The Masked Singer Season 2: The Skeleton Reveal

the masked singer season 2 has revealed

its fifth masked celeb and no bones

about it we totally knew who was under

that skeleton head I'm gonna fill you in

on who the spooky singer was revealed to

be and how all the clues added up

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there was no Smackdown this episode

instead the judges and studio audience

voted for their top contenders

unfortunately for the skeleton he got

the fewest votes and was left to reveal

his true identity so before this bag of

bones was revealed

Nicole was thinking he could be teller

from Penn & Teller and Ken had a pretty

strong feeling about this one

it's Martin Short is definitely mark

while Jenny and Robin both submitted

their final guests as Paul Shaffer cue

the take it off chant and Jenny and

Robin were right the skeleton was

revealed to be Grammy award-winning

Saturday Night Live comedian and David

Letterman's sidekick Paul Shaffer so how

do the clues add up let's start with the

super sneak peak episode first we see

the number 4261 on a gravestone paul is

best known for being Letterman's musical

director on his late-night show the show

had exactly 4261 episodes then in his

first full clue package the undead celeb

says just like a skeleton

I've always provided support and I'm

tired of playing second fiddle which

makes sense because he stood as sidekick

and orchestra leader beside Letterman

for years Shaffer also played the piano

on the show hence the keys he shows off

in the package we also see a scene of a

Christmas party this can be explained

because Shaffer was the musical director

for a very Murray Christmas back in 2015

fast forward to the latest clue package

the skeleton says my life has been

pretty great but sometimes it feels like

joint custody and I'm the deadbeat dad

who only gets the kids on the weekends

kind of a weird metaphor but this is

most likely a reference to the fact that

he doesn't have his own thing and is

overshadowed by others namely David

Letterman's spotlight really hammering

this point home he goes on to say that

he's been in the background throughout

his career but this allowed him to be

more instrumental in orchestrating those

around him you know because the whole

music thing and orchestrating the band

anyway for his final coup

after his performance this episode the

skeleton let the judges know that he's

been inducted into the National Black

sports and entertainment Hall of Fame

this through the judge is off of it do

you have to be black well clearly you


as Paul Shaffer was one of the few white

men to be inducted well there you have


hopefully the reveal makes sense to you

now did you pick up on these clues let

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