All 19 Titan Shifters RANKED from Weakest to Strongest! (Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin)

what up guys goes in here for anime

uproar and today we are going to be

ranking every Titan shifter that we know

of from weakest to strongest I

previously did a video similar to this

in which I ranked the nine Titan ship

their powers rather than all of the

users if you want to know my thoughts on

which of the powers are strongest you

can check out that video in this one

we'll be looking at how well each user

uses his or her Titan power or powers

since some will have multiple we will

actually be ranking a whole 19 Titan

users so we got our work cut out for us

I'll also be looking at each Titan

shifter at their prime or strongest so

for instance I'll be looking at heir and

after the time skip and after all of his

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warned remember this list is Maya

some of these users we haven't seen much

in action so we have to speculate to an

extent depending on the context to some

of these shifters could be more useful

than they are in terms of a head to head

fight but this is going to be focusing

on strength aka how they would fare in a

one-on-one battle against other Titans

on this list if they have access to all

their powers if you feel differently

about some of the rankings feel free to

let me know how you would rank the users

differently and why in the comments now

let's get to number 19 in 19th place we

have Tom Xavier the person who possessed

the beast Titan power before Reiner we

actually see Tom as early as chapter 87

but we get no context for him until

later in Chapter 114 he says that he is

a Marlin warrior but that he just plays

ball around the base because his beast

Titan isn't useful in a war his real job

is being a Titan science researcher we

knew for a while that Zeke was a

stronger beast Titan partially due to

his royal blood then previous beast

Titan users which is why they call him

the Boy Wonder

but we didn't know exactly how big that

gap was although we haven't seen Tom's

beast Titan in action I placed on here

because according to him his version of

the beast Titan wasn't even useful

enough in battle to be used by Marlay

against enemies all of the other Marlin

Titan shelters on this list were strong

enough to be used on the battlefield and

that is why Tom place is so low in 18th

place we have peak scar Titan I put the

car Titan in last place when I rank the

Titan powers from weakest to strongest

but still unlike Tom peek is used on the

battlefield peak scar Titan is very fast

it was able to catch Levi off-guard and

rescue Zeke from certain death because

of its insane speed her endurance is

through the roof she can maintain her

Titan form for at least two months her

Titan can also be equipped with

artillery which makes it able to deal

decent damage against other shifters

however to use these weapons Peake needs

the help of Marlin officers other Titan

shifters don't require this additional

help because they are strong enough

without military weapons as the Titans

name the car Titan implies piques Titan

is primarily you

for carrying things rather than for its

strength in one-on-one fight it's a

power that has proved to be very useful

in specific context but I believe that

the following Titan users will do better

in a one-on-one fight in 17th place we

got yamir from the survey Corps not to

be mistaken with the Emir the progenitor

who we'll get into later like the car

tighten the jaw tighten is really fast

combine its speed and agility with its

trademark sharp claws and jaws and you

get a fearsome opponent this Titan

fights even better within a forest where

it can swing around like Tarzan its

weakness is that it is small though it's

only 5 meters tall and was easily

overpowered by other Titans at earth

guard castle yamir was also not as good

with the power as other known users of

this Titan perhaps due to her lack of

training and experience for this reason

I couldn't put you mere as high as I put

the other known users of the jaw Titan

but I'll get to them later in 16th place

we got Frieda Reese who possessed the

strongest Titan power the power of the

founding Titan how could I put her this

low if she had the greatest of all Titan

powers well it can once again be blamed

on inexperience rod Reese tells us that

she lacked the experience necessary to

unleash the founding Titans true

abilities as a result she was defeated

and eaten by Grisha Yeager who possessed

the weaker power of the attack type

speaking of attack Titan in 15th place

we have Aaron Krueger's attack Titan we

didn't see Kruger go up against any

other Titans

we only saw him pick up and break a

marlin ship and kill many more lion

officers the attack titan is extremely

strong as being able to lift that ship

illustrates and it is noteworthy that

Kruger seems to have somehow known about

Mikasa and Armin as if he was able to

connect to Eren Yeager's memories from

the future however we haven't seen

enough from Kruger to place him any

higher on this list we never saw him

fight another Titan and because he had

to remain undercover he probably didn't

get to practice using his Titan powers

as much as some of the other shifters on

this list for these reasons he has to

stay at number 15 in 14th place we have

Grisha ager the guy who fathered both

the Zeke and Eren I put grish ahead of

Kruger for a few reasons


saw him take down an actual titan

shifter a possessor of the founding

titan no less he also potentially had

access to some of Krueger's memories in

addition to the memories of some other

past attack Titan users he combined his

own knowledge with the knowledge he gets

from these memories to get stronger

faster this is why I believe that

subsequent users have the potential to

get stronger eventually than previous

users because they can potentially learn

from the memories of past users albeit

this applies more to royal blooded

founding titan users who can see the

memories of past users with clarity

while other Titan shifters tend to only

get bits and pieces of memories from

their past users once in a while

lastly Grisha did have the founding

Titan in him in addition to the attack

Titan before he died the founding time

power can usually only be used by those

with royal blood but if a non royal

blooded Titan user has it they can still

use its powers if they come into contact

with the Titan of royal blood so if

krishna's opponent was a royal blooded

shifter like Zeke's beast Titan he would

be able to activate the founding Titan

powers there is also the possibility

that the founding titan can manifest its

abilities in different ways in non royal

blooded Titan shifters but we'll talk

more about that possibility when we get

to Eren Jaeger in 13th place we have

Reiner Braun and his version of the

armored Titan unlike many of the

previously mentioned Titan users Reiner

did go through extensive training with

his Titan the armored Titan specializes

in hardening abilities unlike other

Titans most of his Titan body is covered

in armor like plates which allow him to

effectively slam through most walls

doors and enemies his hardened fists

also make his punches much more

destructive another impressive thing is

that he can withstand the colossal

Titans explosion ability which we'll get

to later however I couldn't put him

higher for the following reasons first

his armor slows him down which wouldn't

be a huge deal if the armor was

indestructible but it's not at first a

less experienced Aaron was able to get

the upper hand on Reiner by using

fighting techniques he saw from a knee

which resemble moita Aaron uses

clinching techniques to actually break

riders armor when he learns how to

harden after drinking the armored Titan

serum Aaron is able to harden his fist

and break riders armor with punches

since most of the upcoming Titan

shifters I'll mention have a form of

hardening they would be able to

effectively break through riders armor

as a result the armor wouldn't be very

useful and would only serve to slow him

down in 12th place we have an eel Ellen

Hart the user of the female Titan and he

has great endurance when they get on the

island and he has to carry Reiner and

bertolt virtually the whole way to the

outer wall and she succeeds in doing so

furthermore she is able to run alongside

the horses of the survey Corps fight a

number of difficult opponents in the

Titan forest use vertical maneuvering

gear and human form to kill skilled

soldiers and turn into a Titan for a

second time and escape successfully and

he could also defeat Reiner using the

two methods that Aaron did Aaron copied

her fighting technique which Annie would

execute even better Plus and he has

hardening which she can combine with

destructive kicks and punches that

should be able to break through the

armor Titans defense for these reasons I

had to put a knee above Reiner on this

list in 11th and 10th place I have a tie

between the brothers Marcel and Porco

Galliard going off of your mears version

of the jaw Titan I never thought that

the jaw Titan could be all that strong

but after I saw Porco using its power I

had to give it a solid ranking on this

list during a flashback we see Marcel

using the jaw Titan which is described

as an assault unit its small size makes

it the swiftest of all and it's powerful

nails and jaws can crush just about

anything it was given to Marcel Galliard

initially in part because of how quick

witted he was furthermore Marcel was

singled out for being strong and he was

the leader among Reiner Annie and Bev

told as a result it stands to reason

that the jaw Titan power is supposed to

be a strong Titan power which is why

Marly reserved it for one of the

strongest warriors we saw that the jaw

tightened when the user knows how to

harden like Marcel and Galliard did has

the ability to break through the Titan

crystal that Annie and Willie Tibor

sister encased themselves in no other

Titan was able to do that combine that

ridiculously sharp and destructive

cutting power with the swiftness of all


itens and you get a deadly combination

that had to rank this high up on the


unfortunately Marcel sacrificed his life

for Reiner so we didn't get to see any

extremely impressive feats from him so I

couldn't put him above his brother Porco

even though he was seen as a better

warrior than his little brother

in contrast Porco was very impressive in

his fight against Aaron's attack Titan

after the time skip and Aaron even

needed me Casas helped to take him out

although he ended up being used as a


it took Aaron's attack Titan and an Opie

Ackerman to defeat him so since we can't

be sure if Marcel would have been as

impressive or more impressive in a

similar battle we'll just keep them tied

for the time being in 9th place we have

battled the user of the colossal Titan

also referred to as the god of

destruction power wise the colossal

Titan is insane in the guidebook he

scored exceptionally well in everything

except speed veg tolds colossal Titan

scored and off the charts 11 out of 10

in power 11 out of 10 in size a 10 out

of 10 in elusiveness a tenant up ten in

threat and it's only low score a three

out of 10 in speed reiner even tells

Berthold that the colossal Titan is

supposed to be the strongest Titan but

the timid and indecisive Berthold cannot

use the power to its full potential

because of this Zeke is considered

morally strongest warrior even though

the beast Titan should be weaker than

the colossal Titan the claws that can

create giant explosion land transforms

it can produce hot steam that can keep

Surrey corps members away from its nape

to compensate for its slow movements

because it is so huge though the 60

meter Titan cannot maintain its

transformation for as long as the other

Titans the main reason why Berthold

version of the colossal Titan is not

ranked higher on this list has less to

do with the colossal Titan shortcomings

and more to do with Berthold own

shortcomings as the user in a place we

have Marley's strongest warrior Zeke

Yeager the fact that Zeke could become

Marlay strongest warrior while Tom who

had the same time power wasn't even

useful enough to bring to battle speaks

to how important the specific shifter

can be when determining a titans power

Zeke is able to turn the

Titans throwing abilities into an

awe-inspiring weapon he can break up

rocks and launch them at enemies like

lethal bullets or he can throw a larger

rocks to do more concentrated damage his

aim is unrealistically good however his

most impressive power that is unique to

him because of his royal blood is his

ability to command Titans that were

created using his own spinal fluid this

is why the Marlins call Zeek the Boy


although the control is not perfect as

it would be with the founding Titan

power what's impressive is that Zeek

easily defeats the armored Titan in his

beast Titan form when Reiner questions

his leadership while Aaron seemed to

struggle with Reiner in the past

it appears that Z can effortlessly take

him out and destroy his armor at will

for all these reasons Zeke's beast Titan

had to be this high up on the list in

seventh place we have Willie ty burrs

sister's version of the Warhammer Titan

the Warhammer Titan was the last of the

nine Titan powers that was revealed and

it was definitely worth the wait

when it appeared it was beating Aaron's

attack tighten until Mikasa the Opie

Ackerman showed up to lend a hand

even then Aaron needed to borrow the

sharp jaw of the JA titan to actually

defeat Willie's sister and absorb the

Warhammer Titan power for himself the

Warhammer Titan can create weapons using

its hardening powers anything from giant

spikes coming out of the ground to a

giant crossbow

furthermore it is much harder to defeat

than other Titans because the user

doesn't have to be in the nape of the

Titan the user can hide underground in

an almost indestructible crystal staying

completely safe while the Warhammer

Titan fights above ground so far we've

seen any anti burr sister in these

crystals and only the jaw Titan had the

power to cut through the material I

don't even think that the colossal

Titans explosions could break the

crystal since riders armored Titan is

able to withstand its explosion and his

armor is nowhere near as strong as these

crystals as a result Tiber sister could

easily wait out battles colossal Titan

until it runs out of steam and then

finish him off with her Warhammer Titan

all while staying safely inside her


its powers would also be effective

against the beast Titan since it could

form a shield or defensive wall to block

any rocks and even return long-range

attacks with various weapons like its

crossbow in a short-range battle with

all of its weapon choices the Warhammer

Titan should have a clear advantage

against the beast Titan who doesn't have

a way to destroy the users crystal for

all these reasons I had to put sister ty

burrs version of the Warhammer Titan

this high up on the list even if she was

defeated relatively quickly in the manga

in 6th place we have Arman's version of

the colossal Titan when Reiner told

betta told that he wasn't fully using

the colossal Titans power because of how

timid and indecisive he was the writer

was telling us that the colossal Titan

power could be much stronger in the

hands of the right person

well Armin was that person while

Berthold tends to need others to guide

him and come up with a plan for him

armin is the one that is usually coming

up with the plans that helped the survey

corps win and seemingly unwinnable

situations if it wasn't for his quick


Eren will not have been able to defeat

Berthold colossal Titan it was Armand's

intelligence that helped him defeat the

god of destruction and now that he has

that intelligence even more experience

and the power of the god of destruction

for himself he is undoubtedly one of the

strongest Titan shifters we've seen he

proved that he was willing to kill

others using the power when he used the

colossal Titans explosion ability to

destroy Malayan ships where bertolt was

lacking Armin excels and that is why

Army's version of the colossal Titan is

even stronger than Marley's strongest

warriors Zeke and his beast Titan I also

had to place our man above sister Tiber

because I believe they using his new

Titan powers his intelligence and his

quick thinking he could potentially come

up with a plan to beat her in fifth

place we have Aaron currently the

possessor of the attack Titan founding

Titan and war hammer Titan if one Titan

power makes you strong then you can only

imagine how strong three Titan powers

makes you in his Titan form Aaron was

able to hold his own against the armored

Titan the jaw Titan and the car Titan

and the firepower die was equipped to it

in Chapter one

17 Aaron still seems fine by the time

Zeke shows up who congratulate him on

holding out on his own against the

Marlon Army and their three Titans he

can now combine the impressive strength

of the attack titan with the weapons and

versatility of the opie Warhammer Titan

power if Zeke is there or if he is

taking on a royal blood and Titan he

could even use the Opie founding Titan

powers however he may be able to benefit

from the founding Titan inside him even

if he doesn't have royal blood

Deanna may only part where eren's Titan

entered berserk mode and crushed a knee

might be an ability associated with the

founding titan that comes into effect

kind of like the Avatar state when

certain conditions are met then again

that might be a power associate with the

attack tightened to a form that helps to

use to keep moving towards freedom no

matter what furthermore if Aaron gets a

handle on that telling the Future power

which Krueger's seemed to get a glimpse

of he may well be able to use that to

better prepare for future battles Aaron

was already Opie before the Warhammer

Titan even with little experience he

could beat riders armored Titan but now

his Titan is in my view the strongest

living Titan Armin's colossal Titan is

strong and smart but even he would have

trouble overcoming Aaron's versatile

powers some of which are still a mystery

in 4th 3rd and 2nd we have previously

royal blooded users of the strongest

Titan power the power of the founding

titan 3 users from weakest to strongest

are rod rhesus dad rod rhesus brother

URI and the first king of the walls Carl

Prince as rod Reese explains in chapter

63 the founding Titan is not only the

greatest of all the Titans it also

possesses an invincible power all of

these users were royal blooded and we

can assume they lived long enough to

learn how to use the powers of the

founding Titan which include controlling

Titans even the colossal Titans inside

the walls changing memories or bodies of

LD ends and perfect knowledge of past

users and in turn of the history of the

world because of all these powers the

founding Titan user has been compared to

a God who gets

determine the fate of humanity since

controlling the colossal Titans in the

walls is a part of the founding Titans

powers it must be counted as a factor in

a one-on-one match but it may not be


a royal blooded founding Titan may even

be able to shape the memories control

the movements or even reshape the bodies

of other Titan shifters for all these

reasons these guys have to be considered

even stronger than Eren currently is

none of the previously mentioned Titan

shifters could hope to take on the

countless colossal Titans inside the

three walls Rodri says that I ranked as

the weakest because we did not get to

see his founding Titan powers in action

Yuri did use his powers to completely

overpower an Ackerman no small

accomplishment so I had to put him above

his father who has no known

accomplishments to speak up

Carl Fritz's accomplishments are on a

whole nother level he manipulated

countless people's memories he formed

the walls by controlling all those

colossal Titans and he had the power to

pass on his philosophy to future royal

blooded users of the founding Titan

power these accomplishments have to put

him above the other two users on this

list in first place we have the woman

who started it all yamir fritz

the nine titan powers were all inside

her at one point before she split them

into nine different powers this is by

far the easiest time-shifter to rank

because we are even told by Aaron that

the founding Titan died thirteen years

after first awakening to her powers and

Nolan's power can exceed hers this is

why no Titan shifter can live over 13

years after awakening their Titan power

that's how your mirrors curse works so

we know that she possessed all the best

aspects of every Titan power and that

her power cannot be exceeded perhaps the

only chance of anyone approaching Ymir's

power is if Aaron or someone with royal

blood succeeded in gathering all nine

Titan powers inside of themselves but

until that happens no one on this list

even comes close to you mirrors power it

is worth mentioning that according to

some stories

Jameer got her Titan powers from the

earth devil but whether the earth devil

was a Titan himself or what

he even actually existed is unknown so I

decided not to include him in this list

if he was real though he gave you me or

her Titan powers so you could imagine

that he was even stronger than her and

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