Top 10 Tallest Players In NBA History

when an average person stands next to a

basketball player they often feel like a

dwarf the average NBA player is six feet

seven inches tall but when those six

seven guys stand next to these guys on

this list they also feel belittled here

are the top 10 tallest players in NBA



Boban Mariana vish seven feet four


Boban Mariana vich is one of the most

popular role players in the NBA today

even though he looks like a bouncer in

front of a Russian mob club bo bond

became a fan favourite because he's the

biggest kid on the court you can often

see Bo bond smiling and cracking jokes

on the bench or fetching balls when

nobody else can do it

unfortunately he spends most of his time

on the bench as he's averaging less than

10 minutes per game in action and it's

not because Bo bond can't play when he

was coming to the NBA he was regarded as

one of the best centers in Europe with

multiple regional MVPs and all

Euroleague first team selection because

of different rules in European

basketball bo bond was able to stay

parked in the paint and dominate the

game from the inside in the NBA's pace

and space era he's constantly forced to

run after smaller players which doesn't

play into his strengths if he played 20

or 30 years ago he would probably be one

of the best centers in the league today

he's not playing much but which other

centers can claim that they kicked Keanu

Reeves ass in John wick three sim

Bhullar 7 feet 5 inches sim Bhullar is a

Canadian professional basketball player

and the first player of Indian descent

that played in the NBA and as you might

have guessed sim Bhullar is really tall

standing at 75 and with a listed weight

of 360 pounds after two years in mexico

state he declared for the 2014 NBA Draft

where she went undrafted

but because the owner of the Sacramento

Kings fee BEC ranadivé is also Indian

the Kings picked him to play in their

summer league team mostly for marketing

reasons however simav entually made the

roster on a 10-day contract he played in

three total NBA games in three total


Pawel pulled Colson 7 feet 5 inches

similarly to sim Bhullar hobble pulled

Colson was another guy that didn't play

much in the NBA but because of his short

stint with the Mavericks and his height

of 75 he's a member of our list

pavel started his career in the russian

second division and also played in italy

before declaring for the NBA Draft in

2004 he actually got drafted pretty high

but the 21st pick by the Utah Jazz who

traded him to the Mavs on draft night he

ended up playing six games for Dallas

for a total of 28 minutes and four

points he's still a professional player

and plays in Russia Chuck Nevin 7 feet 5

inches alike is 275 NBA counterparts

Chuck nebat had a significantly longer

NBA career however his minutes average

looks similar to those of Bhullar and

put coals him even though nevets stayed

on the NBA rosters for nine seasons he

played it only 155 games with the

average time of five minutes on the

court despite the lack of playing time

he was a very popular player in his

playing days as many people wanted to

stand in his presence and feel really

small which is a virtue of all players

on this list never won the title with

the Lakers in 1985 despite not playing a

single minute of the postseason

regardless of that he's the tallest

player ever with a championship ring

which is a quiz worthy fact to remember

Sean Bradley 7 feet 6 inches standing at

7 6 Bradley was the third tallest player

to ever run on the NBA hardwood and

instantly became a household name it's

hard not to notice a 7 6 guy but Bradley

was also a decent player a premier shot


he once blocked 14 shots in an NCAA game

which is a record that stands to this

day Bradley was also attempting to swat

anything near the rim but unfortunately

for him this also turned him into a

poster boy for being posterized due to

his size in somewhat nerdy looks he was

a target for most athletic wings who

wanted to get a 7 6 guy on a poster

Bradley was drafted in Philadelphia but

left the biggest mark in talents or he

played for nine seasons he was averaging

8.1 points 6.3 rebounds and 2 and a half

blocks for his career and remained a

known figure among

basketball fans worldwide you may also

remember him from Space Jam where he

starred alongside Michael Jordan and was

one of the players whose talents were

stolen by the Monstars llame seven feet

six inches

Yao is the best player on this list the

biggest Asian basketball star of all

time and one of the biggest ambassadors

of the sport and literally now means

parents were one of the tallest people

in China both former basketball players

under the socialist regime of Mao Zedong

they were almost forced to marry and

produce offspring his mom was 6 feet 3

inches tall and his father was 6 7

Yao was a government project in the

making since before he was born and he

was expected to be tall however nobody

really thought Yao was going to be seven

six young Yao was pushed to play

basketball and even though he wasn't any

good at first and didn't like basketball

countless hours of training and his

freakish height enabled him to dominate

the Chinese league he was selected

number one overall in the 2002 NBA Draft

by the Houston Rockets and instantly

became a global phenomenon because of

his height and over a billion Chinese


Yao was immediately one of the most

popular players in the game but a horde

of reporters following his every giant

footstep but it wasn't all just height

and height which some people soon

realized the AO could really ball and

was extremely skillful for a player of

his dimensions with an array of post

moves and a silky smooth jump shot he

became one of the best centers in the

league if not the best when he was


unfortunately he was rarely healthy and

his feet and knees couldn't support his

large frame at the brutal NBA pace which

forced him to retire at the age of 30 he

averaged 19 points nine rebounds and 2

blocks per game and was inducted into

the Hall of Fame in 2016 he will be

remembered as the biggest and the

greatest Asian player of all time and

the only guy who makes Shaq looks small

Slavko varnish 7 feet six inches

Slavko varnish is a mountain Agron

basketball player who had a long lasting

basketball career that stretched over 20

years with his height of 7-6 it's easy

to conclude why he started a

professional career at the age of 7

when he signed for Turkish FS Pilsen

with the emergence of Yao Ming who got

drafted the year before the next rolled

the dice on it and drafted him with the

39th overall pick in the 2003 NBA Draft

they soon realized he's not Yao and

varnish didn't end up playing a single

minute for the Knickerbockers as they

waved him at the middle of the season

after he cleared waivers the Trail

Blazers had signed him to a 10-day deal

he got the opportunity to play in one

game for them for a total of three whole

minutes in case you were wondering

didn't score but due to his height he

scored a place on our list

taco fall seven feet six inches another

member of the 76 Club joined the NBA

this year of course we're talking about

taco fall he plays for the Boston

Celtics taco was born in Dakar Senegal

in 1995 moved to the USA at the age of

16 it was at the time when social media

was booming so if you're a hoops fan the

chances are that you heard about tacos

some seven to eight years ago when he

was a high school junior grabbing the

rim with his feet planted firmly on the

ground even though many Scouts doubted

that he would ever become an NBA player

taco drew extreme interest from colleges

and ended up at the University of

Central Florida where he stayed for a

full four years

tacos pretty raw basketball skills

improved over time and became one of the

best defensive players in college

basketball the one AAC Defensive Player

of the Year in 2017 and helped his

school win the first game ever in the

March Madness tournament fall declared

for the 2019 Draft where he set up

records for Heights wingspan and

standing reach at the Draft Combine

however he didn't get picked in the

draft instead the Boston Celtics signed

him to a 10-day contract which enabled

him to play summer league for them where

he did good enough to make the roster

for the season on a two-way contract

Paul made his debut for the Celtics on

October 26 during a game against the New

York Knicks and became a fan favorite in


we often chant his name to get him some

playing time

Manute Bol seven feet seven inches every

time I'm in a jam I always find a


I got a crime record longer than men

useful rapped big L in his hit record

MVP while my new bull wasn't an N VP on

the floor

he was often mentioned in rap lyrics and

start on the front covers of magazines

what he lacked in quality a nude had in

quantity standing at 7-7 he was the

tallest player ever at the time he got

to the lead and that's what propelled

his status in pop culture born in South

Sudan which is on average the tallest

country in the world but the average

height being over six feet I knew was

the tallest of the tall and it wasn't

just the Manute was tall it was the way

he was built as well that visually

prolonged has already extremely long

limbs and it weighed only 220 pounds

which made him stand out even more and

also diminished his impact on the core

it was often bullied by physically

stronger opponents as most centers in

power forwards weight from 240 pounds

upwards but it wasn't exactly very

skilled either and he averaged a mere

two point six points for his career

however despite a lack of production on

offense bol was one of the best shot

blockers the league has ever seen and

that's why he was able to stay in the

NBA for 10 years but 624 games play the

average three point three blocks per

game which is the second highest block

average ever and is the only player who

has more blocked shots than points in

his career a great humanitarian off the

court he will always be remembered by

NBA fans as the jolly big giant and a

metaphor for extremely long fangs Jorge

mera saw seven feet seven inches when

you're tall enough to peek over bathroom

stalls the chances are that you'll

become either an NBA player or make

people really uncomfortable from time to


Jorge Muresan did both Chris Webber told

this bathroom prank story when he was a

mere Asante made in Washington and

described George as one of his funniest

teammates a Romanian Center born in

Transylvania didn't project to be tall

as his mother was five seven and his

father was just five nine about because

of a condition with his pituitary gland

young George kept on growing until

finally got to 7-7 which made him the

tallest NBA player ever

along with Manute Bol who was even his

teammate for a short stint pretty Rahn

awkward when he first came to the league

at the age of 22 URIs on didn't get much

playing time in the first two seasons

however when he became a permanent

starter in his third year Jorge turned

into a solid contributor averaging 14.5

points 9.6 rebounds and 2.3 blocks while

leading the league in field goal

percentage this earned him the award for

the most improved player in 1996 he led

the league in field goal percentage the

following year until a back injury

sidelined him for the whole 97-98 season

and all but one minute of the next one

after his recovery and acting debut

alongside Billy Crystal and my giant

nearest Sun finally came back in the

1999-2000 season but he was only able to

play 30 games for the Nets before

calling it quits because of the foot

knee and back issues which are common

for basketball players of that stature

he remained a fan favorite in Washington

where he still lives today with his