New York Senator Chuck Schumer Speaks at the 2019 HRC NY Gala

thank you everybody thank you


it is so great so great to be here once

again on a great great night I want to

thank the co-chairs Greg Battaglia

Kristen hurt Gary Hilbert thank you Paul

he always does a great introduction and

one more person to acknowledge two more

my great friend Jordan Ross who has done

so much to advance the LV LGBT cause

throughout the theater and through his

own personal activism and the actress

the great actress

Amandla Stern Stenberg who has taught us

so much about identity and empathy and

one more thank you this is somebody who

is been at the helm of HRC been a close

friend a great leader someone who never

gives up and won't he'll have a great

impact in years to come but the job he

has done for HRC cannot be described in

words let's put let's put our hands

together for Chad Griffin


now a lots happened in the last year

since I was here with you Paul Manafort

was indicted Rick Yates was indicted

Michael Flynn was indicted Roger stone

was indicted Michael cone was indicted I

could keep going but I only have 10

minutes the state of New York with a new

state Senate Majority which you helped

make happen has already passed two bills

expanding LGBTQ rights a band on hateful

practice of conversion therapy and

gender which finally gives our chant

transgender people the new New Yorkers

the legal protections against

discrimination a shout out to Brad

oilman who helped make that happen oh

and by the way there was that election

in November Democrats swept back to have

power in the house we have the most

diverse class of candidates in the

history of the US a record number of

women the first openly gay governor and

we forced Paul Ryan to hand over the

gavel to Nancy Pelosi so we finally have

a check a check on this awful mean and

often vicious president we saw that

check recently Nancy and I stood firm

together mr. president you're not

getting that wall not today not tomorrow

not in the future and that will be the

first of many places we block you from

your pernicious activity now on a

personal note I've had an iris and I

have had a great year our older daughter

Jessica and her husband Michael had a

little baby I'm coming to you as a


and my daughter Allison married a

beautiful young lady Elizabeth on

November 18 and they are living happily

together and I want to make a point how

when you do things in the public realm

it benefits everyone of us personally so

I graduated from college in 1971 and I

didn't know a lot of you weren't born in

1971 I didn't know a lot of gay I didn't

know gay people who were out back then

almost no one was out but in the 80s and

90s every few months I'd meet someone

who was a friend in college and they'd

come up to me and say you know I was gay

I was a lesbian when we were in college

but I couldn't tell anyone but now that

I'm out I was so much happier more

fulfilled person I even saw that with my

seatmate in Congress i sat in the

banking and the Judiciary Committees

throughout my 18 years in the house next

to Barney Frank

and once Barney came out in 1988 he was

a much more effective and happy

legislator he was still had that nice

acerbic wit but he was so these

experiences motivated me to come out for

gay marriage before most politicians at

the time of course I didn't know that my

daughter was gay now fast-forward to a

restaurant in San Francisco a few years

ago at dinner Allison told us she was


iris and I I had no idea after dinner

iris asked me well how do you feel I

said let me sleep on it

the next morning here's how I felt she's

exactly the same person I loved so much

before but I loved her even more even

more because she had carried the

knowledge of her sexuality with such


send strength now let's fall fast

forward to their wedding Alison and biz

are living our planning to live their

lives together with the same freedom

that Michael and Jessica my older

daughter and son-in-law have note that

the old constraints on finances whether

their have kids where to live where to

work or no are gone because of gay

marriage and so I feel because of gay

marriage and LGBTQ progress I did

something early on cuz I thought it was

the right thing to do but now so many so

many can live richer and happier lives

as Allison and biz can and that is a

great example of the progress we've made

and a lesson to every single legislator

and person in power to do the right

thing right now Allison and business

happiness is being repeated hundreds of

times each day in every corner of the

country so I wanted to share that little

personal note with you that doesn't mean

we're home free there's a lot of

progress that we still have to make but

it'll come if we work hard it took

millions of Americans hundreds of years

to build this awesome country of Fair

laws and opportunity Americans had to

fight and protest and agitate they

inspired our country to weed out

injustice and move ever closer to our

highest ideals in order to achieve

equality and fairness for everyone in

the LGBTQ LGBTQ community we must follow

in their footsteps the women who

gathered at Seneca Falls the peaceful

marchers who crossed the bridge in Selma

and the brave gay and transgender New

Yorkers who fifty years ago at a place

called stonewalled taught the country

the power of resistance in this moment

of anxiety about the direction of our

country I want to remind

everyone here of one assailable truth

America does change for the better but

its capacity for change in speed and

scope remain up to us we cannot let up

we must continue to push and prod to

March to vote to use our voice not just

for our future but for our families our

children and all those who come up come

after us thank you god bless you

onto more progress for LGBT equality

full equality full equality we will

fight for it till we get it

thank you everybody I love you