Top 10 Strongest One Piece Characters

they are the terrors of the high seas

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10 strongest one-piece characters before

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this list we're looking at the heroes

and villains featured in hro

oders masterpiece that have shown

themselves three forces of nature for

its linear oil or Maserati mera no

single keep in mind while we're simply

taking rumors into account in regards to

a character's power level we also need

to actually see examples as such in

spite of how hailed they are for their

ungodly strength gold roger and monkey d

dragon won't be included also prepare

for spoilers and devil fruits aplenty

number 10 al ki g this is the power of a

navy headquarters

by far the most agreeable of the three

Admirals the man known as Kuzon might

have been the wantit in the Navy in a

better direction

alas we'll never know on account of his

old buddy uh Kazuki robbing him of one

of his limbs and forcing him to live as

a nomad however that doesn't take away

from the fact that this ice user is damn


able to freeze large bodies of water

almost instantly and turn his foes into

ice sculptures you should really think

twice before trying to step up to this

legendary Marine

so go Dory to critical number nine keys

are ooh never seen without a smile we

can't tell if this admiral is insane or

just loves this job way too much observe

this is what it feels like to be kicked

at the speed of light armed with a devil

fruit that allows him to manipulate

lights who is will not only is he able

to unleash powerful radiant bolts but

can also turn any of his limbs into

light speed death machines by himself

he's not only managed to nearly wipe out

all of the straw hats but also took

apart several of the supernovas you can

hack and slash him or yeah once but in

the end nothing is faster than lights

last I checked you had a hundred and

twenty million bounty so this is not

what I was expecting

number eight Sengoku money cut academia

Tana sure orthogonal Sengoku you don't

manage to become the Fleet Admiral of

the world governments naval forces

without having some serious power to

your name just make sure you don't

misinterpret the moniker of sengoku the

Buddhist for his pacifistic Nature able

to transform himself into a giant golden

dobutsu sangoku showed his true strength

during the battle of marineford

unleashing shockwaves left and right in

order to quell both the black beard and

white beard pirates


though he's getting on a bit now and

resigned from his duties in his prime

this guy it must have been an absolute


carthoris of course she's a million

other deputies Hoonah how would he say


number seven Silver's Rayleigh you were

on gold rogers crew I was in fact I

served as his vice captain speaking of

in their prime this fella otherwise

known as the dark King is not only the

former right-hand man to gold Roger but

also served as a mentor to Luffy

teaching him the ways of hockey while he

seems like a pretty awesome geezer to

chill out with you do not want to be

around when he unleashes that blade of


he's able to kill multiple C Kings with

ease for keys aru to a standstill

despite his age and is shown to be a

profound master in hockey in all of its

facets we can only imagine what he was

like when he was chillin with Roger


number six a canoe Naza the running

Google you know Tommy knee say Kengo

remastering Eureka new disco the most

ruthless of the three Admirals the man

who murdered ace and now the current

fleet admiral this guy is nothing more

than a rabid dog who preaches justice in

order to excuse the slaughter of anyone

who defies the will to government

unfortunately for everyone else he's got

plenty of power to back up his


able to turn his body into magma a chi

news strong enough to somewhat hold his

own against white beard as well as

defeat fellow admiral al key she is got

a crazy amount of endurance who else do

you know that could survive a tremor

tremor fruit punch straight to the

spleen yikes


number five Charlotte Linlin aka big mom

she may not be the most powerful of the

yonko but holy health is she the




the undisputed queen of Toto lands big

mom's influence can be felt far and wide

mostly due to the terrifying power of

both her crew as well as her devil


with the ability to take out the souls

of her victims and infuse them into

inanimate objects the Charlotte

matriarch not only keeps the inhabitants

of her empire in total submission but

also has her own sentient thundercloud

and miniature son


you'd best behave while attending her

tea party lest you face the wrath of big

mom and him many many many many many

kids number four Edward Newgate aka

white beard no man has held more respect

than this legendary Pirates after gold

Rogers departure into the afterlife it

felt her pups in order to maintain the

balance in the world given his

reputation as one of the strongest men

around as well as the fact that he can

create fissures with a single bloody

punch it's fair to say that he handled

his job quite well


despite being well into his twilight

years white beard more than lived up to

his iconic name during the Battle of

Marine Ford how many old men do you know

that can get stamped shot blasted with

lava and still go on to wreak upon an

entire naval base we'll wait


number three Marshall beat each a KA

Blackbeard's with an ideology that

reflects the dark underside of leafies

dreams this former member of the white

beard pirates has set himself up to be

the series's ultimate villain devious to

the core his power over the darkness

darkness fruit not only allowed him to

defeat ace but on top of that somehow

steel white beards power for his own

now with two devil fruit abilities to

his name along with a crew of the most

horrific criminals you can imagine he

quickly established himself as a young

Co to be feared let's just say lief he's

got his work cut out for him when he

finally takes on this monster and even

the mighty spear number two shanks I'm

swell known for inspiring Luffy to

pursue a life of adventure on the high

seas you'd be forgiven for forgetting

that beneath all the laughter and

merriment licks one of the deadliest

pirates ever to live even with just one

arm shanks his power was shown to be on

par with white beard to the point where

a clash between them nearly split the

sky el his influence was so strong that

he was able to bring about an end to the

war at marine Ford just by showing up

something that even white beard didn't

manage cornices all


what a few stop what we haven't yet seen

the full extent of redhead shanks is

power yet there's still a reason why

every Marine and Pyrrha out there fears

this yonko other about a tureen air to a


unity I do still number one Kaido

syllabus or tomato water : ah WA kakuzu

no tidal they don't come bigger than the

beasts King the final and arguably

strongest Yonko of them all the fact

this guy seems to be a knight

indestructible has his old wondering how

anyone can hope to stop him

after all he's apparently had 40

attempts on his life and once tried to

kill himself by falling ten thousand

feet none of which managed to leave a

scratch on him

while we're bound to see some kind of

hockey or devil fruit related ability

further down the line we have a feeling

it's only going to further enforce of

why this animal bears the title of

strongest creature in the world do you

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