MLB Tallest Players 2019

and being that we'll be in mountain time

a little different start swinging a Miss

just 12 hitters struck out 10 of them

and make that 11 T 2 pitch swung out and

missed he struck him out almost hit him

in the back leg

a long way from

that's a long way from home wait for


mr. shott there goes deep to left really

deep a judge it might be as important is

he rips one into left





one two pitch got him some first time up

and a strikeout that's number three it's

way got up on the outside corner and a

big good recipe for the Cardinals but

you still have to get it done

swinging a Miss he took

that's not it slider ticking away

swing and miss slider for a lot of


to get swing and a Miss swing and a Miss

totally overmatched

worth run and he hits us high in the air

piercing the night finally coming down

says mad Kim for the first time :

restock right three in the first twenty

six that goal driven deep to right field

kept going into the narrow part of the

are that makes the catch

the count sharply hit and they're going

to come home with a good throw to get

the force there got him with high heat

and their two out had a ground ball to

Bordeaux and the Rockies are going to

get out of this out at first base

despite the great effort by Campana

the right-hander deals breaking ball

strike three step down to October

he should go to the


the two - he




but he's ahead - and Oh big swing enough

Kyle McGrady's established here tonight

strike three code and that's the game

sarens sluggers on the mound making a

spur start of 2018 Caleb Joseph at the

dish looked at the right field and

Kepler when I died I was crushed into

center field came back still drifting

back gonna get to the warning track he's

gonna jump up and cave makes the clock