Once Upon A Time 4x10 - The Snow Queen Sacrifices Herself

oh good


Chinese reverse this

you can't the only way is if you knew I

have to destroy myself no Ingrid wait

there's no other way

hi Ella monster not because of my powers

but because of what I let them turn me

into I have to undo this no Ingrid

you'll die I know it's okay

Oh mana you found each other and Emma

you found your family even if it wasn't

with me

you deserve your memory

you three are so special

there has to be another way you deserve

your healthy ending to long ago a

prophecy told me you would leave me to


this is it

all I wanted was to have my sister's



I could join them

she sacrificed herself for us for all of


Oh Elsa

the restful her throne on brothers last


we must bring back the memory of Ingrid

and Helga the people of arendelle well