WORLD'S SHORTEST MAN (26 years old, 23 inches tall)

this is Jun Rae and he's the world's

shortest man at twenty three point six

two inches in height junior a following

holds the Guinness World Record title

for the smallest living man on this

planet he stopped growing at the early

age of one his age now 26 junior lives

in a city called Dapitan in the Mindanao

region of southern Philippines I flew

down here from Manila just for a few

hours so I could meet him and share his

inspiring story with you


Jr comes from a normal family with four

siblings he's the only one with this

condition and doctors still don't know

exactly why when he was born from a

young age when did you realize that he

would stop growing Jewish mother born

him normally just like the normal parent

or a child and then the moment jr. was

delivered they noticed that it's just

the size now this is just this interest

born he has a speech defect and has

trouble standing on his own and on top

of his conditions jr. grew up in a poor

family his father earned two dollars a

day as a blacksmith which was barely

enough to feed a family of six they used

to only eat dried fish and bananas and

he couldn't afford to see any doctor

until he was eight years old they went

to the doctor at his age eight years old

with no money and it's far away from the

ECP but then when jr. turned 18 he was

awarded this Guinness World Records

certificate and that's when things for

him and his family began to change he

became a national sensation being

interviewed by every media outlet and

lending him and his family a job at a

local park and a new house right here at

the tourism office nowadays junuh is

well taken care of getting regular

check-ups at the hospital and

maintaining a healthier diet June Rey

and his father don't want you to feel

bad for him despite being small and

having trouble speaking

doctors say that he's able to live a

long normal life and he can do many

things by himself

and so before his dad is going to help

him eat then the way they dress but now

he's doing it myself

his favorite meal is shop out shop out

yeah have you tasted shop ah yes he's

favorite this may be known about your

home once he opens up to you he has a

great personality and loves being in the


he's a very happy guy and we've been

having a great time together

what kind of things make doing really

happy he valued things like seeing kids

around the street playing he's

approachable trying to practice as if

everything that amazed him but he can be

stubborn when his parents try to tutor

him he wants it in this way learning and

experiencing things like for example if

I'm going to tell him which is not there

a but he wants it ah yeah we want it to

be this way

that being said his listening skills are

quite good he understood everything from

what his dad telling was rock was gonna

bonk OH you can say hi hello you can say

I represent dialect Ramu Congo it means

I want to eat so that is Jun right Thank

You Jay

thank you

hey hey up here up here up here

oh thank you blissful hell am i thank


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