Slenderman Explained

who's that guy standing off in the

distance just behind yonder tree why

it's the Slenderman this modern monster

has captured the attention of millions

and now Slenderman is getting his own

movie too but just where did this creepy

urban legend come from and where is he

going let's break it down here is the

history of Slenderman explained the

Slenderman may not be a true folk figure

in the traditional sense but he

definitely qualifies as an embodiment of

terror deliberately tailored for the

iPhone generation he's a nondescript

featureless pale figure in a black suit

with weirdly elongated limbs sometimes

that means tentacles his primary targets

are children although everyone is

potentially prone to being a traumatized

by his presence so be careful in the

woods as the legend goes those who seek

to learn more about him often wind up

drawing his unwanted attention he could

teleport directly to you sometimes or he

lurks in forests or other abandoned

places and can trigger in his victims

disorientation paranoia and insanity and

the occasional nosebleed not

surprisingly attempting to film a record

him rarely works slender bands reign of

terror all began in 2009 with one man at

a simple little internet competition to

come up with something new and

disturbing creator Eric Victor surged

Knudsen published in Photoshop image of

this creature on the Something Awful

internet forum as part of a paranormal

pictures contest unlike the other

submissions however Newton's images had

eerie captions that suggested a larger

story involving abducted children that

may even have been pressed into service

for murder for Slenderman other posters

started shaping a backstory for the

character almost immediately and

Slenderman soon became one of the most

viral of the creepypasta tales shared on

the web the Slender Man was clearly

inspired by countless other horror

characters from elements of love crafty

and madness to stories of the mysterious

men in black and Gray's associated with

UFOs to games like Silent Hill and

Resident Evil movies and TV show and so

much more many fans of Slender have also

worked to expand on his story since his

first conception as well offering

permutations on the creature that no

doubt have helped a few

is enormous and at times troubling

popularity unfortunately the Slenderman

made the news when he found himself at

the center of a real-life tragedy in

what would become known as the

loquacious stabbing in 2014 two 12 year

old girls attacked a classmate they

would later tell police that the attack

was an attempt to please Slenderman and

protect their families from his wrath

fortunately the victim survived but the

horrific story brought the Slenderman to

every major news outlet the entire tale

has since been covered in the HBO

documentary beware the Slenderman but

other crimes have been reportedly

inspired by or related to the legend in

the years since

despite these terrible stories or

perhaps in part because of them

Slenderman continues to fascinate and

thrive in popular culture aside from the

upcoming movie from Screen Gems

references to and ripoffs of the dapper

denizen of the dark have popped up in

games TV and more and yes there was even

a My Little Pony version of the Slender

Man truly horrifying for more on Slender

Man check out the trailer for the film

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