Alleged 'Lost Gospel' Claims Jesus Had Wife, 2 Children

well this next story is really start

some contribution a lot of people will

be talking about this it's a new book

making some shocking claims about the

life of Jesus Christ according to the

lost gospel Jesus married Mary Magdalene

and they had two children

the authors even say they have evidence

to back up their claims ABC's dan harris

has our story

it's the controversial claim at the

heart of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code

Magdalene was Jesus's wife and this

morning an explosive new interpretation

of ancient texts agrees saying Jesus

Christ not only married prostitute Mary

Magdalene but also had two children with

her instead a living descendant of Jesus

Christ would she destroy faith

in the lost gospel due out this

Wednesday authors argue that the

original Virgin Mary was Jesus's wife

not his mother and that there was an

assassination attempt on jesus's life 13

years before he was crucified these are

allegations that are bound to be

controversial but also bound to get a

lot of attention

the writers tell ABC News they spent six

years working on the book basing their

arguments on an ancient manuscript

dating back nearly 1500 years when they

say they found in a british library

translating the text from an aramaic

dialect into english i don't think that

there's any credibility in these claims

at all there is simply no evidence in

this text or anywhere else that jesus

was married to Mary Magdalene much less

that they had a couple of children this

is not the first assertion that Jesus

was married a fragment of an ancient

Egyptian papyrus known as the Gospel of

Jesus his wife was unveiled in 2012

containing the phrase jesus said to them

my wife although the document was

written centuries after Jesus died the

difficulty is that when those claims

were investigated it became pretty clear

fairly quickly that what we were looking

at was in fact a modern forgery for Good

Morning America dan Harris ABC News New


thank you Dan and the author's

maintained they have made this giant


display the original manuscript they

found at a press conference later this

week and will announce the names of

Jesus's alleged children well that won't

start no not at all already