The Stig is REVEALED! | Top Gear - BBC

you can't come in it's engaged is that

the Stig what in why would he committed

the Stig has come among us I know what

this is I know exactly what this is he

was telling me the other day he's been

fed up with newspapers and I suppose

internet geeks as well speculating that

he's a photocopier salesman from Bolton

or that he lives in a pebble dashed

house in Bristol there's been a lot of

that going on as I'm sure you know so he

said first program when we're back on it

I'm gonna come into the studio and I'm

gonna show everyone my head instead that

you don't think he's he you think he's

actually new here do you wants to say


nice things here

the stairs

come boba

you decide to take the seats here please

mistake everybody

first of all massive congratulations on

that phenomenal Ferrari that we've never

seen anything like that

because this obviously is up it's a big

moment my heart's fluttering if you want

to do it on your head be it remove your

helmet he's changed his mind and knew we

would go on be brave show the ladies and

gentlemen photocopies

he's coming is it Susan

SiC Susan whoa


have a seat

the ropes are one a toast