if

something is happening in our

neighborhood who do we call no other

than my nominee I know on a personal

basis that my nominee was the one who

helped me solicit your signatures to our

eleven point majority legislative agenda

my nominee is an institution in the

Senate he is the longest-serving senator

having served in the Senate for around

twenty years now in his years in the

Senate he has served the following

positions Minority Leader and Majority

Leader he has seen legislative work from

all possible angles he has been there

and done that in his long career in the

Senate he has held leadership he has

always held leadership positions my

nominee is an institution in show

business having been a part of the

longest-running variety show in the

history of the Philippines Eat Bulaga

my nominee is an institution in the

music industry having composed and

performed songs which are hits during my

younger years and which still make the

young people of today the Millennials

sway their bodies he wrote mikasa widely

considered as the anthem of the Etzel

revolution for which he won a catholic

mass media white my nominee is an

institution in sports he has represented

our country in international

competitions in bowling and in golf I

consider him to be the Filipino version

of Tiger Woods my nominee is also an

institution in his own political party

our reelection senators will be happy to

know that my nominee belongs to a party

which is a friend to all parties I am

very lucky that my that this person

volunteered to help me as my majority

leader I was therefore able to work


with him for the past close to two years

I witness his professionalism he is

always present always on time always

prepared that shows the dedication of

this man to his work and also to our

institution I felt this insanity as a

friend and as a colleague and best of

all I got to know him on a personal

level I believe in this good man and in

his abilities hence it is my honor and

privilege to nominate as the next

president of the Senate a person whose

life appears to have captured the

essential components of Filipino life

work and fun every Filipino must know

how to have serious moments and light

moments in life and I do this nomination

without any hesitation because I know

that from my close association with him

the senator deserves the post as a

legislator senator they sent dead heat

assault of the third has authored laws

that not only addressed the problems

caused by certain aberrations in our

society like the anti drug laws but also

positively promote the aspirations of

our people for jobs like the Tourism Act

and for justice like the creation of

family courts not only did the author

those high objective legislations he

also sought to make life more meaningful

for our fisher fisher folk by his

pushing for the passage of the 1998

Fisheries code and life safer by

requiring people using land

transportation to use seat belts these

are but some some I can only mention

some of the many numerous achievements

of among Menominee some of the down dirt

lost the Senators authored and supported

for the good of the people

I now called words of wisdom emanating

from my nominee which I would like to

share with our colleagues and the

Filipino people

I don't divide my attention among


showbiz sports or even my family I wield

them all together because I find that

only then can I do my best in all of

them maybe somehow we can use that adage

as our own guide in the performance of

our work for our people

hence my dear colleagues it is therefore

my honor and privilege to nominate as

the next Senate President our friend and

the people servant our t2 sin

senator vicente tito sought of the third

i so moved mr. president the third

position of senate president to hereby

solemnly swear that I will well and

faithfully discharge to the best of my

ability the duties of my present

position and of all others I may

hereafter hold under the Republic of the

Philippines that I was away the low

signal orders and degrees legal orders

and decrease promulgated by the duly

constituted authorities and maintained

through faith and allegiance to the

Republic of the Philippines and that I

impose this obligation upon myself


without mental reservation or purpose of

evasion or purpose of evasion so help me