History and Origin of SILVER SURFER ! Who Is Norrin Radd ?

Norrin Radd story is a fantastic tale

one that's grand on a cosmic scale and

one that's incredibly personal the

sacrifices the power the humanity behind

it all let's talk about Silver Surfer

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jump into our Silver Surfer story Silver

Surfer was created by Jack Kirby and

Stan Lee for Fantastic Four number 48

after they decided that their new

villain Galactus needed a hero

except Kirby was tired of drawing the

complicated designs of the spaceships he

was famous for creating so instead he

gave him a surfboard nice and easy to

drop Norrin Radd was born to a race of

zenn-la viens on the planet zenn-la the

zenn-la civilization was ultra advanced

and one that had conquered disease and

inequality and crime and hunger the

people of zenn-la I created a utopia

that benefited all and forgotten no one

but the lack of struggle and adventure

and lack of one left people with

wanderlust with a missing point to life

and wanting some type of adventure or

excitement or some sort of drama but it

happened both of rads parents el Mar and

Jar tan rad took their own lives for

reasons sort of relating to this jar

Chan was accused of theft which is of

course forbidden in this is in Libyan

society but then one fateful day the

cosmic being known as the planet eater

Galactus himself showed up on the

zenn-la doorstep and it happened to be

Noren that went up to meet him to save

all of zenn-la Norrin Radd struck a deal

with Galactus that he would become his

servant his Herald living a surf life of

servitude and in turn Zen law would be

spared from becoming a main course he

would need to find other planets for

Galactus deeds do so he would have to

leave everyone behind even his love

shallow ball but here's a twist steve

englehart's Silver Surfer give us a

crazy reveal Galactus a long time ago

tampered with Noren soul so that he

would actually accept the offer to

become a Herald Galactus gave Noren a

chrome alloy coat of silver skin and a

board with which to ride the cosmic

space waves the design itself was based

on an adolescent fantasy of Norns the

power is given called the power cosmic

gives him the power to survive in the

vastness of space

his chrome alloy coating allows him to

survive out there to travel black holes

to read minds like he did with the Hogan

tales to astonish number 93 to heal and

her Jen

himself at will there's a level of

strength that he's yet to find a ceiling

for he's so powerful that he stopped the

Hulk in his tracks stop Galactus and he

even took on the full force of a star

that was Silver Surfer 37 and like I

just mentioned the unimaginable of being

inside of a black hole his board coated

in the same materials linked to him and

is basically an extension of silver surf

for himself they're linked physically

and they're linked psychokinetic lee in

Silver Surfer annual number two he's

able to travel faster than the speed of

light and actually enter hyperspace in

the process in Silver Surfer volume

eight number fourteen using this

hyperspace ability he traveled back in

time to 13.7 billion years ago so he can

travel time as well surfer doesn't need

food or water to survive his skin

absorbs energy that it uses fuel and

this power and his ability to heal and

regenerate make him nearly immortal

through his power cosmic surfer can

control the very forces of the universe

itself gravity space-time

electromagnetism and if that's not

enough his meeting with the Living

Tribunal and silver surfer number 31

taught us that he can ramp up his power

if needed and he did just that for

annihilation in fact an annihilation

silver surfer number four he ramped up

his power level to be able to destroy an

entire planet he's more powerful than

the Nova Corps and the Nova for sir

quasar with his quanta Bam's

and the Nova force consider him a

universal threat but what Cole actus

didn't tell Noren and what was revealed

decades later is that the power cosmic

while it's incredibly powerful is one

that replaces the wielders own soul it's

an aura that possesses a living being

for many many years Silver Surfer would

find planets full of energy but devoid

of life for Galactus to eat the goodness

in him wanted to spare others from that

horrific fate of cosmic consumption

Galactus was able to suppress some of

his humanity and as a result Silver

Surfer served up planets teeming with


next stop earth this is when Silver

Surfer encountered that little blue

planet in the Milky Way and ran into the

Fantastic Four they and Alicia masters

helped him shed that mental veil that

Galactus and put on surfer and he ended

up fighting alongside the heroes from

Earth they got their hands on the

ultimate nullifier which caused Galactus

to retreat and actually not eat earth

but as a punishment Galactus trapped

Silver Surfer on earth by putting this

sort of cosmic barrier

on the point that he couldn't penetrate

surfer decided to be friends with people

like dr. doom and the mad thinker but

they turned against him surfers

perspective on humanity took a hit and

surfer realize that humanity was drawn

to conflict that they'd only work

together if they were united against a

cosmic enemy so he became that flow that

enemy that uniting a force but Reed

Richards shot him out of the sky with a

sonic shark which both drained his power

and humbles him again then he fought

Mephisto Loki the Badoon the abomination

and dr. doom again he's fought ego the

Living Planet he's fought Thanos the

super Skrull would he beat them all

Submariner are listed as help in 1971

Submariner was issues 34 and 35 and this

defenders team would be recalled once

again years later during an event called

fear itself Surfer later learned to that

zenn-la had actually been destroyed and

what was the 1940s in earth timeline in

Cohen bonds fear itself the deep name

were called on Doctor Strange Silver

Surfer and she-hulk to help him out

forming a new version of the defenders

in the process at one point he fell in

love with Nova but not that Nova he fell

in love with a female named Frankie ray

it was during the time when she herself

was the Herald of Galactus later Silver

Surfer wielding Mjolnir is able to take

down the cosmic Ghost Rider because the

soul was replaced and ghostwriters

penance stare didn't have an effect on

him but then his future king Thanos that

was there to impale both maestro Hulk

and Silver Surfer with a weapon called

the Twilight sword which is an immensely

powerful blade that usually only the

demon Surtur

had the power to hold we later find out

that while Thanos was killing the

universe surfer was on a quest to become

worthy enough to yield that Asgardian

hammer in the process he took on the

mantle of the Fallen one and he appears

in this story by Donnie Cates as a

metallic black leader of the

annihilation wave it's a callback to the

annihilation bandit swept through Marvel

in the mid-2000s in 2019 the guardians

of the galaxy series a bevy of heroes

are gathered to discuss proper disposal

if they don't body and head but also the

Thanos had allegedly transferred his

consciousness into another being and

they had to figure out who it was with

eNOS beheaded the Black Order at the

command of Hellas swept in to steal his

lifeless body and attempt to resurrect

him here is it a man called to a meeting

but when the Black Order attacked they

were sucked into a black hole the story

of what happened to those heroes sucked

into the black hole continues in Kate

Silver Surfer black which is really a

culmination of Kate

entire arc and encompasses everything we

know about what he's told to date it

tell us the story of where the heroes

are what happened to Silver Surfer and

just how he became that black prom when

he ultimately meets cosmic ghostwriter

again in the future there's one very

important very evil God at the core of

it all silver surfers as cool as he is

powerful and Hollywood agrees he first

transcended the page all the way back in

1967 in the animated Fantastic Four

series it was a rumor of a Silver Surfer

movie as far back as the 70s that would

have seen Olivia newton-john as rads

shallow ball among others he's featured

as the obsession of Richard Gere's Jesse

Lujack in the 1983 film breathless and

there was an animated series in 98 that

only lasted about 13 episodes due to

disagreements between Saban and Marvel

and of course the second Fantastic Four

film subtitled rise of the Silver Surfer

Fox was actually working on an origin

film prior to the Disney Fox merger but

now that it's all MCU to see him again

on the big screen and all a sentinel the

spaceways glory would be absolutely

fantastic but now it's your turn you

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