Top 5 Skinniest People In The World

the number one New Year's resolution

every year is to lose weight weight loss

seems to be something the majority of

people strive for but how skinny is too

skinny I have a feeling you'll find all

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let's jump into our list with the top 5

skinniest people in the world in the

number 5 spot we have Jeremy gullet sir

once a hunky male model Jeremy fell

victim to anorexia and bulimia which he

claims to have struggled with ever since

he was a kid that was bullied for being

a bit heavy unfortunately Jeremy lost

his battle and died in 2010 weighing

only 66 pounds at the time this goes to

show you that girls are not the only

ones who suffer from eating disorders up

next in the number-4 spot is Valeria

Lukyanova otherwise known as the human

Barbie this Ukrainian model has gone to

extreme lengths to resemble a Barbie

doll including wearing contacts

getting breast implants and a workout

regime so intense that many believe she

had a few ribs removed to attain her

level of thinness Valeria claims the

rumors aren't true but knowing how

dedicated she is to attaining an

unrealistic body I wouldn't put it past

her moving on to the number 3 spot we

have Cathy young Cathy currently holds

the Guinness world record for having the

smallest waist at 15 inches the waist

was a result of constant corset training

ever since she wore her first corset on

her wedding night in 1959 she's now in

her 70s and my internal organs are

crying out for her next up at number 2

is Lizzy Velazquez Lizzy suffers from an

extremely rare condition called neonatal

prog syndrome which is known for causing

premature aging and preventing her from

gaining weight in order to survive Lizzy

has taken about 5,000 calories a day

minimum which actually sounds like a

drink to some people but be careful what

you wish for a lifetime of Big Macs is

not worth everything else that comes

with this condition fine

in the number one spot we have valaria

Levitan valaria is in her early 40s

stands 5 foot 8 and weighs under 70

pounds that's less than half her ideal

healthy body weight she suffers from an

extreme case of anorexia and her body

can no longer tolerate food to put

weight back on what's worse she receives

fan mail from girls asking how to look

like her this sparked her to begin a

campaign to teach young girls about the

dangers of anorexia and how to learn

from her own mistakes but honestly I

think just looking at picture is warning

enough so there you have it the top 5

skinniest people in the world my name is

Roy germani

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