All 7 Sins and Their Powers Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai S2 Every Sin Season 2)


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first sin that we meet in the very first

episode of the anime and the first

chapter of the manga is the dragon sin

of Wrath meliodas or meliodas depending

on whether you watch the dub or the sub

although he is the notorious captain of

the seven deadly sins we first meet

meliodas as the fun-loving and carefree

owner of the bore hat tavern because he

is very small come

pair to the other adult characters and

also because he looks nothing like his

wanted posters at first many people

assumed that Mellie Otis is just some

kid and they often grossly underestimate

his true power it can seem a bit

paradoxical that Mellie Otis is the sin

of wrath

since he seems to be an incredibly

easygoing person who likes to joke

around and have fun and he is also known

to be merciful and to avoid killing

anyone whenever possible

however when someone he cares about is

in danger and he is driven over the edge

we see a black mark appear on his

forehead and Mellie Otis seems to lose

control over himself this is when his

wrath truly comes out and he quickly and

brutally destroys his opponents without

a second thought and without any

expression on his face at the end of

season one and in the OVA we learned

that the type of black markings that

appear on melioidosis forehead are

connected to the demon clan and

eventually we learned that Mellie Otis

himself is a member of the demon clan

not only is he not a kid he is over

3,000 years old and he is the oldest son

of the demon king the ruler of the demon

clan in fact the reason that meliodas

has such a calm and carefree personality

is because he needs to be this way in

order to keep his emotions under control

if he loses control of his immense

demonic power terrible things will

happen and innocent people will get hurt

this has happened in the past and as a

result Merlin another member of the

seven deadly sins had to use her magic

to seal away the majority of melioidosis

power and she did this in order to stop

him from losing control again although

he uses multiple weapons throughout the

series the first weapon that we see

meliodas use is dragon handle a broken

sword which enables him to effectively

use full counter full counter is the

ability to literally counter a magical

attack and reflected back at his

opponent with even greater power than

the original attack and the more

effective the opponent's magic the more

effective full counter is however full

counter does have its limitations for

example while it is effective against

magical attacks it cannot counter

physical attacks we later learned that

melioidosis dragon handle is one of the

keys required to open the coffin of

eternal darkness which was used to seal

away the demon clan and the previous

holy war Mele ODIs also possesses an

ability known as hel blaze that allows

him to create and manipulate mysterious

black flames this power is directly

related to the demon clan and it is

strong enough to hurt even immortal

creatures and stop them from

regenerating when he loses control and

the demonic power takes over Mele Oda's

becomes even more powerful than he is

normally but the drawback is that he

cannot contain the power and there can

be terrible collateral damage the name

of melioidosis sacred treasure is the

demon sword lost vein which is an ornate

curved sword that was given to him by

king Bartra lost vein enables meliodas

to create clones of himself he can

create up to four clones but the clones

will be significantly weaker than the

original when the seven deadly sins went

into hiding after being framed for

killings are atras meliodas sold his

sacred treasure in order to finance the

bore hat tavern but the treasure was

retrieved by merlin melioidosis favorite

pastime in life seems to be getting very

up close and very personal with

Elizabeth the second member of the seven

deadly sins that we meet is Dion or Dian

the Serpent's sin of envy she is a

member of the giant clan which is why

she is so much bigger than all the other

characters and why she often inspires

fear and people even though she is

actually a friendly and kind person

throughout her life her immense size

often made her an outcast because

regular-sized people saw her as a threat

and this made her feel very lonely to

the point that she sometimes even wishes

that she was small like everyone else as

a child she actually left a giant clan


on her own because the giant clan is

known for their lava fighting and Diane

didn't want to fight

and this again emphasizes her kind and

gentle nature

Diane has strong feelings towards

meliodas because he recruited her into

the seven deadly sins and treated her

with kindness

despite her massive size and the reason

that her sin is envy likely stems from

the fact that she envies those who are

of a normal size and don't have to be

outcasts like her

Diane is known for her incredible

physical strength and stamina and she is

especially effective in defense as a

giant she has a unique ability known as

creation that enables her to manipulate

the earth in order to create massive

weapons and even moving creatures such

as the golems she created to keep her

company as a child her sacred treasure

is Gideon a massive Warhammer that

enhances Diane's physical ability and

earth manipulating powers whoa I just

realized that Diane is both an

earthbender and the Warhammer Titan


best crossover ever the next member of

the seven deadly sins that we meet in

Episode four of the anime in Chapter

seven of the manga is the fox's sin of

greed bond during the forest of white

dreams arc Gil Thunder tells meliodas

that bond has been a prisoner for five

years and he was even tortured but when

he hears that the captain of the seven

deadly sins meliodas is alive bond

simply breaks out of prison without much

trouble we learned that bond actually

let himself be imprisoned on purpose

five years earlier because he was

depressed and torture makes him feel

alive and we also see that no matter how

many times he is stabbed or injured his

body heals on its own when we first meet

bond he has a beard and long hair and

personally I thought he looked really

cool with the beard but during his

battle with Jericho at the prison he

lets her essentially groom him with her

sword until his hair is shorter and his

face is shaved quite away let me know if

you think bond looks cooler with a beard

or without a beard personally I'm

leaning towards the beard bond is an

eccentric and fun-loving guy who loves

to roughhouse with Mellie Otis but he

can also take things too far as he did

when he tried to take Mellie Otis's

dragon handle Mellie Otis refused to let

bond take the sword and instead he

slashed bond across the face this is the

only wound that bond has received which

doesn't heal on its own and he still has

a scar on his face to prove it we can

assume that Mellie Otis is so protective

of the sword because he knows that it

can be used to open the coffin of

eternal darkness and release the demon

clan later on in the series we learned

that in his youth bond was abandoned and

his goal was to find the Fountain of

Youth and to drink from it in order to

become immortal his past as a thief and

his desire for the Fountain of Youth is

probably the reason why he is the fox's

sin of greed twenty years before the

start of the series he entered the fairy

Kings forest and found the Fountain of

Youth but he was stopped from drinking

from it by Alene a fairy who was in

charge of protecting the foul

and while her brother the fairy king was

away bond and Elaine spent some time

together inside the forest and they fell

in love but their relationship was cut

short by a red demon who attacked the

forest and fatally injured both bond and

Elaine in order to save bond Elaine made

him drink water from the Fountain of


while this saved bonds life and made him

immortal Elaine died in this broke bonds

heart bond was later accused of being

the one who destroyed the forest and

killed Elaine in order to get to the

Fountain of Youth but no matter how many

times the authorities tried to execute

him he simply couldn't die as he

languished in prison devastated by the

loss of Elaine he was discovered by

Mellie Otis and eventually recruited

into the seven deadly sins while

publicly bond loves to drink joke around

and have fun in private he is haunted by

Elaine's death and his ultimate passion

and borderline obsession is to find a

way to somehow revive her apart from

being immortal meaning he doesn't age

and his body regenerates instantly from

injuries he is also very fast and strong

he has a special ability called snatch

which enables him to steal objects from

others without making direct contact

including the vital organs of his

opponents if he chooses bond can also

steal the power stamina and speed of his

opponents which makes his opponent

progressively weaker as bond becomes

stronger however bond is limited in

terms of how much power he can steal

from others before he cannot handle any

more bonds sacred treasure is known as

courage juice not sure about the

pronunciation of these names because

they come from our turian legend bond

sacred weapon is a staff divided into

four parts and connected by chains and

it actually reminds me a little bit of

nunchucks I personally think that bond

is one of the coolest characters in the

series and I love how his personality is

a mix of getting drunk and joking around

on the one hand and being desperately

heartbroken and obsessed with reviving

Elaine his true love on the other

after bond the next member of the seven

deadly sins that we meet is the grisly

sin of

sloth king also known as Harlequin the

king of the fairies as suggested by his

title king is a fairy and he is actually

the brother of Elaine he has a fairy

form in which he looks like a young boy

despite being over 1,000 years old and

he also has a human form in which he

becomes a big chubby dude with like a

sideburns beard type thing going on when

we first meet King he is working with

the holy Knights and he wants to kill

bond because he believes the false

accusations that bond destroyed the

fairy Kings forest and killed Elaine

King was once the protector of the

forest and he lived there together with

Elaine and other fairies but after his

best friend halgrim left the forest to

see the human world King went after him

and left the duty of protecting the

forest to Elaine hell broom and the

other fairies that went with him were

tricked by humans and killed for their

wings because the wings were worth a lot

of money in the human world and when

King found out what happened he was

attacked by a human called Aldrich and

nearly killed before he was rescued by a

young Dian however as a result of the

attack King lost his memories and so he

never returned to the fairy Kings forest

to continue his duty of protecting it

Kings relationship with Diane developed

and he eventually regained his memories

but he ultimately decided to erase

Diane's memories of himself so she

doesn't remember the time they spend

together King was eventually arrested

for abandoning his duties as the fairy

King and for failing to stop his best

friend hellbrunn from murdering innocent

humans for revenge and since he was

imprisoned King couldn't return to the

forest in time to save it and Elaine

from the red demon Kings sin of sloth

meaning idleness or laziness stems from

the fact that he abandoned his duties as

the fairy king and protector of the

forest in general King appears to be

rational and intelligent

however he has strong romantic feelings

for Diane even though he isn't able to

express them to her and this can lead

him to behave in a rash and jealous

manner because he is a fairy king can

fly and also transform his appear

although in terms of pure physical

strength he is quite weak King is fast

and has immense magical power as the

fairy king he has a special ability

called disaster which allows him to

control and modify organic matter

including nature Kings sacred treasure

is the spirit spear chassis offal which

was made from the sacred tree from the

fairy realm the treasure can change its

shape into everything from a pillow or a

stuffed animal to a deadly spear and

Kings ability disaster which has power

over nature allows him to bring out the

full potential of his sacred treasure

Kings primary interest in life is Dayan

and he hopes to one day marry her he

actually won the Nana to no taizai

popularity poll making him one of the

most popular characters according to

Japanese manga readers next up is the

goat sin of lust golfer

first revealed in episode 14 of the

anime and chapter 53 of the manga

because in his wanted posters Gotha is

shown only in his large armor when we

first meet a very large creature in

armor being accompanied by a thin and

calm young man who is really into books

it is natural to assume that golfer a

member of the notorious seven deadly

sins is the large armored creature

however we soon learned that the armored

creature is actually bail a human who

was turned into a demon by drinking

demon blood and who ultimately lost

control over his own mind the real

golfer is the thin young man and he gave

Dale his own enchanted armor in order to

keep Dale's demonic powers in check at

least temporarily later on in the manga

we learned that golfer is actually a

doll who was artificially created by a

demon but I won't talk about that too

much here I plan to talk more about the

demons in a separate video the fact that

golfer is a doll makes it difficult for

him to understand human emotions which

is why he often appears cold and

monotone he reads a lot of books in

order to understand humans better but it

is hard for him to grab

human emotions just by reading books

however we do know that Golder has

empathy and compassion because of the

kindness he shows Dale and others

including animals in the forest and

other people such as Jia or Julia

Elizabeth and the other members of the

seven deadly sins Goethe er is the sin

of lust because believe it or not in his

past he was accused of engaging in

lustful acts with a princess

nevertheless the accusations were false

and Gotha is not guilty of any

inappropriate lewd stuff that we know of

because he is a doll go Thurs body is

highly resistant to physical attacks and

he can take the type of damage that

would kill a normal person and still

survive even if his head is detached

from his body he can simply reattach it

both there has a very interesting and

incredibly powerful special ability

known as invasion which enables him to

read the minds of others and trap them

inside their own traumatic memories

Coulter also has the ability to

transform parts of his body like the

color and length of his hair the name of

his sacred treasure is Herod and it

allows him to summon two bows made of

pure energy that he can fire at

opponents when used together with his

ability invasion the bows allow Golder

to rewrite the memories of a large

number of people at long range due to

the fact that he is a doll golfer

doesn't need to eat or drink his glasses

by the way are not just for show without

them he actually has a very poor vision

near the end of season one of the anime

we meet the sixth member of the seven

deadly sins the boar sin of gluttony

Merlin known as the most powerful mage

in all of Britannia Merlin is actually

over 3,000 years old and her true name

cannot be pronounced by humans so she

uses Merlin for the sake of practicality

Merlin was born in Bella Lewin a city

once known as the capital of the Wizards

and her birth was a momentous occasion

because she was apparently born with

infinite magic the

waring goddess and demon clans both

tried to get Merlin to come over to

their side during the previous holy war

and they each offered secret magical

knowledge in return for her support

rather than picking either side Merlin

took the knowledge offered by both sides

angry that they've been tricked the

rulers of the goddess and demon clans

destroyed the entire city of beli a

Luwin but Merlin managed to escape the

destruction and became the only known

survivor from the capital of the wizard

her sin of gluttony is most likely

related to this Merlin had such a hunger

for magical knowledge and the secrets of

the goddess and demon clans that she

couldn't choose between the two because

she wanted at all in fact her greatest

ambition seems to be to consume all the

knowledge that there is to know in the

world as a result an entire city was

destroyed and this is the sin that

Merlin has to bear Merlin has known

meliodas for a very long time and she

was instrumental in establishing the

seven deadly sins because she was the

one who helped me Leodis identified the

other five recruits she was also the one

who gave Golder his enchanted armor as

britannia straightest mage Merlin has

immense magical powers and possesses

many magical abilities one of her

special abilities is infinity which

enables her to make her spells last

forever she even used a spell to make

her own body stop aging at age 30

making her virtually immortal and in the

world of the seven deadly sins her

magical abilities are considered to be

in an entirely different league from the

powers of an ordinary mage Merlin also

has the ability known as absolute cancel

which allows her to cancel out and erase

the spells of others she can use her

magic to locate a specific person or

object in an area the size of an entire

city the name of her sacred treasure is

the morning star of all Dan the full

magical properties of this treasure are

still unknown but we know that Merlin

can use it to look in on what's

happening in other places and to

shoot-off spells as mentioned earlier

her primary drive in life is learning

everything there is to know and in that

sense she is a glutton for knowledge and

the final member of the seven deadly

sins that we meet is the Lyon sin of

pride Eskin or although he isn't

officially introduced in the anime until

season two we do see a brief glimpse of

him in the final episode of the signs of

a holy war TV special ESCA noir is a 40

year old human and he has a very unique

power which first manifested in his

youth while at nighttime he is by far

the weakest of the seven deadly sins as

the Sun begins to rise each day a

scanners power grows immensely every

hour until it reaches its maximum height

at noon as his power grows so does his

body he becomes incredibly tall and

muscular until he reaches his peak at

noon at which point he towers over

regular people both in terms of stature

and power at noon each day a scanners

power is at its highest for one minute

and at this point

Merlin states that s Kannur is easily

the strongest of all the seven deadly

sins as he becomes an invincible

incarnation of power s canora's

personality changes along with his power

level at night he is weaker than even an

average human and he is quiet bashful

and polite during the day as his power

grows he becomes increasingly arrogant

egotistical and prideful which explains

why s Kannur is the sin of pride he

enjoys poetry as a child he was

ostracized and mistreated because of his

unique powers that other people feared

and s Kannur is in love with Merlin

because she was the first person who did

not consider him to be some sort of

monster because of his strange power the

name of esken or sacred treasure is the

divine axe Rita a massive and

excruciating ly heavy battle axe in his

daytime form s Kannur gives off an

immense amount of heat which can

actually hurt those around him but his

sacred treasure allows him

to gather and store all of that excess

energy inside the axe and then release

it later when he needs to do to the wild

fluctuations of his power between day

and night it is virtually impossible to

measure the true extent of

esken or power and that is it all seven

members of the seven deadly sins

explained I have to admit I really

enjoyed making this video and talking

about these awesome characters I

actually saw season 1 of the anime twice

and then I read the manga but all of

this was a long time ago so I really

liked getting back into it and

researching these characters again let

me know down below who your favorite

member of the seven deadly sins is for

me right now it's probably a tie between

Melly Otis and bond I just loved both of

those guys if you'd like to see more

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