Who is the Supreme God? | Q&A with Swami Mukundananda | JKYog Retreat

so many this question is about a never-ending debate that's going on who

is the supreme god there are a lot of research online that says krishna is the

supreme god and he created everything but there is all the Matt against it

which says Adi para Shakti is the supreme god and she is the one who in

fact created Brahma Vishnu and Shiva this is a serious question because you

mentioned I was setting the goals and I want to know what is the rice going to

say by knowing about this whole thing

the brahmasutra which we just talked about it begins with the first suit at

Hato brahma jijnasa now inquire into the nature of God and the second surah

states janma just say at aha God is he who has

created this world since a very simple God is he who has created this world

there is one creator of the world and that is why there is one God there are

no two gods however Vedas say I am eva vedyam brahma he comes up with problem

howíd on t he comes some samba kulfi empty who he would roll into the eye

faster there is one God but because he is all-powerful he is not limited to one

form he can take on many forms that is why all these whom you are

referring to are different forms of the one God a writing because they are

different forms there is no need to distinguish that one is big and one is

small that they are all month then the question of big and small does not arise

but it's a question of detail like Krishna is the shaktimaan and the

parashakti is the shakti the energetic and the energy so it is the energy that

creates not the energetic but the energy belongs to the energetic right so in one

sense we say re-radiation Vinod here a taraji is supreme well if you get to the

bottom of vector Lani's the servant of Shri Krishna she is the Shakti still in

the realm of devotion we can place the position of Shakti as high F so in that

half sometimes they say that the Shakti is the ultimate and in any case whomever

you worship you should think this is the ultimate then you get the

that's why I'm the baby Magua for our baby haces Shakti is the ultimate in the

Vishnu Purana same envious rights that Vishnu is ultimate in the market um he

writes Krishna's to Magua inspire they are all our thousands of Krishna okay so

there is no point distinguishing between the different forms they are all month

the idea is to develop love for them and finally when the heart is pure and we

see him we will see him as he is