Tallest Man - Guinness World Records

the Guinness World Records title holder

for the tallest living person really is

probably the most iconic record that we

have and always has been from our very

first edition when Robert Wadlow made

his first appearance mankind has always

really interested in extremes Robert

would live escape the attention of

surgeons all surgeons were not confident

enough to operate on him and therefore

he might well remain the tallest man for

a very long time I'm always amazed that

Robert Wadlow record has never been

beaten just mostly because really the

the Internet has made the wealth as a

small place and finding these people now

is much much easier than it's ever been

and yet we still haven't found anyone to

be 8 foot 11 it's something you can't

cheat at you are the tallest or you're

not the tallest and it's a record that

very few when the book started thought

would ever be being resonates across the

whole world because every country

understands how powerful this record is

for being the tallest living person if

one is talking about abnormalities about

pathology about illness leading to

gigantic pituitary tumors are the only

possibility there is nothing else that

will make somebody grow so tall so I've

had the pleasure of meeting unmet

reading most of the world's tallest

people in the last 12 years particularly

Sultan Carson is one that I've stuck in

my mind it's such a gentle lovely guy no

more doctors

fufu clothes and shoes you really fit

into like so you'd have to get them made

especially finding clothes when you're

the world's tallest man a woman that can

be a real nightmare these for example of

shoes donated by a shoemaker in Germany

who feeling sorry for most well this man

decided he would try and help her by

creating these kind of amazing shoes you

obviously can't buy anywhere the one

page probably that everyone turns to is

the tallest man and and I remember

myself looking for the tallest man and

he was with the shortest woman and you

can't believe that anybody would ever be

that small all that tall he stands out

he is unique he is a phenomenon it is

such a fundamental record I'm sure or no

be and every other book we ever do for

the next 60 years