What Is A Superintendent?

a superintendent

I'm guessing isn't actor I really have

no idea I just can't think about it

the superintendent is technically

someone that's in charge of all the

schools and make sure and make sure that

they're doing everything properly a

person right charge evolve the rules

superintendent takes care of all the

schools help schools I'm guessing that

they're an actor so I'm gay I'm also

guessing that they're that they act they

tell off the teachers what they do I

think they make sure their every school

is safe and secure and make sure there's

enough teachers for every school so the

school doesn't shut down make sure there

are enough supplies for every student

and make sure every student is

comfortable with their school flag

something something something something

parallel but it's miserable Gregg leader


hi everyone it's great clear back here

I'm superintendent schools for Rocky

View schools my job is to be part of a

team and we are here to meet the needs

of students so whether it be our staff

or teachers or custodians our

electricians all of our work is to serve

kids and make sure that kids that have

everything they need to be successful in

the world

he like driver writing I'm not a very

good job so I don't really tend to do a

lot of that and my writing is really

messy so I have really done printing

ever since about grade five when I got a

low mark in writing and writing

how old is miss the little girl well

I'll give you a hint I'm less than fifty

but I'm more than 48 can you dab okay oh

I can dab now I need to tell you I'm not

as good as Rocky when he tapped but can

I dab like it down how do lobsters go to

the bathroom I've never thought about


I think maybe because they live in water

most of the time they can just go

whenever they want but I don't really

know how they even go do you like doing

your job most days I really love my job

especially the days that I get to be

helping schools and talking to kids and

some days I'm stuck in meetings all day

those are my least favorite days what do

you do in your spare time in my spare

time I spend a lot of time at the hockey

rink I have two sons that both play

hockey so as a family we're often at the

hockey rink nights and weekends other

than that I like to watch football on TV

and do things with my kids


you can't have a tummy like I have and

not like candy my favorite candies are

hot tamales and jelly tots and pretty

much anything chocolate so I like candy