Top 10 Strongest Dragon Ball Characters

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pathetic by this point welcome to and today we'll be

counting down our picks for the top 10

strongest Dragon Ball characters before

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this list we're going to be looking at

the most devastatingly strong characters

from across the Dragon Ball franchise as

such prepare for a lot of newcomers from

super to make their debut


we're talking about pure power levels

here people as such will be looking at

characters who may not have ended any

planets on screen but are still infamous

for their destructive capabilities

however given how we don't exactly know

how they rank compared to beerus and

whis we won't be including any of the

other gods of destructions or angels

finally don't expect to see Brawley on

this list since we'll have to wait for

the upcoming Dragon Ball super film to

see just how strong his revamped

character has become

number 10 topo

this combatant of universe 11 might have

appeared to be a throwaway character at

first since his whole shtick appeared to

revolve around talking about justice


hanukkah's unit purple side a lovely

support little did we know there was a

beast lurking beneath the surface which

he finally Unleashed during the final

stages of the tournament of power

as it happened

topo was a candidate to become a future

god of destruction a fact he was more

than happy to demonstrate by crippling

freezer and nearly vaporizing the Saiyan

Prince with his mastery of Hawkeye

number nine fusions a masu the jealous

Kai that brought the future to its knees

if it wasn't bad enough a Goku in the

gang dealing with both Goku blackens

imasu things got even worse once they

fused to become this defiant being

believing in nothing but his own twisted

justice Zama sooo easily overwhelms both

Goku and Vegeta


and despite this new form being unstable

his strength can't be discounted since

he managed to fight Super Saiyan blue

for cheeto to her standstill


number eight Vegeta


the Prince of all Saiyans sure has come

a long way while he's still one step

behind Goku Vegeta has still proven

himself to be a warrior worthy of both

fear and respect


while Dragonball super went to great

lengths to show how he had fully made

the transition to family man

it also showed that he's stronger than


tapping into a new power that goes

beyond Super Saiyan blue Vegeta went

beyond his limits in the tournament of

power showing that his precious pride

was powerful enough to even overcome a

wannabe god of destruction


number seven beerus i can't max out

against some Saiyan deity using full

power to defeat you would have been too

humiliating to take would have been

better to die the being that first

expanded Goku's horizons this god of

destruction didn't only clue fans into

the existence of multiple universes but

also proved to be a deadly foe in its

own right


even with the power of a Super Saiyan

God the only reason they're our

favorites saying as well it's the rest

of the planet still exists is due to be

responding enjoyment in the Earth's

culinary delights while he's certainly

mellowed into a more latched feline

that's not to say beerus hasn't done his

fair amount of destroying


eliminating samus ooh blowing up half of

an alien world

with a finger tap this kitty is not one

to be trifled with

number six vegeto stated by the supreme

kind who have powers that exceed even

those of beerus vegeta takes full

advantage of his super saiyan blue form

and manages to completely overwhelm the

immortal samus ooh

sadly vegeto was so strong that he was

not able to maintain the puts for a

fusion for long we can only imagine how

strong Vegeta would be now if goku and

vegeta fused post tournament of power

obviously they'd be much higher on this


number five chiren

all my Torchic a dog

universe Elevens strongest warrior a

fighter of such overwhelming spirits

that it took the combined might of both

Goku and Frieza in order to defeat him

which they barely pulled off if we might


it's account participants left right and

center during the tournament of power

including Vegeta without so much as

breaking a sweat

in fact it's a Goku unlocking the

ungodly power of ultra instinct just to

reclaim the edge in battle while he may

have lost in the end we have no doubt

that the next time we see cheerin his

power level is going to be twice as



number four Goku he's eating junk all

around why he didn't cut all from the

very first time we saw him unleash the

Kamehameha this Saiyan managed to cement

himself as one of the greatest Shonen

heroes to ever exist and has only gotten

more awesome with time

following the events of super not only

has Goku pioneered several new forms

including Super Saiyan blue but he's

also recently slipped into the realm of

divinity thanks to the unmatched force

of ultra instinct which tipped the

scales in Goku's favor dramatically

against gerund but also made all the

gathered gods of destruction shake with



he may still have a ways to go but we

all know that it's not a matter of if

Goku can become the single strongest

being in existence but when

number three we ma Jinga Dimas an

elegant sassy and highly knowledgeable

many mistook this angel as beerus his

servants the only one being capable of

keeping its temper in check we can have

been further from the truth

in actuality we swiss beerus his teacher

one who eclipsed him in both strength

and mentality this was proven when he

easily defeated a combined assault by

Goku and Vegeta with seemingly zero


oh and that one time he managed to reset

time with just a click of his staff

while we still don't know where he

stands in comparison for the rest of his

siblings we're going to go out on a limb

and say he's near the top Blackie I see

like team I see you

number two grand Minister you must be

the same Goku how nice to meet you

yo say hello to El Grande Padre yep this

close confidant of Z nose is also

wheezes father we must admit I'm envious

of your universe seven well you're more

than welcome to pay us a visit sometime

my dear father

in fact he's also the father of all of

the universe's angels true his poor wife

as you can expect the grand minister's

strength is unquestionable and while

we've never actually seen in point

they've made damn sure to let us know

just how strong this guy really is like

constantly many would be deceived by his

appearance but when it comes to fighting

prowess the grand Minister is considered

to be in the top five

among all the universe's crossing

through the multiverse instantly

deflecting all manner of devastation

without even raising a hand able to

locate any and all souls no matter which

universe they're hiding in we can only

imagine how scary it would be if he

decided to discipline any of his

children priced concavity Rosamond

ultimate non demo area Naruto Yuka today

ordinary Toshima


number one Zen o leary ask what brings

you here today grand leader yes you may

you had a big fight and you didn't tell

me so I came to warn you he may look

cute he may sound naive but there's no

mistaking it

this little jelly bean is the most

powerful being that has ever existed and

probably ever will these destroyers are

bad we need new ones the fact that the

gods of destruction tremble before his

tiny frame certainly speaks volumes

what really seals the deal is the fact

that this little guy can erase entire

universes and timelines with a wave of

his finger something that he has

repeatedly demonstrated throughout the

tournament of power


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