Line of Succession to the British Throne (Top 25)

today I'm going to show you the line of

succession to the British throne so

basically we're going to be looking at

the extended family tree of British

Royals also known as the House of

Windsor and you're gonna see a lot of

familiar faces but hopefully learn about

a few lesser-known members of the royal

family as well so of course the first

set of individuals in the line of

succession would be the direct

descendants of the current monarch Queen

Elizabeth and at the moment she has four

children eight grandchildren and five

great-grandchildren but she's about to

have two new great-grandchildren and

most people are aware that Kate

Middleton is expecting her third child

but there's actually another great

grandchild on the way as well so once

those two babies are born

Queen Elizabeth would have a total of 19

direct descendants and these would be

the first 19 in the line of succession

so let's look at them in order of course

number one is Prince Charles he's the

Prince of Wales he was previously

married to Diana who was known as the

Princess of Wales now Charles has

several other titles probably the most

important of which is the Duke of

Cornwall and that's why his current wife

Camilla uses the title Duchess of

Cornwall she doesn't use Princess of

Wales out of respect for Diana now

second in line would be the eldest son

of Charles and Diana that would be

Prince William and he is known as the

duke of cambridge and is married to Kate

or Katherine who is known as the Duchess

of Cambridge now Katherine is not

actually a princess the term Prince and

Princess are used for the children and

grandchildren and sometimes

great-grandchildren of the monarch but

when she becomes Princess of Wales

she then will

princess so that would be when Charles

becomes King

Prince William would probably take the

title Prince of Wales and therefore

Katherine would become Princess of Wales

so third in line is their eldest son

Prince George and he's called of

Cambridge after his father's title and

then next would be his younger sister

Princess Charlotte and coming in at

number five will be the new baby who's

expected pretty much any day now at this

point when I'm recording this video we

don't know whether the new baby is going

to be a boy or a girl but it doesn't

matter because a couple years ago a law

was passed so that males no longer take

precedence in the line of succession

however an important point is that this

new law only applies to those born after

the year 2011 so when this new baby

arrives if it's a boy or a girl doesn't

matter that individuals going to come

after Charlotte but when we're looking

at some of these other individuals

you'll notice that males still take

precedence because most of these

individuals of course born before the

year 2011 okay so once this new baby is

born Prince Harry will be bumped down to

a number six

I should mention Harry's name is

actually Henry but everyone knows him as

Harry's I've called him Prince Harry

here and he of course is marrying Megan

Markel next month

now when they get married the Queen will

bestow upon them a new title so he will

become a Duke and Megan will become a

duchess again Megan will not be a

princess she will be a duchess we don't

know yet what that name will be some

have speculated that it could be the

Duke of Sussex so we would have the Duke

and Duchess of Sussex but we will have

to wait and see on that

okay so after these first six

individuals you'll notice here that we

don't immediately go to the next child

which would be Princess Anne would be

was the second child of Queen Elizabeth

but because of the rule previous rule

that males take precedence she gets

skipped over and her descendants get

skipped over and the next person in line

is the second son or third child of

Queen Elizabeth and that is Prince

Andrew the Duke of York he was married

to Sarah Ferguson and she became the

Duchess of York but they have since

divorced they had two children

we have Princess Beatrice and Princess

Eugenie and they are both known as being

of York after their father's title so

they are number eight and nine in this

list and I'll point out Princess Eugenie

is getting married later this year

of course this individual won't be in

the line of succession only direct

descendants are in the line so after

Andrews family the next child of Queen

Elizabeth was Prince Edward he's the

third son because he's male again he

still takes precedence over his older

sister and he's known as the Earl of

Wessex and he's married to Sophie who is

the Countess of Wessex Countess is the

female counterpart of an earl now it was

announced that upon the death of Prince

Philip and I think also after the death

of Queen Elizabeth Prince Edward will

take the title Duke of Edinburgh he will

take his father's title but that is yet

to occur so at the moment he is known as

the Earl of Wessex and he has two

children his firstborn was a daughter

but both these children were born before

2011 so

his younger son actually takes

precedence in the line of succession

so he's number 11 and his older sister

is number 12 now they had the right to

use the title prince and princess but it

was decided by the parents that they

would not take that title so they have

some lesser titles and you'll notice

here they use a surname Mountbatten

Windsor of course House of Windsor is

the reigning royal house of the UK

Mountbatten is the house name that

Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh uses

and so whenever the royal family has to

use a surname oftentimes they don't use

surnames if they have other titles but

those individuals that do use a surname

use the surname Mountbatten hyphenated

with the the name Windsor okay so after

Edward's family

now we get Princess Anne who's known as

The Princess Royal Princess Royal is a

title that is used for the eldest

daughter of a monarch and so she comes

in at number 13 she was previously

married to Mark Phillips they divorced

and she remarried Timothy Laurence her

eldest son would come next he's Peter

Phillips he's actually the eldest

grandson of Queen Elizabeth he was born

before Prince William but because he's

not a direct male line descendant his

mother of course female so he's down to

number 14 he married a Canadian autumn

Kelly they have two children who would

be 15 and 16 and then coming at 17 would

be his younger sister Zara who married

Mike Tindall rugby player and they have

a daughter Mia who is will be number 18

after the birth of this baby

and then she has a baby sister or

brother on the way later this year who

would come in at number 19 so the first

19 individuals all direct descendants of

the current Queen now if we had to keep

going after that we would then have to

go to the Queen's late sister so this

blue section here these letters here

indicate the general precedence order so

a these are all descendants of Queen

Elizabeth B these are going to be the

descendants of her sister Princess

Margaret who was the Countess of Snowdon

and she passed away about a decade or so

ago so the next in line would be the

current Earl of Snowdon and that is her

son David so he would be number 20 in

the line of succession and his two

children would come next Charles who's

given the title of I count and his

sister Lady margarita armstrong-jones

and then David has a younger sister Lady

Sarah chato she would be number 23 and


she and her husband have two sons they

would come in at number 24 and 25 now on

this particular chart

I've only numbered up to 25 because if I

tried to keep numbering after that I

constantly have to keep changing this

chart because new babies and children

you know are constantly being born so

from this point forward we're just gonna

kind of look more in general about how

the line of succession would go so after

the descendants of Princess Margaret

that would conclude all the descendants

of King George the sixth father of Queen

Elizabeth and the previous monarch so if

we had to go

along the line of succession we'd have

to go up one level to King George's

younger brothers of course who are now

all deceased but they do have

descendants at this point I'll mentioned

King George had an older brother who was

King Edward the eighth he abdicated he

gave up the throne so that he could

marry Wallis Simpson and after he

abdicated he was known as the duke of

windsor and his wife was known as the

duchess of windsor

they never did have any children so

there's no concern there over some sort

of future dispute and of course they

both have since passed away but King

George did have some younger brothers

and of course as we mentioned their

descendants come first in the line of

succession over the descendants of this

older sister because of males taking

precedence so then this the next person

then if we're looking for number 26 it

would be the eldest surviving son of

Prince Henry who was the Duke of

Gloucester and so this see means that

this individual and all of his

descendants who are not listed here

would then come next now he did have an

older brother who passed away relatively

young didn't have any descendants so

Prince Richard the current Duke of

Gloucester is number 26

again we're assuming the birth of those

two royal babies and so then after him

would come the eldest son of the next

brother here there was a Prince George

Duke of Kent who was a younger brother

of King George and his eldest son then

took his father's title after the father

died his name is Prince Edward and he is

the current duke of kent and he has

several descendants so this d means that

he and his descendants would then come

next he has a younger sister who's the

second child but if she got skipped over

because of that former rule so next in

line would actually be the third child

here second son Prince Michael of Kent

and the next would come the descendants

of Prince Alexandra she's known as the

Honourable lady Ogilvy her and her

descendants would be next then only we

get to the descendants of this

individual marry the former Princess

Royal she had two sons so there they

have both passed away but their

descendants would then come next in line

this individuals descendants and then

this individuals descendants now there

was one more child of Prince John who

died as a young teenager never had any

children okay so after these descendants

if we still want to keep going we then

have to bump up one more level to some

younger children all daughters of King

Edward the seventh I'll note here there

was an older brother here who died

actually before even Queen Victoria died

so this individual here would have

become King but passed away and so it

was actually the second son King George

the fifth who became the king but we're

here tracing the line of succession

through various descendants so we've

already dealt with all the descendants

of King George the fifth

so if we want to continue we have to

then go to his first younger sister who

was Louise she was also a princess royal

next would become would come her

descendants she of course long all these

individuals you can see there shaded out

that indicates that they have all passed

away and then after her descendants

would be would come the descendants of

this daughter this woman here did not

have any children

now this daughter of King Edward the

seventh married the king of Norway and

this is where becomes a little bit

interesting because among this person's

descendants in fact the most senior

descendant of this individual is the

current king of Norway so the current

king of Norway is in the line of

succession to the throne of the United

Kingdom now of course we haven't been

numbering things here because we have a

lot of children and grandchildren so by

the time we get up to this part of the

line of succession I believe we're

probably in the 70s or 80s now so he's

pretty far down there in the line of

succession okay so that is the line of

succession to the British throne if you

want a copy of this graphic it's

available for free as a download you can

download it from my website the link is

in the description