Who Will Be the Starting QB for 49ers Against Dolphins?

hey yo it's brian here today talking

about the san francisco 49ers in this

one gonna be predicting who will be the

starting quarterback for the miami

dolphins game

this sunday i know it's weird to make

this kind of video but the way the

quarterback situation is for the 49ers

right now

anything can happen to be honest with

you kyle shanahan has stated today that

he already made up his mind

on who will be the starting quarterback

but we just don't know publicly yet but

it's my turn to predict the game

and predict who will be starting for

this upcoming game because it's fun to

see if you're right or wrong or whatever

but anyways we have jimmy garoppolo

nick mullins cj beathard who is going to

be our man for

this week it's going to be a tough one

to find out but we'll find in the next

couple of day

or two i was going to do my edge video

today i know i got to keep holding it


but at the same time the quarterback

position i figured out is really


after sunday's performance man i know i

figured a lot of things out after sunday

i'll be holding that until kyle shanahan

has announced a starter quarterback and

i'll make it a little bit more easier to

decipher who i give the edge to for

every position including the quarterback

one because

that's gonna be a pivotal one coming

into this week all right so i'm gonna

get this video started but before i do

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let's get this started 49ers who will be

the starting quarterback for the game

against the miami dolphins this sunday

compelling case definitely jimmy

garoppolo i mean he's the undisputed

starter for the 49ers i think after

looking at mullins's performance on

sunday night football

we really need them desperately there is

no quarterback controversy anymore if

there was last week then

there's no more this week all the mullen

fans that wanted him start over jimmy g

for the rest of the year essentially not

gonna be happening anymore

so jimmy as long as he's healthy he will

be the starter for this week but

if not then that means he's not ready to

go yet in terms of his ankle

and he might be ready for the game

against the rams next week but ankle

sprain that could take a second to

get healed up that thing doesn't get in

pain until like the first couple of

weeks and it's already a couple of weeks

into the

season right now i think he missed the

game against the giants he missed the

game against the eagle so that's two

games right there

and you could technically call a half

against the jets so two and a half games

he's missed

for this season so far maybe he needs

another week against the dolphins and


he should be ready to go against the

rams i would assume that he would be

good to go by then but

for this week i don't know yet but if

he's healthy he's definitely going after

i mean kyle is probably waiting for him

to come back and i don't blame him at

all after that performance on sunday


so jimmy he will be the starter if

healthy that's the big caveat right


nick mullins you could make a case for

him to start again i know he had a

terrible performance against the eagles

it was just absolutely unforgivable

especially that interception i can't


he made that terrible pick six i was

just like what did you throw

i almost started off the tv i was so

upset after that play but

luckily cj bethan made me a little bit

more happy but at the same time we

didn't get the result that we want


i mean you always have one bad game

every nobody is perfect i mean tom brady

peyton manning even joe montana they

didn't have the best games of their


so you know maybe he might give him

another chance to prove himself to be

the number two backup quarterback for

the 49ers it's weird we had a

quarterback controversy

a little bit i guess between jimmy and

nick but now we have a

backup quarterback controversy with

mullins and beathard that's crazy right

there i know right

uh this is just how this world goes for

football and quarterbacks but

mullins would i be opposed to giving him

another chance no not at all i mean if

kyle shanahan believes that it was just

a one

off thing if it was just like you know

he just had a bad day then yeah i would

give him another start but

at the same time i mean to lose to the

philadelphia eagles that team i think

that's kind of unforgivable

in my opinion i mean that eagles defense

was completely beat up

nobody was available for that game and

to have a performance like that

very disappointing and he had a lot of

great talent at this at his disposal

george kittle

divo samuel brendan ayuk the running

game but

the offensive line wasn't that good to

be fair about him but he had a lot of

talent to go with this time around and

he didn't really make the most of it i

mean he was force-feeding the ball a lot

to george kittle which is nothing wrong

with that but i mean teams figure out

eventually that you're going to

force-feed it to your quarterback

or to your tight end essentially for

this matchup i'm willing to give him

another chance but kyle

i don't know i mean the way he treats

players after making terrible mistakes

i don't know if that's going to be the

case or not so he might be in the

doghouse just as much as

matt breda was now he's with the

dolphins coincidentally

and now with dante pettis i don't know

if he gets away with this whole

uh terrible performance on sunday night

football of all places kind of

questionable but we'll get back to him

in a second cj beathard you could

definitely make a case for him being the

starting quarterback for the 49ers if

jimmy cannot go

i i saw a lot of great potential in him

i know we keep saying potential this is

just a theme that i see with this 49er

team or just with this team for the past

couple of years now but

he did a really good job against the

eagles genuine performance i mean the


sure they were playing a little bit of

prevent defense just to not get the lead

but hey they had a really good chance of

winning the game at the end of the drive

and they actually had to play for real

in order to keep their preservation of

their win

but cj almost pulled it off had a couple

of mistakes but at the same time

looked really crisp looked really

accurate and that's really good to see

from him and i i was one of the guys to

be wrong about him i'm pretty sure a lot

of you guys

were wrong about him maybe we weren't

but i know this is just a

two-drive thing going on with him but at

the same time it's great to see him play

really good

like he did in some parts in 2017 and a

little bit of 2018 as well

but maybe being in the system for the

last couple of years now that really

helps that's what he stated in his

own words also having a talent around

him is a lot better minus the offensive

line they still need a lot of work the


george kittle the running game they're

still all there for him if he starts for

the 49ers i would

actually be happy to see him i'd love to

see him have a redemption season or a

redemption game

this week against the dolphins but i

don't know if that's going to be

happening i don't know if he would be

starting but

hey if you want to make a good case i

could really make a good case for him


i think i did with the better talent

that he has now than in 2018

also being the system a lot longer maybe

this is the perfect time

also if you didn't know kyle shanahan

this is like his pet project essentially

i mean

you dropped him in the third round some

way shape or form so that is a big

reason to having high hopes for him for

being the

quarterback for this team that probably

backup for the most part because jimmy g

is our undisputed starting quarterback

for this team all right so if i'm

looking at it if i had to give like the

worst chance of starting i actually

might say jimmy g just because i don't

think he's going to be going

for this matchup but i just really don't

think kyle shanahan is going to take the

risk and

have him play this game against the you

know quote-unquote dolphins and

something happens to him and that he can

be out for the rest of the season i mean

we just have a tough schedule going

on for the rest of the season

essentially i mean i i'm gonna keep

saying that the rams

the next week on sunday night football

we have the patriots the seahawks the


the saints that's all five playoff teams

right there and this is kind of like the

stretch that we had last year when we

replaced the packers

the ravens and the saints this one's

even worse because we have five top


wow that's just crazy right there and

you don't want to lose jimmy g to a

game which is like kind of i guess i

don't want to say meaningless but

against the dolphins of all teams that

would be just really really

sad and tragic and just weird and

bizarre for

the season that we're having right now

so i don't know if he's gonna be

starting i would give him probably the

least amount of chance to start this

game but if he's healthy

then 100 he'll be the number one starter

but just for me looking at

everything that kyle shanahan is saying

doesn't look encouraging at all maybe

he's just playing with us toying with

the miami dolphins toying with us

the media members but i just like the

way he's talking if it's genuine then

it doesn't look like it to go for him

but he has limited practice so that

could be a good sign right there a guy

that i believe that could be the best

starter for the 49ers just for this week

i would say cj beathard actually i mean


you know i would give him another chance

as i said but rick shanahan's history of

dog housing people for terrible mistakes

i mean mullins is pretty unforgivable i

don't think he gets another start for

the 49ers ever again i think

it's pretty much over with him i i know

that's kind of rough to say i know

that's kind of

blatant and blunt but i mean that's just

the way he operates as a head coach is


not giving another chance essentially

and he might be gone next year

after that terrible performance on

sunday night football but all places i

mean this time around i mean you could


beathard a couple of years ago but

mullins i mean he had a lot at his

disposal the eagles were all beat up

and this should have been a

quote-unquote easy win but that didn't

happen at all

was very disappointing and i think kyle

was just pretty pissed after the game i

mean we talked about us fans being

pissed he was probably the most upset

person in the room

after that game but beathard i think he

has a lot of things going on with him

i think the way he performed against the

eagles it's very encouraging

i know that's a word that i say a lot i

would give him the best chance to start

this game against the miami dolphins i'd

love to see him

do great in this matchup and if he is a

starter then i would be very happy if

not then

well hopefully he gets another

opportunity because i love to see him

a little bit more i don't want to say

mature but a little bit more acclimated

to his offense

and that should be good right there but

yeah that's it right that's

pretty much it you guys i have jimmy if

he's injured he's probably definitely

not going to be going

at all but if he's going if he's healthy

then he's definitely going mulls i

probably give him the least amount of

chance of starting this game

probably the last place and then bethan

if jimmy's not ready to go then

definitely he'll be the starter for this


in my opinion but if not then you know

we're going to go with number 10. that's

pretty much it you guys please let me

know what you guys think about

who's going to be the starting

quarterback for the 49ers this game

against the dolphins i'd like to

say in the comments below if you guys

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i'll be catching you guys up probably

tomorrow on a thursday hopefully kyle

announces the starting quarterback i'll

see y'all then

bye guys love y'all have a great rest

your day go niners

all day